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Full text of "Wilmington High School Senior Class Yearbook"

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Wilmington High School 

159 Church Street 

Wilmington, MA 01 887 




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^87 Clubs 


115 Underclassmen 



From the Class of 2001 

"No one has yet realized the wealth of sympathy, the kindness 
and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every 
true education should be to unlock that treasure. " 

-Emma Goldman 

Joyce Aldrich 

37 years of teaching 

Wilmington High School has had the distinct 
honor of having four incredible teachers. 
Teachers that have been able to unlock the 
treasures each student holds inside. It is with great plea- 
sure and admiration that the 2001 Hourglass be dedi- 
cated to Ms. Joyce Aldrich, Mr. Gennaro DiSarcina, Mr. 
Alan Fesseden, and Mr. Larry Maggio. Teachers always 
say, " If I can only touch one students' life, I will have done 
my job." Imagine what it is like to have touched thousands. 
We thank you and wish you all the best in the future. 

Gennaro DiSarcina 

32 years of teaching 

Alan Fessenden 

33 years of teaching 

Larry Maggio 

35 years of teaching 

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Principal's Message 

lb the Class of 2001 

I can remember speaking with you as a group during the first 
week of school in September of 1997. I remember telling you 
that the four years that you will spend at Wilmington High School 
would pass quickly and that so much would happen during those four 
years. Well the four years are over and they did pass quickly and you 
have had many experiences during these past four years. I hope that 
those experiences have helped you to learn and to grow. I hope that 
some of those experiences have enhanced your education and have 
helped you to reach your goals. 

I know that what you have achieved over these past four years has not 
been without sacrifice and hard work. Let these accomplishments 
become your guide to help you to find your own special place in the 
world. Remember that you are capable of great things. Strive always 
toward excellence; be fair and open-minded; never be afraid to reach 
for what you want. Continue to learn and to teach. 
I wish for each of you good health, many successes, and most of all a 
lifetime of happiness. Congratulations and best wishes! 

Edward J. Woods 


Gass History 

In August of 1997, we, the Class of 2001, entered Wilmington High School for the first time. We were 
welcomed by Mr. Woods, our principal, and Mr. Lucia, the new vice- principal. We elected Richard 
Palizzolo as our class president; Molly Pidgeon as our vice- president; Eric Swiezynski as treasurer; 
and Kim Nadeau as secretary. We brought to the school fresh and exciting ideas and a passionate school 
spirit. Our intense spirit was shown in the newly initiated "Spirit Week." In sports, the boys' soccer team 
dominated the Cape Ann League and won five games in the state tournament. We cheered on the field 
hockey team, the girls' volleyball team and the girls' softballs team — each of whom won their league 
championship. Our big event for the year was the Freshman Fling on March 27, 1998, held in WHS's own 
school cafeteria. The Fling King and Queen were Josh Howlett and Molly Pidgeon. In the news, we 
mourned the deaths of Princess Diana, Sonny Bono, Michael Kennedy, and Chris Farley. We also watched 
the United States take part in the winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. 

Sophomore year came with the election of two new class officers- Ann Choi, as secretary and Josh Hiltz 
as treasurer. We watched the building of, and helped name, Wilmington High School's now legendary 
"Munchie Mania." The football team had an exciting win over Tewksbury at the annual Thanksgiving 
Day game held at Alumni Field. Perhaps the greatest display of Wildcat pride and spirit occurred at the 
Thanksgiving Day game when the Wilmington students, parents, and teachers rushed the field to 
congratulate the winning Wildcats. The hockey team also deserved congratulations after their very 
successful season as they became CAL champions and also put on a stellar performance in the state 
tournament. Our Sophomore Semi was held in, once again, the school cafeteria, on April 30, 1999. Our 
Semi King and Queen were Eric Swiezynski and Lori Vachon. The main news story for the year was the 
tragic shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. Shocked and outraged, the nation joined 
in mourning and set new safety guidelines for schools across the country. 

Junior Year brought about a year of new beginnings — the beginning of a new century and, for most of 
us, the beginning of the college search. The coming of the new millennium dominated the news for 
months — worrying everyone about what would happen at 12 AM on January 1, 2000. Would our 
computers crash? Would our world be in chaos? No, instead, the world would party, as it never had before 
and continue on without any of the anticipated problems. In sports, the football team, along with their 
cheerleaders, won the CAL co- championships. The golf team won the league title and finished 6th in the 
state finals. The Wildcat hockey team also won their division title for the second year in a row. Wildcat 
wrestling star Marc Sollazzo won the CAL championship as well. Our Junior Prom was held on May 12, 
2000, at the Hill view Country Club in North Reading. The prom was a great success and all who attended 
had a great time. The Junior Prom King and Queen were Jason Barrett and Krista Wolfe. 

Senior Year was by far the most exciting year of our high school career. Andy Hackett joined the class 
officers as vice- president. One of the most exciting times of our senior year was the Spirit Week leading 
up to the Homecoming Dance. Our Homecoming court was voted on by the seniors. Our King was Richard 
Palizzolo, and our Queen was Julie Swartwout. The court included Ann Choi, Andy Campbell, Tina 
Tomasi, Jeff Cannon, Becky Rufo, Eric Swiezynski, Meghan Ballou, Jim Fennelly, Krista Wolfe, Andy 
Hackett, Kelley Craig, and Steve Brown. In sports, our golf team had an incredible season by winning the 
state championship title. Once again, we watched the Wildcat football team defeat Tewksbury at home 
and also capture the CAL co- championship. We celebrated our four years, filled with good times and 
memories we will never forget, at our Senior Party held on March 9, 2001 . Our Senior Prom was held on 
May 18, 2001, at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge. We also had a great time at the Senior Lock- In, 
which had lots of food, entertainment, and fun. Our memorable high school experience ended with our 
graduation on June 3, 2001. 

JlLanu people will warn in and 

out of your life, out only true friends 

will leave fooiprinis in aour neari. 

} "1A P1 

i/t fly 




-Eleanor Roosevelt 

l M^& liKlfij Q&MhittHi 

E N I R S 


Tanya Avellino 

Special thanks to my family: Mom, Dad. Jake, Jessica. Shout outs to my 
JF KW TR JC SB KH LC LD KP MS KT FM DK Soccer teams, tons more, 
you know who you are... thanks for being there. Memories: Good times with 
the 3 amigos. Craigles! 3 glasses of water(Coyne). Juanca! Fling, Semi, JR 
Prom. Run ins with the law. Soccer dinners. Breaking things with ferg. 
Penguin Park losing my keys. UH OH! Throwing things with DM. DG, JB. 
Cabriogay. Rodeo. Miata. Silver Lake. Tennis, Track, Soccer. Blade and Pool 
Table. Pearl Jam concert. Circuit City. Free food at D' Angelos. Spain was the 
best time of my life! Forgets: Basketball, fighting with friends, $200 ticket. 
KT. Being upset over TG. Ill never forget all the goodtimes we all had. WHS 
is unforsettable. 

Fnends:newgirlMC, JW, KS, TK, G, BG, JC chickenita, Jeri, jojo, PR. .you 
DID it!? (greekness) POOSTE! NC, MS, MR, KT, MM, Remember: 
CHICKEN ! scavenger hunt, bowling, batgirl suit, sledding down 93, canobie. 
varsity tennis, *ll-29-98*Forget: bad hair, the tree. poor eyebrow, 
fights, obsessors. jake peeing on me. snobs, -DKD with mc, fighting the taxi 

Victoria Badolato 

Vicky, Tor 

Remembers: Thanks Mom. Pa. Fredo and Family, KW, KT, RL never forget 
our awesome times! Lets watch It! Michael Fredo, Bellys Sleepovers, Fruit 
Punch Bowl! Cosmic Girls! BFFL. Pup, Lori, Tye, Mare. B, Elliot. Mol, 
Meg, The Palace every Friday!! Kamikazes, Club Rats, Bickfords B can't eat! 
Dave Mathews summer 2000 best time ever! Pup Just couldn't handle it! 
Dammit Beaudin! Rennes Cottage, Obfam, Flippy Cup, New Years 2000! 
Loris Malibu nights, CG's partys, Car too loud. Our Boys, C-Team Girls, 
Football Queerleading 00, Richie U Cosmic PiMp, Green machine. Vic Vic 
VicShmoria. Depas Fires. Homecoming 98 Puking at Tycs, Why don't u guys 
Jusl make out? Bueller 12pack of coke Shes all set, Trips to Boston. Times 
with Mike, Love you. No matter what ill never forget you. Forgets: Cg Fights, 
Cheer camp, Fight In Tennis Courts, TT's Dirty looks, two-faced people 

Meghan Ballou 


Friends:Cosmics! pup. lordy. tanker, queery, pidgeon. tor, beaudin. elliot, - 
liest). MS, JR, JC, MC, KH, AH, MH, AC, BF, MJ. JC. MJ, SO. BB. BH, DO. 
JD. JH, CO, Yorkees-AW, LD. JW, KT.Depas fires, New Years Eve. cheer 
camp, prom, homecoming, palace, b-ball games w/Trish&JH. flower pot. 
stripper, brattlest.sign, reflectors, flippycup, green machine, shopping cart, 
bickfords, my maid of honor, "can't B&pup just get along", tears to the sky 
coley. fight in courts, friends making out, my cola days, me and lori on paper 
route, trackees, cheering.The coolest brothers Dan, Sean, Rory. Mom and 
Dad. To Jimmy-"I turn to you", prom, Jan. 2 1 &Oct. 14.#l stunna. Capt. Amer.- 
I Love u. and the fennelly lam. 

Jason Barrett 



B, Blowdin 

Love ya, Mom, Dad, Katie, Krystal, Kayla-BFF:Chris, Molly, Mare, Pup, Ty, 
Lori, Erica, Meg, Nicole, Sam, "99"boys, JB, MP, BH, BB, MM, DO, JR, 
MW, MS:-barnstead, "dammit", Jumpin's cottage, Hampton"99" w/kate & 
lindz, dunkin's run w/mare & mol, Jr.prom-Marriot, DMB w/DS crew, late 
night sneak outs, bombs at the Palace w/pup & vic-"I can't eat", $5 makeouts, 
stripper, headlights, flipcup, "stop a lake", break-in w/pup-neighbors suck!, 
dugouts w/mark & joey, silverbullet, "Did u ever look at 1 of your friends and 
think WOW, you're an idiof'SORRY mol 

Stephen Biggins 

Brendan Binkoski 


Remember: Mom, Dad, Jill, Katelyn, Saad, Jay, Dave, Junelle, Joe, JayH, SL, 
PK, SM, TD, LF, AK, MJ, Anyone I forgot, All the fun times in the Volvo, 
Hampton sorry Howie, BF, JF, JH, Old Airport, The Buildings, Dave' s house, 
Hills parties, White Mountains, Green Turf crew, Sam's by the way in only 
seventeen. Forget: Crashing mom's car, Running from pigs, ISS, Just driving 
around, cops taking our stuff, loosing my license, Thanks for everyone being 
their for me, I couldn't have done it with out you! 


James Bradford 

Shout outs: Jamie S. Chris S. Chuck D. Jimmy J. Dana S. Wallbanger. Mike M. 
Wild Bill H. Mike Mac. Shawn O. Erica B. Katie M. Nike B. Double D. Dom, 
VLn, Bink. Hanley. Sarah B. Rugg. Tom S. Kerr. Tina T. Melly. Lindsay M. 
Gately stay alive. Jackie W. O- Dogg. Richie P. Steen I love you. Big MC. Pierce 
and family thanks for all the help over the summer I love you- Mom- Dad- 
Denise- Walter- John- Laura- Ryan- John and Carol- Wayne and Cathy- 
Michelle and Dan- Lance- Buddy- Aunt Linda and Uncle Bud- Robert and 
Nicole- and anyone else that I forgot. Thank you: Mr. Gallagher. Mrs. Masse, 
Mr. Ferguson. Mr. Manchester. Forget: Even-body else who never thought too 
much about me -you know who you are. Also forget the WPD and Astronomy. 
Remember: Prom 2K- Summer 00- Boom- Danks (dro)- RooR- Bob Digi- John 
Blaise- Winter 99- Raves- Cheetah- JS Tattoo Inc.- Rugg's Mom- If ya smell... 
you know the rest- North Reading beatings- Peace... Keep it real partners. 

Caitlyn M. Bransfield 

Cakey, Poopy 

To Mom. Dad. and Scottie: Thanks for everything. To Meredith: Good luck 
& Have fun at WHS. I Love You. To: Mel Stiner Erin Jules Meg FN KT 
SmellyK KM Kimmy & Nicole: Thanks for always being there for me when 
I needed you most. I luv you guys! ACTIVITIES: B*Ball 1-4. Field Hockey 
1-4, Track 1-4 ALWAYS REMEMBER: Wolfeboro*Woburn St. Cops* 6/ 
16/00 DW-BH Dances/Proms '-Little Soldier" Mia-N Sleepovers/Parties 
"Sunshine Boy" DDF-forever!*Late Nights* The Footballers N* Years Hamp- 
ton BusridesHome BubbleTape "Competitive-Beasts" SALLY TG-00"'Brick" 
Truth or Dare Miss. Spirit May5 FootballGames'Tears to the Sky"The Prayer 
S YB T-park Rallies -All You Can Eats- "Booty" #47, #23 P*Puff-QB TP'ing 
Dinners SJPP-tears Mornings @ Franklin-Balls on the Rack- Joshua: For all 
the times you've made me smile, and all the memories I will never forget. I 
Love You. 

Patrick Brassil 

Erica Brown 

"The people that surround you define who you are:" J. Youngclaus. J. Hassey. 
D. Dalton, R. Varey, MS. MR. JD. MP. KS. RM. JB. DR. MP. DG. LG. BR. 
Tiberius. Family: My mother, father, brother, Eric and sister. Lauren. 
Teachers: Mr. Murphy, Mr. Carr. Mr. Maggio. and Ms. Aldrich. Good Times. 
Great Memories: Natures Classroom: Soccer-JH. DD. RV; Washington DC- 
JY. JH. RV: Summers in ME: Raw- JH. RM. JD. JJ. JS: Playing golf, tennis, 
and pool. Quote to live by: "The present now will later be past' '-Bob Dylan 

All my love: Mom. Dad. Chris, Roxy Remember: CC. Bum. DB, CF. SO. MR. 
Andover. gameroom nights- SM. JV. The Book. Anthemy- nat. ice. VI. { )bum 
times, pythagorean theorum. golden. Connecticut, bicks. dubbing, maine. 
tech prom, just the girls, pool hall. DD. PG. FQ- Shannon- we finally made 


Heidi M Brown 


Remember: summer of 2000, weekends at Matt's, camping, parties, events, 
making it to MM's in 37 min., making movies, sobe, scooby, art and photo 
classes, going to the "mall'", Wally World, playing in the sandbox, all the 
spacebuds (new generation) love you guys!, turkey children, Log, hooking 
people up - 1 started it, Zachary Binx and his skunk, seamonkies, fox, Gus, I'm 
the good daughter, LP 99, my love - Matt, best bud - Kins, superman, A. 
Anaconda, big rig, smoke dawg.., JR, stupify, homecoming rally '00, om- 
elets, basement lights, and movie nights. Forget: cars that don't work (beast 
and skyhawk), D lunch, repeating classes, double blocks, hall passes and 
nights of D&D. *Its my life and its now or never, I ain't gonna live forever, 
I just wanna live w/o a lie, ITS MY LIFE* 

Stephen Brown 


Thanks to my family Mom, Dad, Jackie, Danielle, Michelle. Sports Football 
1-4. Basketball 1-4, Baseball, 1-4. Remeber: All the friends, its just not chill 
to slight anyone, and neighbor. Pirate Guy, Lane 11, Tropicana shirts, The 
Bump, SBG, TD 83 co-founder, H-3, Bromfield. Sombreros, If... Dog... 
Rabbit, Bubble Room. Gimp Squad. Drew. Duece, 22, El Gancho de Nadriza. 
Y, Chill mode, HTBF, PT, Dances, Tailgating, Fantasy Drafts in class, BC, 
summers at playground, shoes off, Senior year Basketball, Rusty 's Basement, 
COD. Forgets: Crutches, AP History, Virgil Cain, Dolamite. Spanish. Mid- 
years, Sherwood, Barrett Stories. Finally always remember to "Keep it Real". 

Scott Buck 

Hockey 4 years #4 OT win over masco, Achilles against Everett at Medford 
"look like you've played the game before" no hair cuts on game day, silly 
superstitions NorthSemi finals at BU, fish on ice(Cecil) Baseball 4 years, 
catching as a soph, only sport with snacks, watching track practice, "throw the 
god damn ball". Dick's stool, no junior season, crutches are no fun, 
Crosscountry 3 years, "this strech does nothing, it just hurts my knee" Harold 
Parker, berry wars at the death course, TPing Bradley's house, "Scott Buck 
training program" OtherStuff. paintball at the barrel yard"columbians wern't 
made to climb"wall of shame Marks grams BK runs. clubPete. donuts with al. 
"Hey I got out. and it only took me 4 years" 

Joseph R. Burns 

Burnsie, Joe 

Thanks to Mom. Dad. Ron and Family. Remember: Swiz. Mikes. Bill. Odogg. 
Bink, Mac, Gordy, Rusty, Nappy, the T, the Lair. Guinea. Riley, Hackett, 
Chuck, Johnny. Baseball. Golf, the Jeep and Lum. Freshman Year. "Bring the 
Ruckus" Bond, the Neighborhood, the Infamous, Pong, JC, MP, JH. JS, AC. 
JL. SB, Mandarin on Half Days, russhh. Barrels. Simmies, Wu-Tang. Newbury, 
busshh. Summers, Breakfastss, Sheridan Rd., French Movie, the Sox, Christ- 
mas, Pound, the Gym, Delirious and Office Space, Illmatic, 11. the Beam. 
Sundays and Football. Shroom. Hyundai's had it. Gumby. New York. Dank. 
Scandalous, Slingshot, Swindles. Diss: Public Buildings, the Woods. Barrett 
Stories, Eve 2000, Jake, and Work for Soph. Year. Oh ya, and remember 
Lispsshhh and Slurrsshhh. That's it. Peace. 


^OMBlEANOF /r ^ 

Colleen Cahill 

Leg, Johnny Ray 

Activities: V-ball 2-4 B-ball 1-4 S-ball 1-4 Remember: Mom, Dad, Nana, 
Meghan, Erin, Ryen, KS, MP, CC, BR, SMELLE, BG, JS, ER, JM, KM, 
HOBIE, NG, KT, Pablo, TA, KL, MA, Sauve (Dunkins) KF, Ham, Ash, MC, 
Shorty, MB, BM, KC (always Barbie), JH, LD, KW, LK, KL, JH, BA, Beano, 
Dan, KC, Bickford's, Jelly Roll, JOF, Farty Arty, Sop. Yr Spanish, "AGD" 
(Sugar), "Highway Incident, " Anatomy class with SMELLE, KT, KN, KP, 
JM, "Lucky Forever" (JS&ER), X-files! (JS) "Charlie's Angels" (KW&CC), 
PS (Maryanna). BBK (Sugar), McDonalds, Shorty slipping in the 
hall,KC&ER (always Bon Jovi),Jeep and Amiga racing, " Hand Puppets 
(BG&JM), Bab's class (Sugar) "The Salad'V'team bonding day 2000", 
Cape, "Clifford the Big Red Dog, walks with Kelly in the hall, "sorry Mr. 
Fardy I got held up again. (KT) and now I leave the legacy of "the LEG!" 

Chris Calway 

Jim Coolway, Ante, Boy 

Friends: DaveM, Natolie, Heather, Johnny, Cory, MikeP, LBell, MikeR, 
Hilary, Roby, Brad, DaveG. ETC:Dancing in circles, Ohio, coughing at 
heather's, antidisl'awwgittyismnessismo to the max, RustyJones, Hur- 
dling, 6ft do it for the Js, first Wed. of the month, states99 Est Bargain, NIN 
concert, rooml51, Disney. DC, lucky cap, Spanish videos, habib's conve- 
nient, tenth hut, claukengoosh, Hisimo, my purple hat, awwwwwwwww 

Justin Cammarata 

J -City, JCamm 

GOOD FRIENDS: Cotto-Jigga-Fennelly-French-Bonnell-lt's been a good 
B-Ball Tourneys'CVS Parties»Tossin Printers'Kickin MJ out, making JF 
walk him home'Cruisin' in Cotto's Lowrider-Ball Tingle'P-Balling Ve- 
randa Ave'Cotto bring her in my moms room* PAPA GINO'S* *2x CAL 
FOOTBALL CHAMPS* Watchin movies in Hiltz's basemenfDepas 
I ircs + Shcddas'Nice, Don't say...«Coughlin's Cottage'BEAVER 
MEMORIES:Running from the cops, The bed, Jim breaking his window cuz 
hes slow»Varsity Blues Game'Drc almost hitting the Po-Po*3of5 while 
watching the Simpsons'NFL 2K-WHAT«Watchin football with 
DJJD'Lcftside Pride- AH+RG-Cotto's I7th+18th BDay5/25/00- 
Jillian«Long walks on Beach with MJ+JF«Bcing Old School«#l STUNNA'P- 
Brownies'FREE-Lenes'I'd also like to remember my Earn, Thanks+I LUV 

Andrew Campbell 


Remember: Dad. Mom, Jamie. Colleen, Friends, Family, clubhouse boys (jep, 
chooch, hiltz, howie, frenchie jcamm, jigga, ranno, al. depa, cot to, garretl. 
hackett.jim), cosmic girls. CVS parties, coughlins cottage both times, movie 
tics, pbrowns, depa's fires/shedas, 5 of 5, darrens, hafners.kucs w/ hiltz, 
roastbeefbehind plaza, almost hitting the po po. "Nice, "Don't say ", 
binks, jepsons everytime, hackettsjeep. andrew sandwich/sect., whats the 
matter, late night simards, cemetary w/ chooch c'mon, hween 00. pwag, 
football all4yrs Lg Chmps 99-00, Masco 00 1st TD under lights, gagagoo, 
frosh ball Tewksbury 97-98 swimming during dble sessions, helmets off 
crew, Forget: May 8"' 1996- I Miss You, doubles, "Comer" Penlucket 99- 

Jeffrey A. Cannon 

Remember: Mom, Dad, Lesley, Eg Dg Dm Rs Jb Pf Tr Jb Bm Aj, Mh Cb Ac Jm 
Di Sb Kt Kw Ld and everyone else. My fellow idiot, thank you! Penny, I'd 
rather KILL myself. "But she can't hear you cuz she's unconcious" Soccer, 
4 yrs of SDF, turrets, gaschambers, JO, stu@ipswich, , Tping, 
FoxRunMassacre, scanlon, The North, heh! "I'll give YOU a dentist's 
appointment! "Quebec-barrettRag, My Idol Tom-Sparky! French video99, 
Spanish videoOO, hamburgers@2AM, Daves'3days, K.I.T.N.O., 
bballtourn.98, Methuen Andover Winchester; pit stains. New Years99, 
WinterTrack-R.lewisCenter, Hjump, theGime, theBand, U.V. 
UnnecessaryPoliceCalls, PapaGinos, dinners, Murph's House. ..Twice. Ste- 
reotypical male popstar. MusicB, AceW, SOHOp, Gatorade Bomb-Frosh 
Halloween Forget: Medway, Marblehead 

Tyler Carlson 


Gram, Mom, Dad, Casey, Mikie, Shawn, Shane, Darcy,Al, Jenn, Syrings, 
Holdens, John, I love you! Best friends, pup, lordy, mare, mol, kel, elliot, 
bueller, vie. Always remember andrew, jeff, ali, Jonathan, tina, rog, all 2001 
boys, 99 boys, bri, clancys, dannyT, jimbo, Fun Times, dirtpiles, 222, the 
great cop escape, 14in bar, clubs, 99 new yrs at Vies, apple pickin, Pups 
SECRET, camping, o'l toothless wonder, flippcup, shadows, reflectors, 
cgparties, stripper, shoppinc cart, snowballing, cottages, skitrips, 
varsityblues night, 90210, limos, papas salon, cruise&freddies, DS, com- 
mon drives, pulled over in fag wag, DMB concerts, costume night, lair, 
Hampton, PV's truck, fires, depas, parties, flower pot, fight w/ds, cheering 
4 yrs. One regret- climbing the fence! 

Sean Cannon 

Boom Boom, Cannon 

REMEMBER: SoccerJV, JV, V, V, #12-41ife, Dinners, Hangin w/Team, 
Wrestlin Parties, ThirstyThursdays w/MarcS, Grams, Paintball, Raftin Trips, 
Room213 Clog, Parties, Fling, Citgo, Scanlon Jokes, Ymca Girls, 
Tankdriving, SilverlakeParty, Cruisin w/Khalib-Cliff, Indoorfights. 
HamptonBeach, Whole Skool Beachparty, Fishthrowin Hockeygames, Hittin 
Poles In Snow , OldOrchardBeachPimpin, 3-6 12-8, ARMY, BostonRuns, 
Box of Tpaper 14houses lnight, Latenight Pool, Busflashing, 18Bday, 
SkipDay MiniGolf, FRIENDS :Tribe, Sollazzo, Pimp, Tello(lost), Crystal 
my babe, Bert, Gable(im creepin), Peters, ALSO-JR, JB, DG, TR, MH, JC, 
Ann, Leo, JM, Kev, BM, JM, MP, Reardonfcroc hunta, MrT 
game)KingDaddyRat(AJ), Soccerbuds(kill papaginos) FORGETS:Satan f/ 
Winchesta, Spring2000, Dunkins, BrokeNoseDay, Tea At Grams, 
Marblehead Game, Blodgetts Class, Frosh Baseball, JVBBall, Graves Party- 

Christine Carrozza 


Times pass, people change, but memories never die* ARNF: Summer'99, 
No Common Sense colorblind JH, English w/Pablo, CharlesAngels w/KW 
CC, btch wtch & hpydrnk w/KT KL, Titanicbckst, Bfest'9899, Homecom- 
ing'99, Thanksgiving dance, Riverside, "did I do it", Albany, GGDolls. 
Blink, 3eb, kissconcerts. Lit, Smashmouth 1 1:59, Vbeach w/CD, Regulated 
Breathing, pizafires, Healthorg w/NG, Sr.prom'00 pics??, PUFFBALL, 
Sdances w/DL SL KS "can't get enough of you baby", Tennis, hmptn, John 
lennon's song, 3am convos w/CL, Glowbowling, Goose Eggs, Jenga!, 
ovenmitt, KUBI, Powder Puff, Stupid Corner w/KM SB, Phil, Goats, New 
Years'00, Parties, sleepovers, crashes, dances, *Never regret if its good, its 
wonderful, if its bad then its an experience*What a long, strange, road it's 
been* ( : 


Dean J. Carrozza 

Hilary Carter 

The Kids: Amanda, Pauliolioli, Jaimes, Melissatha, Dave, Jim and Jims Hips, 
Jenn, Mike, Brad, Scott, Amy, Chris, Heather, Kaleena Beena, Karats, Erin, 
Jon, Jen, Heidi, Kelly, Laurie, 'Cute little Paris boy'. Activities: Dance, 
Violin, PEACE, Musical Theater, Symphony, CCD, Remember: 'Watch out 
for the UFPs!!,' 'What's-his-face' and 'Somebody,' Blink '00, MxPx, Fake 
Temptations @the Hatshl, Coney, 'Oh My Jesus,' Richard, William, Lolita 
and Gabe, 'Who likes the skippy?!?!,' 'Kinda Comical,' La La La, Crazies, 
M.R., Strings Atchd, especially Seniors, 'Band Boys,' SYMS, S&B, S&M, 
'Cover their eyes!,' 'Hey Baby!,' the Beast, Applebees, Sweets and Sours, 
Kelvin, Terrance, Chicken, Tic- Tacs. Forget: Long walks at 10:30 at night, 
All of my unhappy endings. Immaturity. Love to Mom, Dad, Steph, John, and 
Kelly always. 

Cliff Carvahlo 

Katherine Catanzano 

Katie, Katie Cat, fra 

Remember: Mom, Dad. & fam, Jeanine, Kristen, Bethany, Michelle, Becki, 
Keri, Nizer, Cristina, Christie, Lisa, Julie, Kerry, PF KM CK TS MM JM CC 
and everyone else- luv you guys! Peaches, Daishba, Pineapple Princes, MLS 
fans, Mo Ma May..., Puppy's coming, "Get on the blue", Thr33, Papa Ziti, 
Cannonballs 4 life, Pepsi Points, Bitter Pill, Sleepovers, H.F. Muffins, Psycho 
movie usher, 7/16/99, MMC, getting lost, Pushcart, Tank, Oh slow down, 
Hello Gorgeous, New Years 2000, Kiss Concert, Bon Jovi, the worst car ride 
ever, last min tickets, BAAA, Right guys right, Helen, P incident, Christmas 
pudding, Don't leave me hanging, Twix bar. Perverse, 9/9/99- not really. 
Tobino OhOh. What I am is good enough... Is your mommy or daddy home?. 
TP-ing, Benchwarmer-Leg, Spirit weeks. "If loving the lord is wrong, I don't 
want to be right tatata! 


William F. Cavanaugh, III 

Bill, Cav, Willy 

ACTIVITIES: Bread and Roses, Wrestling 4 REMEMBER: Mom, Terry, 
Kelly, Jillian.Joey, Kevin, Eric, Lindsey, Nana, Papa, Al and the rest of the 
fam Chris and the Minghella's Mike and the Montaltos, Bev, Jenessa, 
Mutchlers my little immigrant child Fat Lu MH JC SE LD MEL Bob Dre Tiff 
Food and Nutrition Sleeping through class trips in the ,'Z', with Mike and 
Chris Aruba P .0. Boyet Senior Chief Levesque Christmas at Nana's N.H. 
Junior year. Dad FORGET: Senior Year Report cards fights breakups igno- 
rant people summer of '00 rumors 5/8/96,8/1 8 1 00 FUTURE: Navy travel see 
the world have a family make the best of my opportunities SIDE NOTE: to 
anyone that I missed, I'm sorry but you know that I'm thinking of all of you 

Ann Y. Choi 


Thank you mom and dad for your unconditional support and love. It'll take 
me an eternity to thank you back.Whaasap? High school was great. Bad times, 
good times, and FUN times. Unforgettable memories. Belly, Sta, Craigles, 
Rich, Feesh & SYK. BFF! ! JC, SB, LD, PF, KP, MT, TR, SC, JB, KG, JH, AH, 
MC, ES, FieldHockey Gals&Everyone else ! You guys are the best ! ! Kellee @ 
Copley. ..alone. Phil's Towing. Feesh's XX Room.FriNite 
Screwdrivers. YMCA w/Craigles, Homecoming, JR. Prom 3some w/ Jeff and 
Sta.DC 8th grade.Belly's rojo cheeks. WalMart.Boosters, The Civ, P.O.S., 
The Escort, The Brav, Drinking w/ HJ @ CT, Italy 98, Exeter 98, Brown 99, 
Halloween 00-Miller3pak, Blue&White Day- Rarrrrrrr/ Macy, Bum Stretch, 
MoccasinsXmas, "Let's go sailing tonite", "You Complete Me." Forgets: 
RHC A.P&41400. One Life to Live, One Love to Give & One Chance to 

Derek Clayton 

Thomas Coates 

Tom, Coatesy, Tommy 

Sports played :Football, wrestling, softball-Favorite focd:Pizza-Favorite 
movie :Ferris Bueller's Day Off-Favorite class :Gym-Favorite actor: Jim 
Carey-Personal Quote: SweetFriends I will remember after high school: JC, 
JD, ND, MJ, BF, RC, JR, AQ, SM, LG, DR, CC, JF And anyone I didn't 
mention you know who you are. Memories: Back to back football champs. My 
first TD. Frosh year face painting. Coach Stauffer's speeches. Playing 
football with everybody from C team on up. Tom you owe me a soda! 
Thanks:My Mom, Dad, Grandfather Ritchie. Grandfather and Grandmother 
Coates, Jim, Mrs. Beaudet and the Mulvaney's for everything that you guys 
have done for me. And Mrs. Cosman 


Michael Comer 


Remember: Mom. Dad. Stacy. Jen. Grampy and Grammy, couldn't have done 
it without you guys ! Thanks. Aunts Uncles and Cousins. Greg. Rob. Swiz, 
JB . EG. JC. JS . TR. JH. MW. JR. JL. DI. CC. KW, JS. JM. AH. c£ ML, LL, EO, 
JF. DK. DG. BB. Beave. "he just sits there. '" Fred. Puma Fishing. 
Claukengoosh. Bickfords. Hockey. Golf. Baseball Teams. East Boston. 
Superman. XH. Island. Concerts. Washington. Warriors and Tournaments. Jr 
Prom. New Years. Summer of 99. Chem Explosion. State Tournaments. 
Freshwater Clam. Maine. Snots and leg cramps. Tailgating. Paintball. "'Don't 
step on my shoes". Barrels. Boats. Flat Tire. 2 weeks of good fortune. Pool, 
Forget: Sophomore year injury. Trailer incident. Nongrand Marquis. Base- 
ball to nose. Water Country Talk 

Jennifer Connell 

Germaine Connolly 


Family and Friends: Walnut. Shirl. Ryan. Katie. Katelyn. Phruit. Michelle. 
Tan\a. Becki. Melissa. Ally. Kelly. Mary. Sunny and Shellie. I love ya'll! 
Remember Always: Cherries, 90210. Frosh Fling. Drama. An. Photo. 
Michelle's surprise party. Pillow dancing. Watching movies tilSam. Good 
times with Kev. Tank. Frosh softball. Pajama Queen Pageant's. Chica Chica 
Boom Boom, Abigail Walker, youth Center. Spirit Week. Plans. Blah blah 
blah. 10-10-98. Shopping at My Pal Sal's. SC&O chips. Billy Joe Bob and 
Gerty Lou. Disco bowling. Oldies music andof course. I AM the Sleepover 
Nazi. ..No sleep for you! Forget: Summer School. Health Dynamics. Fresh- 
man Obsessions. Fries party. CVS. Getting paint on Phruit's shirt. ..Oops! 
Quote: "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind 
don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -Dr .Seuss 

Michelle Connolly 

New Girl 

Friends:Tanya, Jeri, JC. MG. KS. CC. BG. NG. CC, KG. MS. RA. KS. Always 

Remember NJ Friends: Laura. Marisa. Nicole. Amanda. Megan. Jen. Rachel. 
Brielle and all my friends at RHS. Remember: RHS. being new girl for 3 yrs, 
sweet 16 party, fighting with taxi driver. DKD with Tanya. Jen's scavanger 
hunt, pillow people, carwings. teaching w/Tanya, halloween '97. field 
hockey '97, whata ya doing? URI, Saku, spending checks on A&F, \VB. 
Alice DJ. 3Mike's. NH w/AW. Biology w/TA. Forget: moving, wicked, 
parked cars. LW & gap JK. fights. 5 hrs away Pet Peeves: hall passes, 
waiting 2 yrs for a transcipt Quote: The friendship that can cease has never 
been real. =) 


Andrew Coyne 

AC, Coyne Azz, Lucas, Coyenege 

Sports: Baseball (1,2,3,4), Winter Track (3,4), Basketball (1,2) Things to 
remember: thanx to Mom, Dad, Matt, and Meg love you guys, cruisin in the 
Jeep and eagle vision, Whit trippin in a hole at club Pete, Andrew Section, 
WOP, Walsh's apartment, Friday night football games. Produce depart- 
ment, Citgo parties, trapezoid table, helmets up, Depa fires, 3 glasses of water 
(dan), teller, "Get the hell outta there"(Dick Scanlon), Hellooo!, Makin 
faces in the snow, good times at the junior prom, semi, fling, homecoming, 
simards runs, flat tire during Spanish video, getting stabbed and going to er, 
good times with all my friends, totally out of control, drums on lucas, the 
king is the fly, surf on coyne, movin murph's car, murph's class, whats the 
matter, four years flew by had a great time peace out! 

Donald S. Dalton Jr. 


I would like to say a few words First I would like to thank my Parents along 
with all of my Grandparents for always being there for me. Next I would like 
to thank my Uncle Tommy for teaching me many things throughout my life. 
Finally I would like to thank Kim for giving me the hope and the will power 
to get me through a lot that has happened in the past year.Things to 
Remember: Voyages with my pal JH, Dunkin trips at 2am, Running from the 
Big Indian with DG, strobe light wars, summer at RS ( my home away from 
home), "piece of paper", Driving in Gumby, Band camp with Crocodile 
Hunter MR, 8/21 "pet semetar", Aliens! - I'll take care of urn!", Nights at 
Canobie, going to the rez, Mack, to all those I didn't directly mention here 

Kelley Craig 

Kel, Craigles, Smelly 

To Mom, Dad, and Cindy-Thanks for everything.Remember: Doodle Beth 
Krista Choi Bueller Tobes Liser KT DA FN TS CK CB MC PR KD LV PF JF 
AM KL Fra, Dog, Bill.Buds,Bob's crew, RP-Halloween98, Disney. Dancing 
Queen, Hungry?, Bradlees,mating call.but I cleaned my clothes out,BR- 
Penny & Jules, snowsuit incident, belly flop, Canobie, high 

five,combos,godsandals,superbowl-#l fans.New Years'00,Hampton, Sunny 
D,Hmcoming&Jr.,Prom'00, Lake Winn., Loon ski trips-rival bball games, 
YMCA, bum stretch, Ms.Beaverhaussen, Macy, wood, hey neighbor, best 
costume(6pack), sauce&salt, alki, genius, evian or elian?, 
barbarians, shotguns,bootyroom,scav.hunt,qc,5. 5, late night chats, sen.yr. 
slumbers, Creed, brav,pos,civ,escort,we set sail 2nite L-R-S 9 th gr.foods 
class 1 SI per.B*sessions, Barben,froshBball&sftball,I know,I know don't 
ever do that again 

Cristina DeSimone 


Thanks Mommy, Daddy, Jen, Teresa and the rest of my family for everything 
that you have done for me. Hey to the Girls and Boys Soccer Teams and to 
Dee, Lisa, Elena, Roli, Princess, Joules, Nerd, Smell, Martin, Keri, Katie, 
Tobin, Cakey, Pelli, Lynas, Jenny, Snots, Embaly, Al, Leone, Mc, DM, MK, 
RS, GF, the Marlboro boys, and everyone else I forgot. Remember- Frosh bio. 
Freshman soccer season with Lisa and Mather, Hampton beach and drive bys 
with Crupi, Who's the bigger dork?, tp-ing, All you can eat, soccer clique, 
kiss concert, BAAA, Florida, H.H.. Drop Dead Fred, If loving the lord is 
wrong..., VB with CC, neighborhood gang. Scream phase, sunshine boy, 
competitive beasts, Truth or Dare 6/00, Headlight night, Salem camp. For- 
get- 1/8/00 with CB and KN. that's all to forget because I love high school. 


Jim Devine 

Jimbo, Doogie 

People to Remember: HC JM MP T A MC AJTBdCMeee JT PK TR PG JO 
KM EF JH KL CM JS KS GC MS Doug. Things to Remember: Whazzzzzzzuup ! 
Dancing at the Homecoming game. Friday night at Applebees. Hey Baby, pep 
rallies. Birdie-Reporter #3. Wrestling. Damn Penguins. Cut Loose-Foot- 
loose! KISS ROCKS! AC-DC. Grassfields. Academic Decathlon. Math 
League. OM. Just a Gigalo. Dirty Wizards. JO Go Get a Car! Camptown 
Ladies. Time Warp. Woodbriar. Spinal Tap. Murphdog on Smackdown. AP 
score 5. crazy legs, superhomme. France 2001 ! Jack Famine. Doug Lamberg. 
Who's 44 ? .Things to forget: Absolutely nothing. "1 was only going through 
the motions till I was old enough to drop out"- Detroit Rock City 

Lisa M. Dineen 


To Mom. Dad. and Billy:Thanks:I Love you. RemembenChelle. Feesh. Kris. 
Penny. Katie. JM. CK, TS. BM. BR. JS. KC. AC. CC. CD. KO. FM. DA. DM, 
EG. JC. JB. RM. SoccenDinners "the practice"(TN)TPing, N.Games"the 
order". Take it from behind, "c'mon Bee I know your not hurt!"*P-Puff*Frosh 
SbalLTurrets. Industrials Crew:KP. CK. TS. FM. DA. DM. Frog stance, 
woodpecker, "the captains"oh the corruption. Marazis.9/9/99 or was it?KC 
Sunny D(MT, KC, BR)Bether. Keller&Penner. Benny&Bisa.Ok way too 
far!(PF) Pres. Joking, laughing&Being Stupid. NPJ. RJ. Animal Farm. 
Laugher Boy. George(MT). Kasha! "operation pizza"(KP&BM)Florida Jr 
year w/Feesh&Meesh. Supa Saliva, Funny videos (FN. watch out for those 
telephone poles-Cut! )Free Concerts, being as lazy as possible(MT gave good 
compititionlMegs frosh yr. Murphs Soph yr&Aldrich satire. Forget:Babcocks 
class. 177GET OUT!, poindess fights w/friends. 

John DiPasquale 


Depa, Johnny 

Remember, mom. dad. andrea. adam. dave+fam. all hiltzs. class o "98"grilo. 
shea. mo. dd. paulie.eric. "OF josh, howie.jep. davet.jcam. jim. hacket. bob. 
rob. ranno. cotto. al. jigga. kalib. solazzo. dhan. billh. bink. chuck, murph. all 
girls, rest of "0 1 ". juniors. "00"bavusos class, cozzolis class, swear machine. 
pinettes class, fergs class, food, cbarry s class, food fights. RB CAMP, football 
coaches. Viking stories wit staufer, LB fam daddy bobo gilis. CAL champs 
2 years, all tdays. putting joshs fire out, 1st keg wit grilo. clubhouse parties. 
shedas. depafires. all parties, all dances, jrprom alicia 1. hopefully srprom. 
Halloween"00"Forgei pentucket "99" "00'. 1 bad call away, weak link, iss, 
oss, 12/24/99 c accident "sorry guys especially jimmy", never getting 1st in 
anything, all bad days and memories. " champions are measured by what they 
do after they've been nocked down" Rocky Marciono. "only the strong shall 
survive", "what does not kill you makes you stronger". "01" I love you I'll 
mi^ you we made it good bye. 

Kathryn Dulong 

Katie, Puppy 

REMEMBER: mom dad ann steve martha grammies grampies John jeff mare 
ty lordy vicki elliot bueller b molly JC RP KC CB CO JD AC DT 98-01 boys 
"heads up" flower pot the lair matty's fire popo 30's bl OB Fam shampoline 
eg parties Chris Kringle Boston/Lowell Depa's parties bombs at the palace 
green machine "the niess" shadow puppets(sneak outs) jeff s cottage driving 
lessons(the jeep) t tapes the common flippy cup molobu (swimming) "the 
parties over " papa 99 New Years at Vicki's diddle broads Sally's Peter's 
truck reflectors DS crew Warp Tour DAVE "you look homeless" Haubner's 
bathroom Brattle st-FORGETS: Hollow ay+crew Axis nite too cool Ty 

Michael Ellsworth 

Ellzy, Mitzen 

Remember: All of my friends that I've had during my four years at high 
school, Mom, Dad, Shannon, Dan, Nana and Papa for all the help that they 
gave me. Mrs. Blodgett's 5th Period class freshman Year and my two years 
with Mr. Gallagher as my English teacher. Freshman year all the fun that we 
had. Forget: The Mid-years and finals I took. Ambition: Meteorologist or 

Eric Joseph Farrell 

Farrell, Zygote 

Katie&AriTagTeamBowchickabowow; Leeniepoohlovetheinsults; 
leeshdog; mayaloveyoutoo; borristhehandturkey; speedmonkey; 
worldsbiggestcalf sleevelessshirts!; shotputalltheway; vassallominime!; 
loveukatie;(katie);newspaperrulz!; wouldyoulikefrieswiththat?; burger 
king stinks!; erinmickerhello!; stigglesLetsgowildcats! strawberry cream 
savers!; 12/17/99; helllooo!; soorraaay!; procrastination all the way!; 
shout out to all friends (toomanytoremember); treetrunks, spiiike! ; 
loveandpeace; loveumom 

Jim Fennelly 

Jimmy, Big Red 

Family: Thanks Mom, Dad, and Trish; Freshman B-ball tournies-CVS 
parties-walking Matt home-Cotto's Bdays-Hampton-Papa Gino's-CAL 
FOOTBALL CHAMPS-DePa's fires+sheddas-prom-RB's camp w/JD+JH- 
I've got a feeling-long walks on beach w/JC+MJ- #1 stunna-Coughlin's 
cottage-barry sanders-season season-right side pride JH+CM-NFL2Kl-ball 
tingle-baseball w/Dick-McD's pi w/MB-derivatives w/AH-hampton haircut 
by bob-hatchback of probe-Quiet Storm-Lbdaddy/fam (Bobo, AH, JD)-/ 
Beaver Memories: running from po po-broken windows-n at gyard-falling 
asleep on hway/-New Years Eve at Vicki's w/Meggie-3/21-10/14-nuthin but 
love-i turn to you-Friends to remember: BF, JCity, MJ, JH, JC, MB, Jet, Hiltz, 
DePa, Dre, Hackett, Garrett, Chooch, Ranno 

Penny Fetfatsidis 


Hmmm... before I start w/the inside jokes I'd like to thank my mom & dad for 
putting up w/me all these years. ..Ok! get something for dinner- 
Greek buddies! R-R-R-Richie! BISA, that will never happen. ..way too far! 
Tanya, you DID it? (Greek accent) Mel. ..ambulance and soccer 
field... remember driver's ed (peak of our friendship!) Kellyyy, remember 
wooden spoons, and the phones aren't in the trunk anymore (haha) Jeff, I'd 
rather KILL myself! Feesh, if it weren't for you I wouldn't be. this CAR! 
LoL...KRISTEMBER, New York New York. ..Always remember: 
Feesh, Lisa, Tobin, Tanya, Jen, Kristy, MG-luv u guys-KW, AC, KC, KT, 
BM, CK, TS, KC, KP, CD, ML, BG, KT, DA, JC, RP, BC, JM, MR-luv u too. 
And to everyone I missed: always rememberthe one and only GREEK! That's 
MEEE! Otay luv u buh-bye! 


Sonia Figueiras 


What up to: all my fam, my chikas-Suzy, Tuyet, KT, rememberin: JMobsession, 
Big Jon. Sunkist-hot dog. won-ton, Nikita Toleda. I'ze be hummin, mad 
ghetto flava. bathroom door grafitti-SunnySpanxSSS, the gap, "the ugly 
face", NHtrip. fightin in maggio, nov.l -dentist, random guys, lilboys. Bush. 
Hard-knock life. Leila 1/7/00. somerville, Umass-lowell, tongue-ring slurpin, 
beltwhippin. reindeer ridin. dpr, trainstations, son blon. charlotte's grandma- 
LoL, Osweatpant. pupa sisters, AC, KA. MG, KL, deepconvos w/chikas, 
bbc2/14, sacrifice ur body: for tha <3 of tha game, ghetto-dnvin, Murph, 
lilredmazda. masel612. Foreigners, convos w/ BigJon, babyblue, Aplus 
student-Mr. P, downtown w/S&T, whitey, Dandi-lyons, forgettin: people I 
thought were friends, alwayz bein "the shy girl", whsdances. secrets, lies, 
being naive, "Everything happens for a reason" 

Bobby French 

Frenchy, French Fry 

Football*99-00 , Clubhouse crew'Shed'Sloth'RockyRoad* B-pong»Pyramid« 
Racecards'10~on spades«Prude«watch urself-show me what you want»P-br 
own # room~Sh*Trails •Ceiling* Aruba«My boys~Fenn~J-city~Jet~Jigga~Jos 
e~Hiltz~Jew~Chooch~Dre~Depa~Garret~Head«My baby~nicole«Dback cr 
ew MOF* Blackgirl* CYA'LATTA'CAK* Bronco* DXM* Swords* Coughlin 
's~lake*My Fam~Paps~Mamadukes~ke~brit 'Halloween' 00*Birdfeeder*Ga 
GaGoo*Late night simards* Industrial Park'Ja-rule'NellyHandflapping^Like 
a PONY*Fat Susy* I give love to everyone who has been involved in my life* 
To my fam / 2nd fam Minghellas* and to everyone else who has been apart of 
my life~u know who u are* to all my boys who are true friends and my baby 
coley* I love you all and wish the best of luck to you 

Michael W. Gable 

Gabe Masta 

Remember: GWO 4-Life MP, JR, AQ, BW, MS, BR, PR, BM, JW, ME $ 
Grams Crew Perters, Solazzo, Pistol, Bag-O-Donuts, Spoon. Bert, Al, Doc, 
Ericson, Herb S Wildwood Crew S D-Han, Montalto, Cannon, Graves, 
Whitney, Buck S Jiller, JM, JJ, AG, JA. General $ CWO S Herb and his 
snakebite S Frosh b-ball tourney $ Ranno and the Dorito S The "Farmer" and 
Chinese guy S Als Debt S Pool table S Barrel Yard S The Taurus $ Camping 
in Spoons woods S Club Pete $ Juveniles Back that thing up and black lights 
$ LB Rollin Rollin Rollin $ Bert falling out a Window S BK "Would you like 
Bacon on this" % BK Runs and Weirdo's S LWO AL, Spoon, CS, D-Han, PB. 
JD S Off-Roading S Ni-How S GB $ Frosh Gym $ Mo-Han Productions $ 
Thanks to everybody who made these years possible $ 

Paul Gambardella 

Paulsie, Pablo 

Thanks to: Mom&Dad, Elyse, HC KM&CM AB MP m EF AM JM DM AG 
Remember: CC's Bdygrd, C of the FF, Mvie Nght, SYMS, OM, NRTW. sprd 
snshne, FB Fred, Helloo Telula! The pnda flieS@mdnght, Drty Wzrd, Wlks 
w/ Colleen. Rent. Sesns ofLve on the Eiffel Twer, HB's cookie. All-States, 
toe clvge, Mr. D, wht msk smll, Symphny Mndys, Bnghle Liq, advntres in 
Cape Cod w/TS, Watch out for the UFPs, Stage Right. Applbees. StopnShop. 
spyng w/ BR in the bsemnt, UCONN visit w/ hit, Mck Trial, Mr. B's 
Drma&Chrus class. Bye Bye Birdie, Kal's pool prty, Eng w/ Christine, Grse 
is the wrld! Gypsy, Pign in Assissi, Gelato, Kp dncin, m! The Covr, Amy! 
Twrly Grl, Ferris Whl in Paris Forget: All the i'gVJrant and prejudice kids at 
WHS. Thanks again to all my friends and family for helping me along the 


Robert Garrett 

Rob, Robby G, Pasta, Italiano 

Thanks to All My Family, my friends, esp. Mom, MC. JC. DG, AH, MC. LC. 
KO, MS, ES, TR, JH, JM, ~ Remember: Left Side Pride, WHS football, 
hockey, tennis, floating torsos, Gah Gab. Goo, CCD Teachin. . Stevie, baby 
cow. Feasts on bus. Bill TD Dance, Ice Ice baby, Sloth, noodles, TP night, 
chem. explosion. Bball body-paint. Respect, Piano Man. Ma Bell pyramids, 
mustang creepin w/rubber stoppers @ lemonade stand & Howie's dog, 
Scanlon, Capt. Meeting Eve. Capt Cave. Watch Yourself, street signs, 
Blowpops, palpation. Bio class + Jurassic Park, Disney skits. Small World, 
tire incident. AP stabbing, frosh in the barrel, stubby. Fashion Show, & Mario 
& Luigi, Forget: 89 Ford Taurus &Green Kia Sephia & Green line, 
Season.. .Season. JK Chili Dog. 

Eric Gaudreau 


Mom+Dad. Dave. Tommydog, becoming an uncle, Jeff, jammin with the 
band. Bethany, Swiz Burnsie and Molly-ssshhhhssss. after school sessions. 
Barrett. Krats, Nappy. Mandarin-halfdays, ghetto HMB. Rob's house. The 
Res, You call that a truck?, Daewoo. Wesley Willis, The T, D.P.W., Can't 
wait for break. Boots Ted!. Les Claypool for President. Bodywork. Minibus. 
UNH- dogs like burgers, DeCordeva, Free Concerts. Jr. Prom, dances w/ 
dates, Newbury St. fieldtrip. Here's to the next four years! 

Lauren Gauthier 

Lov&Thanx2:Mom, Dad. Lindsay, Nicky, Drew. Wonky, Jeslyn, 
Maryanne&Katie.BFFL 1 1L:TJ, Adny, Tom, Dave, Kara, Brandon, JayHMM, 
Pat, Sol, JoeC. Malzek, RobSM. Smitty, Sean, Reardon. Lakisha, JonRDRB. 
Scotty, Dan, LaurenW, Dennise. JeffSH. Alley, SteveC, Marazi. Dustito, 
BradC, Shan, Shar&Mandy.2myCHRLDERS:Jackie, Alicia, Jenna, Lyndsey. 
Tyler, Steve, Debbi&Cahunah.Thanx. Gallager&Baz.TheCoolest:BBC. Shan- 
CAN cook, 0-sit, what's yourBoggle?(TrendSetters)FLwpw'99, Nancys3rd 
PlaceChrldrs, football'OO. Supplies !jsmutha. KikkylnDaFridge, UsoSesy. 
LaurenLikeAFoxW/APowerade, FastFeet-McCarthy, Put Your Hand Upon 
My Hip, Sox&Chalk2getherAtlast. FishPonyHip? HipHop? Hip hop 
anonomus? It'sOKI'veSeenBigger. It'sJustAquestion. Thanx Again2 Ev- 
ery 1! 

Kimberly Gillespie 

Kim, Kimba, Kimmi 

Remember: Family, friends- -the clubhouse crew, toasts, sampson. sloths, db 
talks, sing alongs, meep-bagak, 89 tauras/kia, jeep/cherokee, beaver/ 
bronco="nice cars". Brace yo'self-10/13, A.T.?, "Saturday nite". "between 
me and u". "gimme some more", nights under the lights, dipas fires, bird- 
house. Homecomings, SYB show, proms, dances, gym stars, powder puff. 
39FH: ness/q(corners:55/21/33special), X marks the spot(m.f.) KFA. 
"pentucket trend", "bounce", prayer. camp(mission mullett). fieldhouse. 
Judo. Daco. Annie: late nites. captains, the plan, kidnappings, cooking, "the 
laughs", overalls. Fight Night, 30's TP nites: f s and r's. LvL 1-qb, NR's. 
Rumors. AP's. Wendy's/BK trips, movie quotes, and to every one... see ya 


Katie Gillis 

Nicole Giordano 

I Love You's: my FAM, MIKE 1/17/99, Jeri (6 yrs&countin) Sunny Char 
Vittles Missy Erin Eric Munch Port Adam AC TA MC BC JE MH SS DA JO, 
LEILA 1/7/00 miss u chica *Remember: SunnySpanxSSS randomness con- 
certs limos flophouse osweatpant hummin 20secs peppermint pranks giggles 
massive CT blahblahblah mountGR 2/20/99 distractions floppy jem higood 
limejello plans fluids reno gert&bjb routel foreigners... caffe paradiso, 
UMASS, bathroom door graffiti, techies&their lovely parties, latenite creeps, 
sacrifice ur body 4 the luv of the game, reindeer/tongue rings/belt abuse, xtra 
credit, lex boys, freakiness, burning brownies, pillow dancin, sleepova nazi, 
closet crawls, deep convos *Forget: 6/22/99 fights slackin obsessions confes- 
sions accidents liars players GAMES and fake people *Quote: "Don't let your 
life pass you by. ..weep not for the memories" 

Coley, Nikki, Nic 

Thank you and I love you to Mommy, Daddy, Dannie, Meg, Catie. It all went 
by so fast. Always remember never forget — BG, CC, TA, JC, MC. Guidance 
with JC. MS-townies forever. Health orgs with CC. No help in french with 
KM, TT, MR. Free period / child development with AK, KC, JC, MP , CB, 
KS. Heartboy on the computer with AG and LF. The Wonder Years with KC. 
LG, DP, SO, SS, MT, EB, KS, MI. Drivers edu. with KW. KL-never being 
afraid to be you. 

Rebecca Gounaris 


Thank you Dad Mom & Nikki I luv u Always. Jessi I luv u Where would I be 
w/o u! Matt I luv u Ur my strength. Jeremy you've changed it all Thank u for 
being my dream I luv u. AmigA/Jeep racing. CC Kcat P Incidents Dieshba SS 
Hampton KM I killed a finger w/my bug. PF (PI) My mother told me... KTNG 
JC KS TA MT Kristeenen Art clan Photo LG. N. Andover buds: Robby Cali 
Tori JS sisJS Meg. Erik go 4 urs hunni. Sean & Steve (poo & bum) Are u 
ready? McD's where it all began. Where does the universe end? Is that a guy 
or girl? CREED ALWAYS! Cind on rollerb's. Italy SA hand puppets MR D 
ur the best. Me and Matts wedding. Pillow case togas. Nikki swimming on 
floors, she talks to u 2? Dancing in and on the AmigA... don't walk away. 
Governopoly. Blinking pumpkin. MarkTremonti @ fence. Whouse at Jeremys. 
N.A. prom 99. 5 NA hotties! Anyl I forgot I luv u2 

David Graves Graves 

I'm going to start this off by thanking my parents for sticking with me, my 
brother whom I have learned so much from, and all my friends (RS JB DM 
more) who made my HS career an incredible experience, and to cheezy.."I 
told you how I fight". .."Hey Heyl'Things to remember: Andover (CR, KS), 
Winchester (LA, CS), Methuen was interesting. Roxbury was scary. ..but fun. 
can't forget the 3daybash. good times at Rob's, tartar sauce, FBIPH. hippy 
parties are fun, at least cheezy's a good driver, Amherst, "if you hit my 
dashboard again..", banging on DM's car, mornings at CC, dunkins at 
3am...rez...KFC driveby's, "Ayyy Papi!", strobe light fights, PS was awe- 
some, "we're goin tanning JM!"...well that's it from me. anyone or anything 
I left out I'm sorry but you know it's all good. 


Amanda Kay Gustin 

Andew Evan Hackett 

Italia 98, France OO-pigeon in Assisi, gelato, Lucca at midnight, subway thief, 
Montmartre at night, top of the Eiffel Tower; OM-Niels, spandex toga, Jap, 
Big Momma Naytcha, amoebas, butterflies, 3 screws in 1 blow, sloppy joe; 
SYMS-being serenaded, the 5th, Bolero; Symphony by the Sea-Amand the 
via player; Mr. D, Richard, William, Lolita & Dominick; physics-look at the 
bunny!, torquing jesus nuts; Academic Decathlon; NHS candle wax; sum- 
mers in K-port, rabbi Merry & kosher groceries; Kelly's basement-candles, 
Halloween & Yule parties; my trek; ride back from Salem-Dave, my love 
forever; Homecoming 98; Canadian goose days; library page, not chapter; 
Sunday dinners; Hilary & Paul, to remember forever, thanks for being such 
great friends, I'm going to miss you guys! Also Jimbo, Roby, Becky, Julie, 
Jeffy, Heidi, Maya, Colleen, Anthony & Adam. 

Remember: Mom & Dad, Brothers & family-Thanks for everything, Club- 
house Crew, helmets off, meep, fountain soda, Mcdavid, 2 of 5, blue hair 
boys, FAT SUZIE, Andrew sandweh, pony, Jo-Ap, Lb-daddy/fam, wop, 
Larry's, twnwork/pchside/2-eggs, 5x7, p-filing, free food/BK, cranberry 
bog, Left Side, KIA, Taurus, Wrangler, Beaver, Toronado, Eaglevision, 
Depa-fires, snakies, buddy, creep lights, frosh fball, chunk, storm call, bagak, 
trapezoid, everlast/bunk, Bird feeder, slngshot, girls, I..I..I, voice changer, 
HASH, F-Goggle, cuubbie, Pj/Pn, Silver Lake night, perfect wrap, dances, 
what's the matter?, Pee Wee, P-brownies, helmets up, sandals, floatin torsos, 
Tid Bits, Keystone, D&D tux, spinny hats, malibou, glass-ass, TP, frosh-bio, 
Talks w/ woods, PUNT, trough, streamteam, cecil, Ryla, tiles, "beh/meh", 
spirit week, VW(hamper)..Talk to ya 

William Hafner 

Remember: Family Mom Dad Michelle Friends: Mario Bink Mahog Mac 
Swiz Charlie O-Dogg Smooth Po-Pie Baron Oneil Torp Pic Camacho Donna 
C Banda Jeff Quigs Dre Johnny Rizpole Dick Berg Quest Kane Mj Jm Mt Ob 
Jt Girls: Jenny Longo Kuc Stine Parsh Ac Sj Jc Ji Lm Cg Ml Kh Ko La Scoof 
Nm Cc Cosmos: Ty Kb Vb Kd Mp Mv Lv Mb Es Lair 6k Baseball Scanlon 
Bc's Benders Racks Of Bl Fergs (Free Racks) Gumby Pi Rat Parties Mdc 
Eastgate New Years'99 Skoal #81 Bobo Bub H-Ween'98 Frosh Fling W/Jm, 
Jr/Sr Prom W/ Kk Cd Dusty Mcneal Late Night W/Al Dokies Simmys Bosox 
Ldad Bguy Barrel Parties Trebeck Cape Cod 9/99 Coughlins Cottage Poison 
Faceless W/Marlo Spectrum W/Jb Stafford Snakies Oneils, Plows St. Pats 
Day'99 North Cookouts Heaters Garage Party Brief Rock Gags Mailbox Die 
Hard Pats Fans Fresh Meats That Guy Forget: Gas Prices Po Wakinup Binks 
Po Call 

Michael J. Halas 

Mikey, Halar 

Fam+friends(one in the same)thanks for memories, Spits din's, TPn, SSD, 
Ross/Kuc SMASH, Complexes, Trek prty/meets, Thur night prac.ahhh, LG- 
sl crew/sl night dip, Luv LB's, UNH, Clubbas, Big 4, Massacre @ Fox Run, 
New yrs 00, Hmptn Bch last day, Movie tickets, Shackanese, Cancun, Raftin, 
RYLA, Sumer 98, Yrk Bch, Span vids(TR), Emints, Greta, 4:30 DI, GH w/ 
lynn, all thngs random, formal dances mm, Tim+movies(Blade[LB]), 
DAIquari, hema-what?;Mikeandmatt-Chi, Target prac, Water polo, Blood 
TIME OUT, Badminton, Truth/ dare, Chalkboard, vamp fetish, pup @ the 
games <3, dancin for lil kids, Squishie, Nap's crash, Chiny food, RUBRIC, 
eyebrow lines, heds or tales?do it again, BK corner table, Wed. night haircut, 
Violent movie fest, Hello ft, Xdressin, Bean bag toss game, Can ball, Bra 4 
thong, lm never pissy, Manerisms, Pulled a me, Songs w/lynds, secret ing= 
ice cream cake, fixin the blox is up to U, lata 


David Hanley 

Remember: My Family, Friends: DT, RP, MW, MP, MS, BagODounuts, AQ, 
AC, Depa, Murph, Matty C, BM, JS, JM, JJ, JA, TT, MG, BR, AG, Doctor. 
WA, JoCin, MS, MC, JD, MS, DD, DL, GF, PR, all the girls and anyone else 
I forgot. Hockey (all my teammates), Depa fires. Barrel Yard, Club Pete, 
Parties® Walshies, Tewks benders, Waltham benders. Nights in C-Town and 
the Townie Crew, FroshBballtourney, MYM, PearlJam, Fling, Semi. 
ChewnScrew@99/JadeEast, Simard's runs, Shady business, Maine, Hamp- 
ton, Int.93, D-Day@Crowe's, NewYears2000, Lucci's Crew, Murph's Class, 
car theft, Lynch' s Class, Friday night FB games, Kelly's haircuts, MOHAN 
Productions, paintball crew, Forgets: NewYears2000(the aftermath). Coyne 
telling, hitting the bus, problems, ISS, old fights. Black Thursdays, and all the 
stupid stuff I did that caught up w/me later! 

Jason Hassey 


Friends: PatH. Rob V. JayY. DonnyD. L.G. M.P. B.R. K.S. C.C. J.D. D.M. 
J.J.Jr. R.M.E.F. C.C. C.F. K.O. C.B. B.U.Inside Jokes and Some Fun Times: 
JENGA! ! !-No common sense, eh Christine?-For the last time, I swear I'm 
not colorblind.. .or maybe I am- Tiberius-High School High TWICE.what 
were we thinkin Cahill?-Raw @ Fleet P.B. J.J. M.P. RM. J.S. S.M. J.P.- 
Donny: guys, it looked like Pat's car, I swear"-Monster Jam2k-Hey Shawn, 
did I ever tell youwhy Dre' s album was so successful?- Good for me! !- Dance 
Jim dance ! ! !- R.I. P.' ve gone to abetter place- A ww sit! !- Ifwinners 
never quit, and quitters never win, who came up with the saying, "quit while 
you're ahead"?- " 

Joshua M. Hiltz 

smosh, squash, shaws, shwa, qbhero 

family, cuzs, CLUBHOUSE boys, helmets off crew. '89 taurus, jeep, snakies, 
h'weens Ksil o'lams)&4(pady wagon), getin 1 1, zipd spunkle, cemetery trip, 
gymboy, hi/lo, MOF, pj/pn, raftin, p-shady ln/dre, street signs-creep, 5-1 
gheto-pong, sil.lake.nite. big man, 1 manor dr. Z, spinny hats, jobi, froshbio, 
trapezoid, gl-ass, giggles, tp nites, blue van, BEAVER, body fire, ftn soda, 
hndshks-jim/dree! meep, bagok, kk-no regrets, rok-e-road, sloths in, d&d tux 
prom, guardin, shakisms, blue-4, p-filing, silent fist, sampson, oh ya steve, 
4of5, mcdavid, sandals, replay, ben slant, monky/yam, KIA, storm call, db 
couch, perfect wrap, f&n group, peewee, acidnt crew, toronado rides, p- 
browns, "bah" floating torsos, bk runs, i-brows, xdressin, or-slice, chunk, 
mutant, cak, ymc-sloth, LvLl, canball, mistays, "big gulps huh, alrite well, 
see ya later!" 

Christie Lee Hodge 


I would like to dedicate my HS years to my loving family and the best friends 
I could ever ask for: Kendal Odea Venessa Reynolds Kyle Hendricks Marlena 
Spurr Kim Nadeau & Ty Law. I love you guys. Memories: Chapstick! 
'Nasticks NJ. Kris & Fra:Thr33! 8grade/candle juice tramplne canonballs 
pepsi caps! Feesh: Boston/Hamp advntres, JRs. Girv: Late nite hick 
brawls, prom. Ness: Sis4eva-Quincy, July 4,Winekeg. BBMs: DC&FL trips 
headphns cc tips fake ids kelptos DW. Ker: Reading Prom! Dave: Missin u 
babe. To My Girls: BBC Nites Beach Days Straight! NY eve s/o at Klos 
bracelts highclass/Joes HH Bentley wknds puke in celica black eyes Pizza 
Mia campin Kellys 12:59 4 reflection&h20 "Steves" McD boy Dennys. Shout 
Outs 2: KS CK TS JM SPUK! Kio: Thank you for always being there. You 
are a true BF- Best of Luck to the Senior Class of 2001 ! 

Joshua Richard Howlett 

Howie, Howard 

Thanx to my fam & to Caitlyn- luv ya always. ..FB 2000 "Clubhouse Crew" 
Jep BF Chooch Jim DRE JR GG CM AH RG Jcity Cotto Depa Jigga Bink Tim 
Greek! Right side, Ipswich Parties, necks, Depa fires, stauffer stories, quiet 
storm, STORM CALL, "season. ..season", McDavid, cuubiie, sloths up, 
rocky-road, TPIN, beaver, toranado rides, 90 strch, frosh FB, fling, proms, p- 
browns, V-BLUES game, WLC, new years 2000, shvd head, probe crash, 
$300 tckt, wolfboro, wbnst.- AXELROD, mery sleepover, free-lenes, , HAMP- 
TON, B-ball/Savio, Frosh b-ball, soph science, murph's class, gmst, scanlon, 
, BBC, mpf, flirt, CYA LATTA, Ron Burton Camp. ...To all who have been 
there and pulled me through: thanx. Lynds and Lees: great times never 
forgotten.... thanx brownie: driveway b-ball forever, U are the 
man. ...And to all my friends I leave behind....! HAVE earlobes! 

Dean Ientile 


Thanks to all my family, Remembenall my friends.PR forever, H3, nose/ 
bleachers/ Arthurjanel 1,22, chill mode, God bless pasta,Tom's basement,the 
bump,gancho de nadriza, delerious,SBG, Agony ,the trailer incident, 3 weeks 
off every year,barrels, Uncle Buck."the beast", Honda creeps.carpets-no 
bells, slap and tickle, wild kingdom, bball tournament, Harold 
Parker,luscious, Sparky!!!, no shoes, the shaking laugh,E-aw golf club over 
the fence,tailgatin',mohawk,no hair.there's still nothing to do,pool, "my 

MaryGrace Inglese 


John Jamerson Jr. 

Johnny, Johnny J, Junior, Y3J 

The Four Horsemen Rule! Awww! ! ! #1 White=Me. #2 Red=Mike Reardon- 
our cool conversations. #3 Black=Chris Calway- my best friend and assistant 
coach, The Horsemen won't let you leave forever, you'll be back, #4 
Pale=Mike Parisi- my "best friend", NO d&a policy, the Horsemen Sr trip to 
OH, there's nothing like the 4 Horsemen cruising in Rusty Jones. "Shotgun 
Rusty Jones!" suburban surfin', sticks and hills, jigga worm. Who plants trees 
behind a school? Lisa Bell and Heather- You 2 might not see eye to eye. but 
I'd be lost without the both of you, I love you 2! Erin Roache. I love you, 
remember when you lost your pocket book on our 1st date, we're going to 
Australia and OH. Band Camp, DC, FL, Ms. Mette, Ms. D. Ferg, Jav, Other 
friends: Roby, Delia, Julie S, Krista Pie, Candice Cannoli, Rufo, Sean C, all 
my family and anyone else I forgot. 


Mark Eric Jepson 


FamiIy:Dad, Mom, Shannon, Brian, Robyn, Rachael, Nicole, Alexis, Nicoles 
family. Magnum, Angel. Gram, Bunk.Friends:Clubhousecrew, Jimbo, depa, 
ranno, al, matt, jcamm, george, mchale, dennis, chuck, capt.Banda, coughlin, 
quigs, bh, bb, ac, anyoneforgotten.Females:kim, annie, dacco, judo, tina, 
cosmicshaha.Places:laruba, coughlin's, clubhouse, newyearOO, conway, bf, 
ac.Burtoncamp, ftballcamp99, papaginos, WLC, woodbriar, 
loonwithNic.2aruba.Sayings:seeyalaterquigs, I'vegotafeeling, Tell Me What 
Ya Want, IwannaTalkToSamson, FlyMeToAMoon, pokey, Gumby, Cak, 
AppleB, YaRight, BarrySanders, Seasonseason, Superstar, chunck, 
sloth. Things:4blue, sketchygirlswithsull, kgmerryxmas, sully2up, 
pong.RemembenallMyfreinds, Tewks9800, C.A.Lchamps99-00, 
Forgetpen99-00.Sull, b, dre-bf41ife, SEEyaLaterQuigs. 

David Johnson 

Matt Jordan 

Jigga, B.K. 

Hi to my mom and bro. Shout outs: Jose, J-City, Jim, Bob, Depa, Jet, Dre, 
Howie, Hiltz, Hackett, Chuck, Bink (Rasta), Bill, "D", Biggins, Khalib, 
Murph, Ma Hogoney, Ranno, Salazzo, Peters, Quinton, Lil Cotto, Rikci, 
Hurst, and o ya and almost forgot; the Hornless kid. And for the gurls; sup to 
Kim, Talia, Cosmos, Tina, Linz, Lauren, Malissa, Danielle, and Nicole. 
Places to be: J-Citys, "Club House". "The Lair". Places not to be Town hall 
(sorry Murph), Plaza wit AC and JC and some roast beef. Memories of :Mail 
box Baseball, "I was going to give the clothes back officer"(Filenes), T or D 
at Jill wit BF and JC (I won Bob), C/C w/Mary, OBFam huh?, J-City Allstars, 
Papa Ginos (sup Steve Griffin), Joe how does JC moms room smell?. New 
Years "00"at Vicki's, Tylers house, 2k what?, #1 stunna, P-Brownies, And 
last but not least Long Walks on the beach (JF, JC) at Marks Cottage. Peace... 

Robin Kanter 

Bobbin, Rob, Red 

Remember: Mom, Dad, Melissa, Kristin, Carl, Maryanna, Becky, Sarah, 
Katie, JJ. ER, EM, MP, ML, KL, KM, CK, TS, CH, HC, JD, DM, AB, KT, 
NN, MB, AND Always DB! NORM, Huoppi, Neon Green Laces, AJTEEE, 
SBGS, AD Practices, Band Camp, BBM, 100 Turkeys More Like 99!, ROSA, 
Remember When, MCG, Got Milk?, Classical Gas, Little Shop of Horrors, 
Muppet Bend 99, Disney 2000!, DUDE!!!, Hey Baby, Crocodile Hunter, The 
Night Before Band Camp. Freshman Fling (TH), Death by Chocolate, "The 
Clique", MWAHAHA, Right..., Butler.Forget: Homecoming Flat, Reveille, 
7AM Rehearsals, Parades, Tagging IN and OUT, and the Sophomore Semi. Best 
of Luck to all My Friends, It has been a great 4 Years! 


Cheryl Kelly 

Laurie Kennison 

Luv u Mom, Dad & Mikey - thanx 4 all your support!. .My gurls n boyz: Tara 
(my bf, my sis - luv ya!), Klo, LD, KT, KT, MT, KC, KP, MI, MR, Fra, DA, 
Cheezy, FM, Cuz, RP, JO, the original "crew", Spuk, the weekend gang & all 
y'all - much luv!. .Always remember: clubbin, my brush, english class, ind. 
parks, frog stance&woodpecker, the captain, big gulps, picnic table, consider 
it done, 411/911, halloween98, shopping spree, frosh bball tourny, folding 
clothes, hampton inn, jv soccer, touretts softball, fuzz, monkeys&drooling, 
football games, soysauce, elias, tripleB, Umass, lola/blade, oldsmobile-ito, 
the lake, NNDN, colorful bday cake, righthand man, delirious, pool, the 
sophomore 4, turkish twist, freckle, MC-patience/nov.rain (no regrets!), no 
such thing as goodbye. .."Now begins forever." 

Laurie J. Kennison 

REMEMBER: Mom, Richie, Mimi, Christine & Derek, Gary, ER, LB, MP, 
JL#1, JL#2,JS, JM, CH, CC, PG, JH, TS, KR, JG, BG, BR, KS, KC, BW, 
LB. sink? , the mountain, color blonde, parasailing 101, Florida trip, the dead 
lady, is ur cousin still mad at me? , here comes Ryan, steve/town hall. ER. I 
love you! 101 JS-what rhymes with Laurie? sorry I sucked you into Li 1 Peach. 
MP-Friendlys!, alex & dave, nate, our secret clubs, highway trips. CP-many 
thanks for everything! Jay- I'll always love you because you're a keeper-lol. 
sophomore chemistry-chew chew/naw naw. Junior prom-tara, next time 
directions please! incriminating pictures what? Italy, and all of the Strings 
activities, Paul's friend Iguardo. FORGET: tardy policy, hall passes, math, 
getting lost in Lawrence, Lil Peach. Pepe Le Pu, fights. 

Khalib Khan 


Remember: Mom Dad and Sisters, Dilbert, Cliffy, Balz, Cacey never forget 
you, Emily, Nicole, Derek, Jigga, Cannon, Cave, Peters, Marc, Margo, 
Alicia, Gonzo, Cotto, French, Depa, Port Whoa! Annie, Tyler, Puppy, 
PeeWee, MG, And anyone who I forgot sorry. Memories: Dicks class watch- 
ing "videos, " Toilet paper, Blodgetts class "the dress, " Cliffy Pimpmoblie, 
Obfam, Tribes Quest, Doing Systems, Pavin With Wit, Bond fires at barrel 
yard, Basketball Tournament Chef, Chalk line, Fergs Class Ehhh! Barrel yard 
paintball, Watching 6 and 18 on the ice, Indoor soccer games, Pinettes class, 
Cazzoli's class junior year, BK runs, All the dances, Football games, Spirit 
Weeks. Thanks: I would like to give thanks to everyone who believed in me 
and had hope in me. To all the friends, family, and teachers that contributed 
to my high school career. I thank you. 

Tiffany Kot 


Kelly Leet 

Michele Lemos 

Mr. Grecoe. how did you put up with me? Remember: PG. DM. HC. AG. JD. 
HB. SF. SO. CK. TS. NG. CC. MM. KT, RK, KS, GH. JH. PF, BG. Mr. 
Maggio, you're fabulous! Thank you Ms. Aldrich for everything. Man 
Sunshine. Movie nights. "Spread Sunshine". "Don't pull a Paul Greene." 
Jim's football game dance. Drama Club. Thanks Mr. Barletta for teaching 
here. I'm glad I got at least one year with you. Special thanx to a friend found 
where I least expected it: DAG. British comedy's ARE funny Paul! The 

Jason Loring 


1st Thank you to family/friends. 3 out of 4 yr. CAL Hockey champs/1998- 
99 North Finalists, not bad. P.R. Murph.. Harvard, no bells, rugs. Drew 22. 
Co-founder of real TD 83. The Bump. Wild K. Chill mode always + forever. 
9th grade B-Ball tourney, fantasy drafts i.e.. Volleyball aft. School. Mention 
no one cause didn't want to leave anybody out. Best of Luck to All. I'm out. 

Michael MacNeil 


RemembenMom. Billy. Kevin. Gramps. Nana. Nina. RonnieKyle. Bill. Bink. 
Swiz. ODogg. Mahog. Chuck. Smooth. McCarthy. Kicker. ChuckD. Yee. 
Jimmy. Hansen. Birm. Mario. Dick. Rat. Camacho. WildBill. Bums. Gordy. 
Johnny. Marty. G. Burg. Port. Cosmics. Pudge. Bguy. Dre. Manus. Mr.G. 
Murph. Geno. Mr.Maggio. Mrs.Beckwith. Mr Harrison. Mr KelloggBenders. 
Dookies. Room Steez Birm, G. Burg. Gin-. Hansens. Bills. Chucks, Big 
Tonys, Confortos. Kerrs. OdoggsBinks. THE LAIR, Bills partys. Pirates 
partys. Binks Partys. Fresh fling w/ AG. B.C in andover. cubes B.L. Fergs. 
The north. Vinny and the icecream sands. Hlwen 98. NewYears 2000. 
dropping 34 in Manchester LilGrls. gumby. DANK, rasta. Vetday2000. 
Trinadadians w/ flamethrowers, Ses w/ nina. THE BUB. THE WEDGE. THE 
BRIEF. 6K. Simis. Meeting the Cs. "RAH RAH RAH'The Baron. Decourcys 
Forgets:Soph year. BlockParty98. J. Prom. WPD nightshift. ISS, J.T. Detox. 
L dad, D lunch, Hansens Partys 

Michael P. Mahoney 

Michael Maloney 

Remember: Mom Dad Paul and LianeAlso Swiz Chuck Bill Bink Odog 
Mac+swindles Manus Smooth Mario Burnsy Birm Martin Burg Hanson Yee Kyle 
Jim "wikTBill Quest Camacho Kraz + Jr Crew Bguy Cosmos/Gumby Rock Napi 
Spade n Tbuc MC Rzpole Rich Kane Nicky Marty Riese and Everyone Else also 
The North Staford Indust. Bills Dads/moms/"lair" Hardcores Jigga BigMO 
"Monts BL" Racks of BL, Infamous 1+2 RIP Kiki GorillaBlood Farians TheBrief 
Wedge The Danks "BC s"(Andover + myHood) Goons@Odogs TheBiz Simmys 
B.Y.F Cape w/ Swiz all vacations Every Session DelKing GhettoMints Bavusos/ 
Murphys/Kleps class All fiestas(Bill, Birm, Bink, Po-pie) talking to Jonny w/ Mac 
SheehansThrasher HardKnock Mathews Rasta (B)Pong Hellevator B-ball 
games(HoHan) RugsBarn Frankie+Dennis Jeopardy Crops TheVineyard "Get 
Off My Block" LoonMtn.w/ Bill Halloween98 Eduardo deeznuts All Neighbor- 
hood Kids Phish(bb co ay) theDesert.Forget: Ldad, URI, Patty sLandscaping+WPD 

Ryan J. Marazi 

High Flying, Deck Diving, Death Defying Kamikaze-Always remember 
Dave's three day blast, night in Roxbury -People in Andover and North 
Andover, all the bands and the Gibson-Thanks to: Dave, Rob, Cheesy, 
Shannon, Janessa, Jeff, Gordie, Nappy, Krats, Lisa, Jen, Parisi, John, Mac, 
Anthony, Bruce, Dan, Kristen, Shawn Merry, Chris, Johnny, Jay, Becky, Jim 
"The Dance Machine" Devine, Lauren, Mike, Jason, Reardon (U Crazy Kat), 
Kerry, Cheryl, Tara, Andy, Swiz, All the Hooter Girls, especially Brandi and 
Jen, Peter Murphy, Mr. Lynch, To all the people I've forgotten, my family, 
the many industrial parks"It's so easy, when everybody's trying to please me" 

Jaime Martin 

Jaimes, Jaimaline 

All my wonderful friends: Melissa, Christina, Jacqueline, Jenn, Hilary, Amy, 
Erin, Kaleena, Jim, Paul, & everyone else including "Little Paris Boy." 
Things to remember: "There's always more spoons, " "Croutons should not 
fly, " "Onion, " "Chicken, " "Watch out for the U.F.P's, " "The brains & the 
bronze, " Football games, "Danc'n in the stands, " "Hey Baby, " "Applebee's, 
" "Go!, " "Cover their eyes, " "I don't know, I don't know, " "Who likes the 
Skippy ?, " Blink 1 82 '00' , Super Jam '98' , Kiss Concert '00' , Third Eye B lind 
'00', Creed '00', MxPx concert @ the Hatchshell, "Coney the fish, " Mr. 
Wood's chemistry class with Melissa, Corey, & Brandon, Fling '98', Semi 
'99', Jr. Prom '00', "Jenn' s parties, " "GS forever, " "The bird, " "B-ball boys 
@ the court, " "Somebody, " "What's-his-face, " "LaLaLa." Thanks to my 
family & all my friends. 


Kerry L. Martin 

♦Always love my girlies~KT ER MM JS CD MT FN KC JM CC CH CB KP 
and all the rest -You are my angels, I'm who I am because of you*- Thank 
you for being there* Always Remember: Gymnastics, *Silver Stars*, being 
insolent w/ MT, slackers forever!, being "self absorbed", bumbles bounce, 
France & Italy, the disco, Switzerland airport, Rednecks w/ Jenny, summer 
2000, Kiss concert, No Doubt!, *am I wearing too much eye makeup?**so 
wicked rad!!*, whooping cough, dancing queen, scary stalker boys, speak- 
ing German, stupid corner w/ CC SB, goat noises w/ MM, my water bottle, 
being addicted to AMC- she won!! 5/21/99, KT & KM~Double Trouble!! 
-thanx to my family for their love and support- *Find something you love 
to do in this world and make it your life's work**The future belongs to 
those who believe in the beauty of their dreams* 

Franz A. Martiz 


The S.T., w.f, m.k, j.g, m.g,, r.s, d.a, j.c*, s.c, c.c, cliffy .c, d.g, m.h*, f.m, a.j, 
t.r*. T.Ping nites, ind. Park, res., vod-gan's, sun. mark., nite monk.,, , fel. party (hal. ), k.p - i.e. - b.m., b-eer., s.d, f.coz, re-g, VEN. r., celi.-c.h, 

Melissa Maynard 

Sean McCarthy 

I Have No Friends Smitty Reardon Fifer Skipy Jeri Laurenalley Dave 
Madman Hodder Trembles Cliff Depa Flow Luis Bigdog Mad Fat Wack Yo 
Working On Fessenden Lunatic In Lynch Cars Twitch Best Friends With A 
Clown Chin Hit Over The Top Double Gulp Fingers Headtable Manager 
Rock Paper Scissors 60 Javelin Hog Heaven Was To The Left Wheelchair 
Crutches Ambulance Getting Hurt In Football Ag Twister Sweat Hogs 
Seatbelt Neil Baby Dikies Workshirt Chucky Ts Crainzy Tai Mai Shu 
Locker Wars Cliff In Library+ Pillow Polo Ferg Good Hat Miller Socks 
Wrong House Wrong Street Lauren Like A Fox With The Powerade Pidgeon 
Girl Motts Madness 3rd Locker Over Ladie On Train Kf Sits Alone Not A 
Polyana World Eat Drink And Be Merry Fist To Bigdog Over The Top To 
Flow And Mad Fat Wack Yo To Meg 2 Misses To Smitty And A Stupid 
Saying To Parisi I Have New Friends 


Jennifer M. McGowan 


Remember: Soccer., .senior year CD KO LD JM BR DD LR MS SC RS AF AS 
MR dinners sleepovers tp-ing rebels put the car in park, bus rides, 3am?last 
game ever, why am I here?Bench order LD KO JM Gymnastics, the"B", good 
times with MT&KM, trampoline incident, silver stars mike=god, elephant, 
nonnac = no show, Homcoming'98, parties, dances, j prom SB, jenny penny, 
Cape Cod, lifegaurds, Friday night drives, trips to Boston, rednecks w/ 
Kerry and purple pens, anatomy, that boy, Murphy's class Summer '00. ..late 
nights, July 4, JV, ht, 6am. hockey & soccer state games soph year, the 
Marblehead goalie, night games, Greg's parties volleyball, superstar, like 
a prayer ride with me ..aight it's been real Forget: last week of summer'00, 
new neighbors, double sessions, seminars, AP Thanks... Mom, Dad, Sarah, 
James & John for always being there 

Erin Marie McGrath 

Rosa, Micker 

Activities: Softball, Medical Careers Club, SADD, Bread & Roses and 
Symphony by the Sea. Remember All The Good Times During Band, Band 
Camp 2000, Washington, D.C. 1999, Disney World 2000, Music Mentoring, 
Football Games, "Hey Baby", Thanksgiving Football Game 1998, & The 
Homecoming Dances. Best of Luck to all of my friends, especially Colleen & 
Katie, Ari, Jaime, Melissa, Hilary, Paul, Amanda,Dave, Becky, & Maryanna. 
A special thank-you to all my teachers & Mr. D for all their hard work and 
dedication for making my high school years a success! To my sister, Kaitlin: 
Wishing you success in your years at WHS. I hope they'll be as great as 
mine. Mom and Dad: I want to thank you for always believing in me and 
encouraging me to follow my dreams! 

Kelly McLaughlin 

Kel, Smelly 

Remember: Mom, Dad, David, Michelle and KatieBFF, KeriBFF, KatieCat, 
KN, MS, BD, Nire, MM, MT, LEG, BG, CB, BI, Nreading boys, Summer98, 
"the click", 7-11, woo-burn, woburn football games, #56, crowd participa- 
tion cheer, slurpies, click video, What up boo?, The Tempo, Michelle falling 
upstairs, BOYS LIE, lost in Revere, carniboys, parties, @my house, party 
w/BI, MS, KS, PartyUp dance, 1 1/1 1 boysleepover, catholic shoes, hockey 
games w/MS, CB, Margate, HI blond boy, twins, froshbball, Anatomy w/KN, 
KM, KP, KT, JM, LEG, froshfling97, homecomingOO, SummerOO, 
BangBangBang, pididdle, floods, 3/16, 7/23/ 7/25, marshalls employee 
41ife, being corrupted by Mchelle&katie, brsrides khome, 10/3, TongueTrick, 
come on boo gimme kiss! Forgets: Jr.eyar, englishl 1, summerschool, Jr. prom, 
stupid fights, tewksbury boys, getting played, losing friends. 

Catherine Medieros 

Katie, Katie-Bum 

REMEMBER: Mom Dad Karen Dorothy Kenny Shan Dee Erica Kim Mel TT 
ES CF Wobum, Clubbin, Poolhall, Bicks, GameRoom, Conn., Florida, Que- 
bec, Fling, Prom, TechProm .Washington Trip ,Osco .Sleepovas, Just the 
girls, Maine w/Ken, Camping, Nat.lce, Kingston FORGET: KMbreakup, 
SummerOO, loosing best friend to boyfriend QUOTES: I killed a finger with 
my bug(BG) I have a cocket in my poat(DB) And your fat(MR) Just go 
straight(SS) Put It In Your Mouth(EB) Want to play tennis?(KM) TO 
KENNY: You were my first love. I will cherish all the memories that we 
shared together. Thank you for giving me the time of my life. I will love you 
forever. 10/23/99- 7/13/00"Every little thing that you do, Baby I'm amazed 
by you" Never Forget Me 


Daniel Menezes 


1st off id like to thank my parents Dan and Mary for sticking with me for the 
highs and the lows gotta give a shout out to my boys DG JB DA JC MM RM 
AR also the ladies can't forget the ladies CK TS LD CD JM KP MT BM JM 
TF JRgood luck to all of you and keep in touch u hear, and to all my boys don't 
forget what "I told u along time ago" Hehaa.Things to remember DA's boiler 
room — pretty much the whole summer before sn yr, that week at DG' s seem' s 
to stick out the most — can't forget roxbury and methuen haha sorry about that 
JC— fri and sat nights at the IP and behind CC with CK TS LD and KP— the 
drive up to newbury port for the football game jun yr "dude grab the wheel 
while i fix the radio" haha good times right MM and JB — jun prom was a blast 
thank's CD. Well that's it I'm outta here PEACE! 

David Merry 


LOML Amanda, Chris. Mikex2, Johnny, Sean, Donny, Paul, Hilary, Kelly, 
Cabin 6, 4, 4, 2, 1, Iagoo, NO WAY, ITHACA, skits: Habib's convenient, 
HC2. news (bleah), Blair Witch, GWWBG; 10hutx2; shows: CarryOn/ 
Bananas/WishOnStar, ClassicalGas/Birdland/Twist, LittleShop, Opener/ 
Mupets/OldTime. Mickey/LionKing; 2Disneys + 3 Washingtons, Drillmas- 
ter2000, Jacksonville, orange+sticky, the Palace, 

Antidisl'awwgityismnessisimoToTheMax, YugoShotput, Tink+Olga, Col- 
leen. SYMS, BBBirdie as Daddy MacAfee, WSO, BJ+Miss D, Stacey: 
CSK+ST, NESDistrictsx2?; OM: Boar, Jap, BigMommaNaytcha, Butterfly, 
Virus; YulesATKelly's, HappyBDay Hieid, full contact b-ball, Fun @ 
Kennebunkport YeWhoCoughsUpSolidChunks, NRTW(spreadsunshine), 
Robotics in Connecticut, RentMedley, SymphBySea, Kelly' sBasementW/ 
Candles, Trek, DiscusDucks go Quack, AWWW!! 


Jennifer P. Michaud 

Jenny, Jennay 

ThanksTo: BampMomDadJoshCateZackLisaJenna, Tim- 

MyBestFriendForever Remember: Summer98. FroshBball. Fr Bio wJH/AH, 
Wanky, PPs, Zygote, 3GuysArmyPants, AustinPowers, Halloween 
9(SilOfLambs)&10(Shavcream fight), MaBell, UglyPills, BoxerJoe, 
Aerosmith 12/31/98 (LizAimCate). YellowSprees, sarcasm, Frenny, 
BakinCookies, AnatomyOrTims?, Flash(s), 12/31/99 JCs party, JrProm 
wTR. Depa fires. BBC, Soph HC, Fling, Semi wJR, KmyA, If I was a (LM JM 
MP), 5MinSub. BWC, Jacobstub, RobbyG, Blond?, benders, VeryNice, 
Nmassages, TrSpRiLu, 3x, BL in Mall, Zap. MHLem, Peart, Cflirts/Howie. 
cannons, IgottaP. RightBall, Kissing, Sr Year Soccer: Dee Stina Ash Roli 
Embaly Snots Rach Kendal Al Leone Sprys Lynus Pell JB MH AJ RS JC, 
BCaptain.MascoWin.NiteGames, Plan7,TPingRebels, AlluCanEat, BusRide 
FlashX2, LikeAPrayer, TR- 1/1 5/00, Amazed, 6/15. MWA! 

Melissa Ann Mondi 

Mel, Smell 

Thanx Dad, Andrew, Mom (I know you're shining down on me) and Family 
I Love you ER, JS, KT, KM, CB, KC, MT, KW, JC, CD Thanx for all the 
wonderful memories ER-Ripley you IIDIOT JS-more buds, the Y??? KT-5 
beeps nice treee! CB-Thanx for being a bud when needed most ALWAYS 
REMEMBER: JR Prom, SummerOO, Gossip Sessions, Sleepovers, and Movie 
Night! Nrr & Jules Wednesday night fireworks Hampton Beach, Art clan! 
Sean I Love U babe I'll always be there for you regardless If I missed anyone 
don't worry I still love ya CONGRATS 2001!!! 

Michael Montalto 

Monty, Mike 

Remember: mom. dad, alex. derek...kel luv ya 2/1 1/00, 2/26/00/JS... seniors 
'01: BC, DG, RP, JS, DM, JC, (McSwindle), MG, BH, BB, MM, JH, DI, JR, 
TI, JB, JF, JL, BR, soph chem class-BB: "srs", DT, CO, EB, DO, JH, MP, DM, 
MS, senior prom (BM 2am), parties, late night simards. Hockey: Cal Champs- 
'99, '00: #21, MW, MC, SB, GF, MP, "lucky", JL... Steve's sayings, 
dinners. ..white water rafting trips, murph-eng-neeah-stonecold (decked with 
chalk), GMST, GMS, GMST2-Ferg, b-ball tourney, golf state champs, hole- 
in-one, cruises. SCP, rides in the Lincoln/Altima: Newburyport ride: I'll fix 
the radio u drive/traditional gas station, Sunday morn Circuit City, free gas, 
Roccos, clay fights, cape, hampton 7/28/00, the boat: "bathroom time", 
Freshman year, rolling chairsForget: Lucci's incident, mid-year rats. PIGS, 

Mike Murphy 


Sports: Football 1-4, Wrestling 2-4, Track 3, Boxing. FAM: Mom+Dad, 
Kristen, Danny, Sean, Brendan FRIENDS: JD, MS, MW, DH, MM, BH. BB. 
CO, BF, JH, AC, MJ, JH, AH, DT, JR, SM, JC, AQ, JF, CM, MH, SB, JL, DI, 
REMEMBER: Parties-B-Ball Tourney-JD, MW-Winning the Cape Ann 
League title-Scanlons class frosh year-cutting classes-the bus ride to the 
hockey tourney '98"-Bravehart speech at the Pep Rally with the Kilt. 

Bethany L. Mutchler 

Bether, Betho, Bev 

FHl-4 StateToum. 'Nastics/S.trk-2 Art AllState REMEMBER:7/16/99-KC/ 
MT 5/13/99-EG. TGI'S 8/22/00-CREED 10/21/00-Marazis, 1 1/10/00, Sum- 
mer'00-Graves Robs, Feeshs. Sleepovers, Bick's. LateNites, Vaca-Philly/ 
Bait, Parties, The Beach. Fldtrips, Fling, JRprom, Homecomings D.C. Putney, 
BOOTY ROOM, Slumberfest'00, DeCordova, Selena, Psycho-Usher-CH/ 
KC H.F. Muffins-Katie. 'UR A FOX' BigNasty, RRR- 
SPED'WiggyWiggyWiggy' The Common- AR Tony Pizza, DEVIL CHILD! 
BETHANYISM, Operation Pizza, MISSION MULLET-steven 'Get On The 
Blue' CHICKEN, Chex (GooGoo)GaaGaa FRIENDS:Bino, Katie, Feesh, 
Pelli, Penner, Jeff. Lisa, Anthony, Tobes, Julie. Kellee, Rob, Becki, Eric, Kel 
AC BC SC DM DG KW JB CC RM MAC Ness, Smelly & to those who i 
forgot, Thanx4-The MemoriesFORGET:Fights-Cliques-'Bad'Days-Grudges- 
Trouble-IgnoranceTo My Little Turtles, Its been a Great Trip! LUV YA 

Kimberly Nadeau 

Kim, Ross 

Remember: Family: mom, dad, mike, melissa, Best Friends: Marlena, Crit, 
Bri, Klo, Lau, CK, TS, KM, KT, JS, KC, KH, KM, MR frosh Bball&Sball. 
Woobin, just pepsi, click, eng&chem, black eye. pee on chair. Randy. 
bbsitting@5am w/MS (Taylor, Tana), Playing LB, twin sisters, pennies, NDE 
w/CB&CD( 1/8/00), HewDewLew, insane asylum-POLICE(2/19/00), 
sleepovers@KO's, sleeping@CH's(ornot!),PizzaMia.Tink. Ginger. Norwell. 
DoJo, McD's boy, Kelly's @ 12:59- Reflections. July 4th(AP), falling out of 
car, camping. Math w/ Katie, NYC drms, all nighters w/ MS, AA meeting, 
kleptos, Denny's, club rats, STRAIGHT!, brain on Rt.l, CK's brush, beep. 
"N", Bentley, parties @ Lena' s, tear jerkers FORGETS: puking in Crit's car, 
BK, 2nd hand smoke, cold backseats, getting caught, being grounded(BD), 
accident w/ Bronco, rumors, the O's -Good Luck Class of 01'- 


Felicia Newhouse 


Remember: Field Hockey, Basketball, Track, Jr. Prom, New Years-'OO, 
HICCUPS, Beach bumming, Superstah! Pleasure Island-Lisa&Meesh, Fri- 
day night s-drivers, Halloweens, Casting SPELLS, Going to psychics & 
Salem, UNH, The BOOTY Room, caterpillar, Super Saliva! All my Greek 
buddies, If it wasn't for you, I wouldnt be in this car!(Penny)Murphs class, 
Illegal driving w/meesh, Watch out for that telephone pole-CUT!I was an 
Egyptian in another lifetime IForget: Color guard, Cuoco, Dancing @ Johnny 
Rockets, People who keep radios on commercials, SNOBS, Skiing through 
the fence at ski club, almost arrested for stealing lOcent candy at BRADLEES. 
hookups, Old boyfriends. Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look 
around once in awhile, you could miss it-Cant wait to get outta this town-But 
Im gonna miss u all-Good Luck! 

Joseph Ngo 

Jennifer O'Brien 

Jenny O 

I would like to thank Mom, Dad. Phil and my mentor Mr. Dilmore for all their 
help. Things to remember: Powder-puff football (knocking Howie in the mud 
), drama club, chorus, Friday night football (keep dancing Jimmy), 
Noodles!(hey Ari; inside joke), ChickenKhey Ames; inside joke), "My 
onion", "Beware the red pimp shirt", "Ah an U.F.P.". The Brains & The 
Bronze, Mochilla. People to remember: Jaimsey, Paar, Hils, Kal, Paulie, 
Ames, Jimmy, TS, BM, LB, KT, JE, JT, JR, JH. Things to forget: Computer 
tech., aquaculture, wrong things said, and broken hearts. Love to all the 
people that helped me. "We're golden" 

Kendal O'Dea 


TARRYN& JULIE bffl <3 soclob, mack truck, bsittin(food-crafts tv!), 
halloweens, bdays, cook st, summer walks, Lexington center, nicole@xmas, 
abagail*love you girls so much* CRITTER, LANE, KIMMY, CHERYL. 
TARA "whole dam crew!" hill house, hockey game, soy sauce, drivin to 
bentley, wicked wicked, andover hs b-room, hotel odea, club, joe jealous, 
english classfwe are women), hampton, pizza mia, reflection*had the best 
times of my life with you guys-love ya!* FORGET liars, rumors, boys, most 
of jr year(no wait-I already do) REMEMBER Mom&Dad, muh girls, 
tennis&soccer seasons(snots, keeps the balls out, pelli&pics, beep beep) 
CHRISTIE-you have made me who I am now. and I couldn't be happier about 
that. FRANK- perfect, rummaging, 7-10,11-16, one stair up, NH, RI, cherries 
are buried, string?. .. love ya:) DEDICATION to Spuk-I love you so much. 1st 
visitor next year, ok? Good luck <3 


Dan Ollila 


Shout outs: Swiz, Mahoney, Bill, Bink, Chuck, Mac, Mario, cosmic girls, 
Smooth, Martin, Burg, Gordy, Burns, Yee, Kyle, Wild Bill, Kraz, Jim, all the 
JR's- Thank you: mom, dad, Eric. Remember: The lair, Binks, Ferg's, 
Halloween 98, lawn jobs(impal), BC's (Andover, Hathaway) the North, 
Stafford, Birms, Sheenans, Farians, Simmys, ghetto mints, funny dokies, Sr. 
Prom 2K, the brief, HMBs, Gumby, fires@Dunkins w/ camacho, shwags, B- 
ball/ taps, Bentley(handi), the loom, L-dad/big L, Pong, B. pong, Po-pies, 
baron, lavender, room steez, sweatin' it out, Dusty McNeal, McSwindles, 
jonny, ronny, bling bling, Hermano' s, "Ride of Steel"(b-guy), 6 ft+, BL, Hard 
Knock, drunk mike, pheasant, the Biz, "You've been had by Nelson", gorilla 
blood, rasta, Mr.G, "Lucifer bound", RIP : 6K, the Infamous 1+2. Forget: 
Patty, WPD, Suffolk county. 

Charles Osgood 

Fam/Mom,Dad,Sean(spade), Craig(TB)-Everyday Buds/Mahoney, Bink, 
Swiz, Jigga, JimJ, Rah, Martin, Marty, Mac, Hansen, Rug, Den, Nick, Snow, 
Wild Bill D,Nick,Snow, WildBill- The Hood/Sherm, Marfs, Bdad, Tommy, 
Decourceys, Derek, MallonsBuddies/ Johnny, Dom, Beef,Kerr,Rock, Secher 
,Jr .Crew ,Rob,Frank,Manus, Smooth, Dick,Berg,Dre, Mark, Dave, Yee, Dan, 
,A1I My Bros chillin friends, FootballT earn, Ty, Lori, Vic, Mare, B, Katie, 
Bueller ,Mollie, Erica, Jenny, Straight upDon't forget/ Shell, Citgo, North, 
D+D, Lair, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Wood's class (10),Gumby,The Neon,ISS,NP's. 
..And any or everybody who's always been downlPEACE 

Colin Oskar 

Peace Out To; Matt Smith, Dave Reardon, Mike Reardon, Jen O'Brien, Brian 
Cullity, Sean McCarthy, Jerry, Mitson, Ally, Megan, and Matt Smith.Teachers: 
I have to give my props To; Mr. Gallagher, Mr. Barletta, Ms. Hardy, Mr. 
Joyce, Mrs. Peters, and Mrs. Valley. Thanks so much. Favorite quote. "We'll 

get there someday Mr. T, someday over The rainbow, no we can take 

the van." I want to Thank God for winning this OSCAR, Mom, Dad, I want 
to thank Mr. Smith sitting right there. Thanks. All my fans and everyone. 
Thanks again, and to all the fellas in the back, Good Luck and See you later. 

Richard P. Palizzolo 

Richie, Doodle, Big Dick 

Many thanks-Mom, Dad, Stacy — Smell, Rappoli, Mol-Couldn't have done it 
without you guys-Always Remember-Hackett, Hafner, Bink, Swiz, Cosmics/ 
MEG(Liest) ! ! , Lordi !Ty , Katie, Kel, Erica, Mare, Vicki, CosmicPimp, Kwita, 
Ann, Spike, Cheryl, Poop, Smooth, CO, DO, MM, Mario, Sarah, Manus, 
Mac, Hickdawg, Rourke, Lay, Chyrstie, Pic, Coyneage, Rubino, S.Souza, 
Hanley, Kimmi, Truiera, P-P-Penny-All my buds-MC, JC, AY, MK, KH, 
MH, KT, GF, PC, MT- Never Forget:PIMPS LAIRlHangin w/Hardcores- 
PercSummerOO-"I think we're lost-who cares?"-LaurynHill-Ebombs- 
Darren'sPartiesOO-Bradlees!-Hungry?DQ-How cute and cuddly IDanks- Ver- 
tical Horizonl-O'Neils Party-MEEP-Konaxis'House-Hlwn98-Convos w/ 
Woods-Rotary- Athletic Office Parties- Susan! New Year' sOO- Colorado- 
Mol Parties-Larrys Parties/Fund-Creed-Ruff Ryders-kill yourself? Disney- 
Friendly's- Bubbletape- Jr.Prom- HmcomingOO- It's Startin already!-The 
Craigs&Rappolis- Harvard ER- Don't ever do that again! 


Melissa Ann Faith Paris 

Melika- Paar 

Activities:Color Guard-Chorus-SADD- Drama- Rotary Interact- Foreign 
Language-Art-Marching Band rememberance:"There are always more 
spoons"- "Croutons should not fly"-Melocoton-Chickens~Red Pimp Shirt- 
Rob Zombie Boots-"Who likes the Skippy?"-"I don't kno~ Blink"00"- 
Cover their eyes- Rifle Chicks Foreyer-Keep It Low-Watch out for UFPs- 
Fling"98"-Semi"99"-Jr.Prom"00"-JenIt's Parties-Super Jam"98"-"Squeeze 
the Penny"-Danc'n in the Stands-"Hey Baby"-Disney"00"-"Prrrr"-"On- 
ion"-"Coney the Fish"-GS forever- "Go!"-Football Games-Applebees-"The 
Bird"-Rent "OO'-Bye Bye Birdie"01 " I would like to thank my Parents for 
all their love support-Good Bye to all My Friends- Jaimes-Jenn -Hillary- 
Kaleena -Erin -Hyde- Jim -my Rifle Chicks Erin & Aileane"-Laurie Beth- 
Denise-Marie-Corey-Brandon-Joanne- Jacqueline-For all of you I 
forgot.don't worry "I Love you too" 

Michael Parisi 

Paris ikov, Toothpaste, Daddy Beef 

Four Hossmen AWW! Johnny, Chris (I), Mike, Lisa Bell (the mare). 
Jiggaworm, funky you know, refrigerator bum, who plants a tree in the back 
of a school? Sticks n hills with Rusty Jones, The Nightwing, ELEPHANT. 
Habeeb's Convenient, Croc hunter. Who broke the spoon? 
Antidisl'awwgityismnessisimo to the max. Team Suck and team Chick All 
the way! Butterflies in meadows? The guy in the pineapple suit. No more 
slush! Archie drives a boat with his feet. Jen is my love goddess. DO IT 
SMITH. Hey Phruit, Vaseline on the lockers and Chicken Fingers at Sons of 
Italy. Starkmania running wild. On the floor for volleyball. Don't forget 
Marazi's table and the noise he made with the barrel. Cannon, Godzilla! Old 
faces: Kev, Bob, Glenn (cruise control), Carr (POOBEAR), Robin, Sab. 
Kara, Priz (you scamp you), Neville (he's craaazy), Jen and Joncon. YEAH 



Thanks to: Mom and Dad. Katie. Lisa, Jay. Chelle, Bethany, Becki, Penny, 
CH, TS, CK, KO, BR. Always Remember: NHS, B&R, SADD, Strings, GV 
Soccer- Love ya girls! BR MR KO LD CD-my co-captain. TPing rebels, 
dinners, "take it from behind" Loving the BV team! Gymnastics Girls: Love 
the Abs, Silver Stars, Grab the Bars, Treats. MLS. trampoline, Daeshba, 
Peaches. Pineapple Princess, Fra, 8th grade obsessions, THREE-CH, KC, 
Meow, Siamese cats, Kashah. pouncing in the cafe, going out to eat always, 
drop dead gorgeous. Industrial Crew: LD, CK. TS, DM, DA, FM, Frog 
Stanse, being corrupted. Beckweiser-stand partner, candle juice, Period 5 
Strings-BG, TS. KL. Penember, New York New York, Noooooo! Operation 
Pizza, Hitting mailboxes with my car-MC. JB- 1 1/26, love you always, 
falling asleep everywhere, BFF. 

Mark Peters 

Troopa, Pee -Wee 

Shoulda but got dissed Marc, Joe whats wit that. Never Forget my freinds:MS 
Choppa Champ. Shot out to GWO MG JW Herb Bert Bish PR. Wildwood 
crew up in here. Late Night "hit em up" runs. Club Pete, Frosh b-ball 
tourney, Citgo, All Hail Gravity, Pball Buds, Computer Clouds, Fires At 
Depas, Cave's Garage-Barrelyard. Halloween 8thgrade. RotaryBench JR 
MS, D-day@crowes, JR MP KB@Dugouts, DG Highheels, 
Rippa@Walshies. BK500 Thirsty after Finals, Farmer, Cant Forget my Fav 
Prom Date, Silver Old Airport. U know B-Butts is up in this. JS Its always 
been fun hope to keep it that way. And as always my parents my sister and 
brother always been there for me thanx. Anyone I missed peace out Been fun. I 
leave These Words of Wisdom to everyone: Don't rely on WHS for nuttin 


Mary anna Lynne Phillips 

Molly Pidgeon 

Thanks for everything Mom, Dad, George, Greg, Michelle, Nana, Papa, Alex 
HD MR KW KT KL MR KM CS Remember: sumo wrestling, 3 perfecteers, 
suga, rufus, funky, stop drop and roll, mickey, dice fight, drive to cat cove, 
friendlys trips, Clifford the big red dog. ps, sr homecoming, dump truck, 
parrot, junior prom, night of 8/2 1 , muppet bend, aquaculture, I am the lizard 
queen, flarinettolos Forget: jr yr Spanish, fr yr gym, fling, Christmas trees, 
attitude, drivers ed, cs, huoppi neon green laces, 7 am rehearsals 

Thanks fam lovealways BF:-Kelly Ty Mare Rich Pup Meg Lor Vic Erica-love 
you Matt~98boys Redsneakers(ty) Oldschool-Keri Brian Tobes Joey Marc 
Mark Pete-Rotary bustop WHS:FlingK&Q Merrys(Josh Krista pickles) 
HackettFreshyr DaveT&Coyne(Murphclass)-Halas Jen-Sophyear! M/ 
M~sophsemi who would have thought- NEVER4GETMCCARTHY!- 
silverbullet skitrips soccer Friendly' s(Kuc Lau Moll Maryjane)-Lauren 
Hill/Richie-SkiClub/MCollins-Backyard chats/Rappoli- 99summerMS- 
NoBrakes' Brattle St'flower pot/all the girls Parties/didilongs-MrAxelrod- 
GeorGParty falldownstairs- Dunkins run/bug-Mare&B- 
BrendanJRprom(Hotel) -Hafner/gyrnclass/thelair-Chuck&Brian/F&Smath- 
Coolguy smoke "Did you ever look at one of your friends and think 'wow 
you're an idiot'"B"yea kill yourself'M-anything worth forgetting is 
forgotten. .it was fun while it lasted... 

Joe Ranno 

Bag-o-donuts, Bag, Gonzo 

Frosh b-ball tourney, GWO 4-life, CWO, THE DORITO, old airport, CAL 
CHAMPIONS, Depa fires + shedas, Frosh baseball boot camp, club Pete, 
Bink sets off alarm. Rotary Thursday, catching big blue birds, the Rav 4, KB 
MP MP rotary dugouts, MS MP "The Bench", AAH, The Farmer, Grams 
Crew, Ski Trips, BK trips, D and P, snake bite, D-day at crows, The 
basement( midterms), Jimmy in the hatch back, Hampton trips, Howie backs 
into jepson, Baseball w/ Dick, Free-Lenes, Tewks '98, Belknap pt motel, 
Rollin down gunstock, skiclub bus, lollie pops + water, Hey to my buds, 
Jenn, Mark, Marc, Al, Mike G, Spoon, Bert, Pete, Cave, Doc, Herb, Bishop, 
Jill, Jill, Jen, Jcamm, Mark J, Bobby, Josh H(handshake). Chooch, Hackett, 
Howie, Garrett, Depa, Joe C, Dre, Jimbo, Kelly, Molly, Tania, Kim, Vic + 
Pudgy, Katie, Mary Ann, Tina, Anyone I missed ure not forgot! 

David Reardon 


Michael Reardon 

Bat Man, Mike 

NAMES=mike johnny chris phruit smitty roby dave lauren heather lisa alison 
dave amanda rufo erin cannon stark donny natoli jenna pete Jokes= auxceo 
sticks and hills jigaworm aww shotgun in rusty. Mad fat wak yo. Like a fox. 
Over the top. And my dentist doesn*t know a lot about teeth. Who are you. 
Butterfly stretch. Trumpet god. Who wants this snack pack. Maybe I will. 
Double gulp. All I know is I don"t know. Yo mom. Why cant we do something 
happy? Word. Stall stalker. Croc hunter. Blinking p. mighty mike. Larfnifum 
pushindof. Bite the wax tadpole. PLACES= bandcamp sixflags d.c. florida 
ohio trip salami nevs house iagoo palace super bowl party, party for no reason 
party x country 7 course honpond. 01dies= robin sabrina jason kev bob christin 
carr etc. The rest of you know who you are! ! Keep in touch fhm and my freak 
friends. I must ao bve. 

Peter James Reitchel 

Pistol, Lightning 

Wrestling 1. 2. 3. 4 Captain. Open-Mats 1. 2, 3, 4, Soccer 1. SAT club(CO- 
Coordinator). Math League. Peace club. Things to remember: Friends: 
Gabes. Herb. Spoon. Perters. Bert. Ranno. Solazzo. Doc. Ericson, Al. Port. 
Graves. D-Han. Mr.G. B.M. D.T. M.P's. M.M. D.B. M.R, D.A. Tray-Dog & 
Fam. GWO, Wildwood-Crew. CLUB PETE( proprietor), random activities 
w/ GWO & W.W-Crew. AAH's. all-nighters, clubs, paintballing-shooting 
"cave" off roof. Natures Classroom. Washington. Rotary ice. fires, a certain 
D&D girl. Dominican Rep.. O.J. "Gingerale". cereal. Bertucci's. good times 
at Thurston. "Pebbles". Jim Carrey. Iowa. Wrestling. Buffy. Soccer days. 
Fishing excursions. Jetsky's. Dreams. Things to forget: Stelio's. Stalling, the 
"Fuzz". C.J sprints. J.M incident at Club Pete. Plaza roof-top incident, first 
car. math. Broken G-Plate. Grease. 

Timothy J. Riley 


Timmy, Timmay, Timbo, Skinny Tim 

Summer98. Simpsons. . FreeFallin. SSD. Stairway/PM. Frosh Bball. BL in 
Mall. CBoard. TorDare. GCs. Shoota. AintNoFun. Stevie. Huskies. Bathtub. 
Sarcasm. APowers. JO. Delirious. DCarvey. FrenchVideo. Mistays. 
S.CreamFight. Stogies. Fuel Concert. AllUCanEat. Boy Bands. Allriiight. B4 
Prac. Chats, Dick Scanlon, Invis Ten Balls. Jacobstub. TacoBell. RatKing. 
MrWood. Busch. Brian Carr. Burnssch. Finalement Libre. 00 Soc Teams. 
Very Nice. 12/31/99, TAJ Mac. EricHGrad. 3 cruisers SLst . RJB Message. 
SqRoot of 1 6, CenShdGreen. LDGrecoe. BillyGoat. RightBall. FoodNutCrew. 
Eerright. RH. LionoSnarfPanthro. RAWisWAR. TheRock. 's cool aaah. 
Stanley. KillinlnTheNameOf. Mediator. WeDidntStartTheFire. Yell. Sprees. 
Plans(7), Zap, J. Prom. BusRide FIashx2. Anatomy/my house?. 
MassacreAtFoxRun. Tping. PastaMama?. TrSpRiLu. 3x. SpinHais. Giggles, 
DcckDive. Quebec-GooeyRag, JM-1/15, 6/18, Amazed. BFF. DON'T RE- 

Erin Elizabeth Roache 

Nrr, Nizer 

Hey family, look where I am! Love you Mom. Dad & Kristin. Smell. Julie. 
Kerry. Katie. Keri. Becky. Maryann!. Caic. Tobin. Stina. Jack(my sparrow). 
Melissa(pedo). Aileen. Bob. Sally. Jonathan. Seanaby, Colleen. Jeff. Jon. 
Senior band chicks and fellas REMEMBER: Kiss concert. BON JOVI, New 
Year's Eve 99-00. Movie nights. Ping., you IIIDIOT!. swIss air!, disco 
queens. Do I have too much EYE makeup on?. Julie's theme. Blinks lights 
Jeff!. Rifle chicks (keep 'em Low). Bonding night. 2.2 kids. Lucky 4-EVER. 
Flemi 2000 SUMMER 2000: Fireworks® Hampton. "It'sonlyadollar"(Sally). 
CLASS of 2001: "The next time you see sky it will be over another town the 
next time you take a test it will be in some other school... it's their time out 
there. But in here it's OUR time and Goonies never say die!" Make the best 
of" OUR time seniors. 1 love vou all. 

Brian Roberts 


Grams Crew: Peters Doc Ranno Solazzo Al Gable Pete Herb Port Erikson 
Cannon Spoon. Late night BK runs. AAH. Spoons woods out at the ice JB. 
Twees. F.B. in the tent. Nights in the red shed. Original grav. Friday Morn 
tradition. Parties at the GWO and CWO. Tailgate at the PATS. Sledding at the 
res. 5 Man Toboggan. D and P. Lambert. Sophomore trick or treat. Rollin and 
bowling. The original 5. D-Day on the Crows. Snakebite. Falling out Als 
window. Freshman baseball. The Connection Murray and Pickett. Old Air- 
port. D Hans cards. Snow bank bashing. Club Pete. Basement Sales. MG at 
dunkins. The red blur. Nights with Bob. Others DH AC Buck MW JS MM JA 
JJ SB. Nights with Bob. The 1 party. 

Rebecca H. Rufo 

Becky, Roof, Rufio 

Thanks4everything mom, dad, Patrick, Jeremy, Kaela, Sarah, Maryanna, 
JC KT CC AG PG DM TR DD JJ HD MB KK EM MP. 5' 1 2:32 5:32 61S 
32FT, dice fight, sumo winner, nooo, fairies? "Oh there u r!" beepbeep, 100 
turkeys, MCG, chicken soup, Eye of the Tiger, yes I'm 6' 1 ", court. 3perfecteers, 
stop drop& roll, Rufus, Holy Mary, my dances, my songs, how do u fit..?, 
falling down, dentures, flying bald eagle, comeeon, "brownies" bus buddies, 
stand buddy, Spanish videos, 3 mile road race, YO!, V, salmon word of the 
day-NAKED! SILLY! MomSughrue&Phillips. 31aps guys, deuce, Who keeps 
the balls out Forget: Christmas trees, bucket brigade, double sessions, 
Thanksgiving dance of 98, attitude, AM, soccer meetings, sacrifices, fresh- 
man fling, tickets, 20 dog bones. GOOD LUCK 01 ! 

Kaleena Scamman 

Kaleena Beena, "hooch ", Kal 

I wanna say thanks to: Mum. Dad, Eric, A. Karen, Emily, Heather, H.C, C.R, 
A.B, P.G, J.D, M.P, J.M, J.O, H.B, A.S, S.C, J.H, R.S, I love all you guys! 
Never 4get ya! Memories 2 Remember: croutons & cheese, suga suga suga, 
Soph Semi, feather dresses in Sears, tru luv-sean "puffy" combs, clubbin it 
Spain summer '99, egg fight, AP, Gymnastics crew- "reach 4 treats" "grab the 
bars" "silver stars!" Jr. Prom, Salisbury beach, co-ed sleepovers, hoochin it 
@ the clubs, THONGS, moon walk, dead battery, "skaleena", mackin it 
senior year, $5, How many licks? singin @ Disney Store, bumpin cars, bein 
a supermodel w/E.S, Homecoming '00, whipped cream, "can I get a...", 
birthdays @ Applebee's, 10/31/00 (M.J. '00), NYC, "so ghetto", shoppin for 
guys, late night booty calls, crashin tech dances. 

Tara A. Scola 

To my family: Dad, Mom, and Mikey thanks for everything. Love you 
always. Cheryl, I couldn't have asked for a better best friend. You mean the 
world to me. To all my other friends: KC, LD, KL, DM, MT, KP, Fra, KT, 
KO, MS, CH, KN, BG, SO, and everyone else I missed. Love you bunches. 
Always remember: You're all set, the IP's, Frog stance, First period gossip 
sessions, The Lake, Vikings, Strumming, Dances, Frosh b-ball tournament, 
Clubbing it up, The Captain, Hampton Inn, Cape Vacas w/ PG, Fuzz, UMass, 
911/41 1, Strolling in the North End. " Try hard not to cry, and don't forget 
to fake a smile, the time has passed but the memories last as we say good-bye. 


Matthew E. Smith 

Smith, Matt, SmittyMattie, 

Peace outside to Phruit, Reardon, Parisi, Dave, Allison.Laureen, Pat, Jay, 
Barker, Colin. Geri. Kate. Hodder.Tai mai sho, Brandon. Cory. A.L., Scat 
boys, and all thebeutiful ladies. Over the top. Word to your mother, Shooter 
the Musical. Ninja Guy. All i know is i don't know, Mr.Nice Mouth, Do it 
Stark, Asylum. Monty Pithon. Magio's class, Reardon' s stories, Wilmington 
High School Batmintion Team State champs. My Camero-The Bat mobile- 
Silver bullet-Tiffany-Honk if anything falls off. Bye Bye Birdie, Westside of 
Wilmington. School's out for the weekend. Free Movies and Free Burger 
King. Ferg, Joyce. Thats a mad fat wak yo. WHS Class of 2001. Peace! I'm 
out ! 

Kristy Snow 

Bug, K, Snowflake 

Hello's T.K M.S J.C N.C J.C T.A J.W M.C B.G KM SO M.R P.F K.T M.B 
C.C E.L N.G M.P N.G H.F R.M K.M C.C Rember's Canobie lake, VTennis, 
Study, TIA..FA....TY143, MS-BFF 3/16. OOB JC-BFF, Bowling NC-BFF 

sleepovas. summas, MissYaGrl, Armgeddon, SupaCuts, New.yrsl, 2, 3, 
Anaconndas, JrProm, LYC, Sunshine, CROUTONS, Hampton, randomness 
at my house, HockeyGames, Bickfords, ScavengerHuntSleddingDown93, 
BatGrl. . 8/ 1 /00. 4Yrs of fun Thanks Mom. Dad&Dan for your support.Forgets- 
Fights. CarAccidents 


Marc Sollazzo 

First thang. High School was a trip. I might of left some things out. some on 
purpose, and some jus because, but if I forgot about something important it's 
my bad, here we go. Gram's World Order, T.Thurs.. Club Pete. Barrelyard. 
Depa's parties. Spoon's woods. Citgo parties. Rotary Park benchVM.P.J.R.. 
old airport off roading. F.B. in the tent, Walshies. Original5. Mac's Two. 
N.H.cottageTBA. sleddin at Burl. Res., 8th grd Halloween. Freelenes, 
mulvaney.Ranno tweekin out. Whitneys conference table. Citgo backroom. 
A.A.H.. fishin'withJ.Camm.. \\Peeps2rememberMP, JR. DH. MW, JS. JJ. 
JA, JM, AG. Doc, BW, MG, BR. PR, SC, AQ, list goes on, sorry if I fogrot 
you. Cars-Dodge Lancer, Nizan Stanza A.K.ATank.-me, peters, ranno should 
have been best friends in yearbook. -Frosh+Soph Foozball-WRESTLING- 
130Frosh got varsity, 145Soph placed in tourney sV.T/J.Camm, 145Junior3rdin 
sect. 3rdin state, 1 52Senior TB A had 2 write dis B4season. Words of wisdom, 
live it up while ur young! 

Erica Souza 


Remember: Mom. Dad. Jaclyn. Shannon. Duke, Pup, Lori, Ty, Mar, Meg. 
Mol. B, Vick. KM, KC. RP, TT, flippy cup. green machine, boston/ lowell 
night trips, palace, the beaut, cool rider, shadow puppets, hampton. CG- 
parties. malibu. party over Papa 99, Depa's fires, trunks ajar, limo, salon, 
warp tour, thirties Forget: trip to axis, year 99. the secret, hydroplaning, two- 
faced people, breakups w/ Cgs, 18th b-day-stripper 

Shannon Souza 


All my love: Mom, Dad, Jaclyn, Erica Remember: Bum, Dee- tristate, bost. 
The girls & The guys, Mel- June 9, Antherny- nat. ice, hampton- BG, JM, 
Frosh summer- JV, SM, gameroom nights, The Book, woburn times, 
Pythagorean theorum, Conn, clubbing, pool hall, bicks, florida, quebec, fling, 
tech prom, just the girls, Maine, Kingston, DD- ugh. golden. Forget: parked 
cars. Jim, I love you. Eggs- we finally fn made it! 

Marlena Spurr 


Thanx 2: The Fam, My BFs: Kim, Bri, Crit, Jen, Klo ~ Shouts 2: RG, CK, TS, 
all nighters, BBC adventures. Clique, Woobin, Geeky, Maine, sleepovers @ 
OH, CS am. w/ CK, Ryde w/me, beep, 12/1 1/99, T-Park, wicked, sugar days, 
frosh parties, Norwell, pennies, N.A. game ride home, playin LB, Hampton 
trips, DC, NYC, Blow Pops, math classes, summa98, 5am babysittin, Gershon, 
Da List, Jr. Prom, BBMs, headphones, Mmmy Celona, , Wildwood, office 
visits, Kleptos, bracelets, DC clubbin, reflections, Kelly's, hockey games, 
insane asylum, CHEWY cookies, HUs round town, 5-0 lam @ Shaw. , The 
Bronc, IPSWICH, Walgreens, Bentley, Silver Stars, High Class BPs ~ 
FORGET: stupid fights, rumors, all the L's, throw up in Crit's car, the O's - 
Good luck 2 the Class of 01 

. . 1 

r£ m**- 

■■ : '-::|Hj. 



, ;'-' ■■ i 




Diana Stanley 

Shy Anna 

4 years in drama club. People/places: DML, FL, BSG, MJM, PS, HDD, Jan 
4, 1983, July 8, 2000, Oct. 31, 2000, Salem, Ma, Orlando, FL. Things to 
forget: SA, Summer School, Britany Spears, N'Sync, AJ's pink hair. Things 
to remember: Howie, BSB concert, Hot Topic's Andrew. Saying: "As the 
moon sets on our old lives a new life begins at dawn." 

Jason Stark 


Remember: All my friends, Napp and the boys in Harvard, Brown's driveway 
in the Beast, H3, Tailgating, Gancho de Nadriza, COD, B.C., La, Drew 22, 
Kamikaze's nasty table jump, Lane 1 1, Pirate Guy in the bubble room, the 
Craziness running wild, Tropicana, Barrett's house, Do it Smith/ Forgets: 
Barrett stories, Sherwood, JV basketball 


Michelle Steen 

Shellie, Shorti, Steenarino 

Remember: Mom, dad-I'll always be your little girl, Mary Anne, Debbie-my 
girls, Gram, Nana, Papa, Uncle Leo, Grandpa-love ya always, Kelly M, 
Kristy S Katie S-Bff, Mark-143, BI-Britster, Jillix, MG-Tony, KC, NG, JC, 
MI, KT, TA, BG, MB, MM, MT-eww, CC-leg, JC, JR, CD, TM, JM, MC, 
KM, CK, TS, LG-fingers in the air, MB, TH, SH, LC-juss kiddin, JW-jr.prom, 
JC, MB, JB, North Reading-MV, SV, Wetha, Face, CR, New Years Eve 1 , 2, 
3-KS, KW, BC, getting lost in the tempo-KM, KS, PTT, Carni 00', OB Sistas, 
1 1/1 1/99 sleepover, PIMP, Revere Beach, What up Boo? Boston-Bang bang 
bang, 107-BC, OOB-KS, Girls your both pretty-MR, Anaconda's, Nikki- 
nikki-new, St. John's Hockey games, Stonges's screen saver, Canobie 00', 
Hampton, Piddle. MEOW! Supercuts, 3/16-KS, 7/23-KM, coo man coo! 
Cloud! Forgets: Summer School, American Gov't, Tewksbury boys, 2/18/00 

Katelyn Sughrue 


Activities: field hockey 97-00 (capt. 2000), winter track 97-01, Softball 98- 
01(capt. 2001 (Thanks 4 everything mom & dad (and the rest of my family!) 
Remember: MS, BR, MP, JC, PM, CC, KC, MR, ML, JS, BM, JR, DC, KT, 
LK, KT, DT, MS, SM, KB, MP, MR, MS, KG, MC, KS, T&SH, Holy 
Mary(mi enemiga). Pumpkin, McCons, Riverside, beach trips, Rockport, 
Softball, Cape (boy on bike, water fight, friendly's), "CCCCC!" "Team 
BondING Day 2000" Bay state games, "DUDE", field hockey, "KFA" 
Canobie Lake, Naples, Marco, IB, Spanish w/Mary & Csq., Drama. "Eric" 
Newfound, 3 Perfecteers: Rufus, Sugar & Funky, chicken soup, 20 dog bones, 
BBC, Hobie, clay fights "JOF" "Clifford" FORGET: "car incident", frosh 
fling, field hockey camp, double sessions, hitting KB twice in one game, 
track, dunkin donuts, Hick Barry & dirty Cheech, gerbil 

Julie Swartwout 


Always remember: KISS Concert 2000, New Years Eve 2000, Homecoming 
2000, movie nights, junior prom, science study group for chem/bones, 
FHfcamp, right Bethany-mission mullet), lil'peach-scary place isn't it Laurie?, 
craft fairs, student council huh Michele, foreign language club right Johnny, 
guidance aide w/ Kelly, Lucky4eva, -Kendal and Tarryn, remember: Abagail 
Walker, Nursing Home, God Camp!, Lexington Common, Lawn Ornaments- 
my stand buddies, Erin and Colleen remember: England, ItalyfRome or Bust! 
midnight at Lucca), France, Kannonfyou'll play at my wedding), the 
18120verature, forget: Vivaldi =) -Jeff, "the lights are blinking!" "You've 
lost that loving feeling"- Thanks to my family, Hey to all my friends: Melissa, 
Keri, Kerry, Cait, Cristina, Katie, Becky, Katelyn, Lisa, Amanda, Felicia, and 
everyone else, you know who you are! 

Eric Michael Swiezynski 

"Swiz" "Gza" "E" 

Remember: Mom Dad Scott Nan Gramp Grammy Pop Bruce Martha Barb 
Scott and Family: Bill, Burnsy, Odogg, Mahoney, Mike's, Bink, Chuck. 
Nappy, Garrett, Hackett, stream team, Gordy, Smooth. Martin, Burga, Mario, 
Juniors, cosmic girls, the lair, Johnny, Jeep, Alt., 6K, the beam, the infamous, 
Bcruises, room steez, M's w/ Burns, A w/ Odogg. TAO, Bickford's. Simi's, 
the brief, McSwindel, MARTY, Pinette booty, Def Jam Tour, lispshhh, 
mybud. parties, aau, Crotty, St. Mikes, vegas&florida, bball, the wood, the 
north, cruisin, hiphop, WU, nappy's, Hathaway crew, barrels, "UUHHH", 
Rushhh, card games, Ben mysterio, chillin'(Ben), Bond, pong, bpong, the 
gym, Mandarin, Dfools. Fishin, Royal Dynasty, the sox, Fogg, Illmatic, Eve 
00' Forget: Pinette's class, Arthur, soph year, soccer, the woods, Burnsy Eve 
00', no car, barren stories "Its Winter" 


Kelly Victoria Tavares 

Kel,Kelz, Chicken(ish) 

Soccerl-3, FLC3, Drama4, Chorusl-4, Singing voice for Wildcats3-4Mom, 
dad&Sarah thanks for putting up with me.Luv U.Jenn&Ness(CRB), Billian, 
Jeffrey(MFI), &Chris(poop-y) BFF. Thanx 4 always being there 4 me. Luv 
ya'll.Bino, 4 yrs of memories !Thanx!(Math, 1/2 day feasts, sleepovers).Luv 
U.Pennyyyy, stay outta trouble my fellow immigrant child, MS, JC, BG, KS, 
MGI, JC, TM, SH, KT, DG(lock urself in?lol), BM, RS, DM, JB, SB, DI, MH, 
MB(like my baby?), DT("Tous")(beat me much?lol), Fra, KW, DA, MS, KN, CH, 
JM, CC, CK, TS, AS, MG (cooriska), BR, JS(chica boca grande), Port, JB, 
CC(portugy buddies 4 lyf), KK, KM, EB, SS(Ner), TT, Bwitch, Witch, &Happy 
"Knurd"& the rest of the Foodmart Crew! Anyone I 4got, my bad, but I still lova 
ya'll & I'll miss u 2!Memba summer 00 @ Berklee.Spneeds& Berklee Crew, luv 
ya'll.& Car adventures & sleepovers w/ CRB. Anatomy w/ Jen & Neen 

Keri Terranova 

Kat, Teri 

Thank you Mom, Dad, & Andy for always being there. I appreciate every- 
thing-Love You! Mel Kerry Kelly Katie Jules Nrr Stina Christie Pennay CB 
BG KO CK MS BD KP KN MT TS JM Dave O Buck JC ES JB JH & everyone 
else~Friends 4-Eva! Michael, I love you & I always will, no matter what 
happens BFF ALWAYS REMEMBER-Fling Soph Semi Jr Prom "the click" 
Basketball&Football Cheering Dance Summer98 double trouble bananas 
5beeps Nsync/DMB/Bon Jovi/Kiss Concerts Frosh Bio Spirit Week Wu- 
Town Blue Man 9/10 Hello gorgeous Oh slow down BBMs DW How many 
licks? "I touch myself Thank you Randy Car ride from hell(KC) Reading 
Prom FORGETS-DA(lOth) petty fights guy problems Cripps 5th period 
elective Wal*Mart SATAN cheering camp-Treasure the memories guys! I'll 
miss you all! 

Kellee Tildsley 


FamilyMom, Dad, Bri, Erica, Kev, Jay, Meme, Gramp, Nana, Papa, Angus, 
Sandy Friends Krista, Ann, Bee, F.N, K.C, B.M, Gaga, M.T, E.G, J.C, D.G, 
R.P, K.G, V.B, CK Booty Room w/K.W, A.C, F.N, K.C, J.C, D.G, B.M, The 
Escort, "What if the car was jacked?!?, "taxi, Phil's towing F.N, K.W, J.C at 
F.N. Slumber parties, secrets. Turk. Clubs, highway at 40mph. Halloween 
party. F.N's, Indian/hula, Summer 98', Punch bowl, New Hampshire, statey 
potential, tailgating, Krista getting a ticket. Runningman. Moccasins. 
Green. Subway. Pos. and Civ.Walmart 

Michelle E. Tobin 

Chelle, Tobin, Meesh 

Mom and Dad-Thanks for everything, I love you! Remember: LD, FN, KP, 
KC, PF, JM, BM, KC, ER, MM, KM, CD, CK, TS, KT, AC, CC, KM, DM, 
RP, JC, JB. 1st friends: BC, MP (ss, mrsV). JV Soccer memories(dinners, 
sleepovers, O moments); Gymnastics girls(treats, kitty-J+L, gossip w/ M & 
L, piercings, tramp acedt-jm); BBM's: MS, CH, PW, KT-clubbin in DC, 
skittles, the office; laughing @ everything; SHUTUP; the sign-BG, KC; 
PoloSport, Blue Paint -PF; Dances; parties(fn); TRIPS; "driving"- Feesha; 
Coolness -MM; animal farm, george, superstar, laugher boy; Band? riiight: 
rg + ah; Murph's class & Monday absences; leaving school; the "clique"- Id, 
cd, ar, br, kc -luv u girls!; Deb-thanks for everything!; "lookin like death"- 
LD; Forget: condescending ppl; Rm 151; 10th math; stupid fights. To my 
friends: Thanx 4 all the good times - I'll miss you all! 


Tina Tomasi 

Mom- you're the best I love you! Dad thanks for everything you do. 
Anthony. Kimsha. Maxine you're with me forever xoxo. Dan B.- I don't 
know what I would do without you I love you xoxo forever! Dan Creekmore- 
I'm thinking of you always. MR KM SS EB homecoming-gameroom. thank 
u guys 4 everything TC remember all the fun times over your house, the tree 
outside your window, never going to bed when I stayed over, bells on the 
boys door, all the holidays and get togethers. playing Nintendo for hrs in 
(7* grade) and the rest of the memories will be with me always. AdamC- 
you're a good friend, thanx 4 the roses. DH-my little Davey-stay cute! 
Everyone else that I didn't mention- Good Luck with everything you do in 
your future !Forget: everyone who ever had something bad to say about me. 

Dan Tousignant 


"Be still my heart" it is over. Never forget Mr.G. Wrestling/X-C/and of 
course the unforgiving SCISSORS. Remember PR. CM. JG. Mr.P. Mrs.S. 
Mr.B. Mr.W. MS. SB. MM. DG. DJ. AP. JS. KS. MR.M. lilKT. MR. MGI. 
GYM-Badmitton. Pullups. IDSoccer. Lunch Chip Burgers. TacoBar. 
MatchVS.Concepcion. Pat's intensity. LosingWeight. NotEating. ner- 
vousness! Cambell&Fish. Spanky. SheaBird. PistolPete. AsianAssassin. 
P. J.. Neck Injury. Moving to WILMINGTON. Toiletpapering my house. 120- 
LNG'KAY's. MathTeam. Iowa Wrestling Camp. All Day Toumements. 
CAPE ANN LEAGUE TOURNEY. Mercury thermometers. CA. Golfing 
with AP+DJ. BagPiper. Fear-Cassidy-Losing-LB's driving. Had a fun three 
years at WHS. Enjoyed sports, some classes. MM's PS2. Have fun in the 

David Trueira 

Chooch, Super Dave 

To Remember: Dad. Mom. Derek. Clubhouse Crew & Females. Football 1 6 & 
Baseball 28. meep. bagak. wop. cuubbie. helmets up. trapezoid, cak. Larry's. 
89 Taurus. Kia. Wrangler. Beaver. F Goggle, everlast. bunks, cemetery trips. 
pong champs 5-1, silent fist. hash, sampson. sloths, supastar. p-filing. 
h'ween scandal, p-browns. tent. 1 of 5. Billy M.. movie tix. townwork. depa 
fires, dances, cash money, blue hair boys. X. sandals. Wendy's, free food. BK. 
McDavid. chunk, rock-e-road. snakies. keystone boys, bend slant, replay, 
monkey & yam. 85 split out. waldo. cecil. train to nowhere. 5x7. patty 
wagon, storm call, necks, street signillg. creep lights. 2 for 1 bun. soph 
science, f & n group, scanlon. DB couch, what's the matter, pee wee. or. slice, 
water spicket. fountain soda, skipping doubles, mutant, see ya latta... peace 

Lori Vachon 


REMEMBER: Momdove u so muchtDad Jason Renee Peter Scon Ty Mare 
Pup Elliot Meg Vic B MoKluv ya! ) 99 boysAV MH CO BB BH DO MM ES 
JF JD AC2 RP TT CB KC KG KW LB JC2 ST MJ AH DT B.L parties ova papa 
99 cop escape 97 new years 99(VB) Parties @ CG. Dipas. Bills. Daves Green 
Machine Kstands Bball Sleepovas Flippy Cup Apple pickin 222shampoliene 
Kris Kringle nite OBFAM KH trunk Palace heads up MJ firelpupu (Trunk 
ajar(30)Lowell/Boston trips Old Orchardlcool riderlHampton "pup just 
jump"( shadows WSSiPups secret Malibu nite Camping! ol toothless won- 
der) Petes truck reflectors Cars 2 loud(samaids)Papas salon "u look 
homeless"warped tour Dave Mathews Costumes! MV I Brattle si sign Black- 
out w/CO sandmounds Flowerpot 65er Barbados bar skiing(buck 
uck (shopping cart limos powderpuff stripper FORGET: people fights \\l 
CGS FH Axis MJ 2 cool Tv-No Regrets! 


Brian Velardo 

THANKS: Mom, Dad, Dave, Kevin, B+M, Grandparents, rest of the family, 
teachers, Steve, Chip, and Al. REMEMBER: JayL, DaveS, Rob, Mike, Scott, 
Andy, Barrett, Comer, Burns, Stark, Brown, Jim, JayY, Aaron, Jordan, Kyle, 
golf team, hockey team, A.J., Nick, Chris, Ed, Matt, Geoff, Dan, Strem, 
Caitlyn, and Kendall. Also, 75 at FC to win the States, Undefeated, 31, 
Eastward Ho, beating Masco in overtime, hockey games, Cecil (and the 
squid), CAL crowns, aces, Thanksgiving' 98 (finally), semi, C.C.B., football 
games, D.C., Cape, camping, LP, "okap, " and the memories. FORGET: 
homework, finals, midyears, SATs, Dedham, Saugus, TPBOT, Thomson, and 
French class. GOALS: to be successful, to get married, and to be happy. 

Marianne Vultaggio 


Remember mom, dad, Janelle, Katie, I love you thanks for everything. My 
best friends Lori, Ty, Bee, Mol, Pup, Elliot, Vic, Meg, love ya too. Also 
2001 boys, mostly Dave. Always remember good times like sandmounds, 
papa 99, trips to Lowell and Boston, Pup's secret, camping, old toothless 
wonder, cottages, eg parties, layer, varsity blues, 90210, flower pot, 
stripper, skiing, shadows, limo rides, you look homeless, buck buck, hair 
straighter, please shur car off, tanning salon, newyears 99, green machine, 
flip cups, apple picking, Chris cringle, palace, common drives, matt's fire, 
Peter's truck, Lori's trunk, cool rider, DMB, warp tour, Malibu night, 
costumes, reflectors brattle, cleaning crew, 65er, shopping cart, and many 

Brian Watters 

The things I will remember most from my four years at Wilmington High will 
be Freshmen math with Mrs. King, Mr. Ferguson's Chemistry class and 
French land, and all the fun I've had here. I will also remember the people 
I've met and friends I made and hope everyone has a fun time after High 

Kara Weeden 

Shorty, Babygyrl, Hunni, Kutie, Angel 

Thanx Mom & Dad 4 supporting me thru the years-I luv u. BC-ur my best 
friend & boyfriend, thanx 4 always being there thru everything, RI & otha 
fun times we had 2getha-I luv u. LG-ur my best friend, I dont know what id 
do w/out u, thanx 4 always being there & 4 good times we had 2getha, best 
friends 4eva-I luv u!BC&LG-Clubbing, MS-Neva 4get all the fun times we 
had togetha, I luv u !OB Fam 4eva-Raindrop, Cloud, Lytening, Sunshine. New 
Years Eve 1, 2, 3.CM-I11 neva 4get ur randomness & ur friendship. I luv 
.CC+CC+KW=CharliesAngels. BC, LG, MM, 6/11/00-Im happy in know- 
ing who my true friends r, but y did the trip hafta b so hard? 
Sports:*Cheerleader*& Gymnastics HeY 2 mY bUdZ, NeAr& fAr, i LuV u 
GuYz, u KnOw wHo u R:EM, PG, JH, AH, TS, MM, MT, CK, KW, DR, KT, 
MR, MS, KT, CB, LD, KS, JS, ER, DT, RP, JH*I dedicate this 2 my Grampy 
& Uncle Pete-I know ur shining down on me, I luv & miss u* 


Michael A. Whitney 


SportsiVarsity Hockey 17 Friends: Mom, Dad, Cathy, Patti, Ned, Bob, 
Champ, Jackaroo, Gonzo, Lucky, Dilbert, Tribe, Coach C, MS, MP, Bert, 
KN, JJ, JS, JD, Dhan, MC, SB, JA, AQ, Hockey Team, KG, Dickie, KB, BM, 
Puppy, MP, Stomp Memories: Dicks Class "watchin videos, " Hanging with 
the guys, Fardys class, Blodgetts class, "the dress, " Toilet paper, Chalk line, 
B-Ball Tourney, Bond Fires, Paintball, Falling in the hole at Club Pete's, 
Getting "taken advantage of, " State tourney in hockey, 3-2 OT win vs. 
Masco, Summer going into Junior year, Tiger Balm, Football Games, Depas 
Fires, Concerts, MOHan Productions, date with MP. Forgets: sophomore 
year. Old girlfriends, report cards. 

Brian Edward Williamson 

To remember friends, family, and great times during senior year, and to forget 
freshman year, stress, and preparing for life after WHS. 

Krista Wolfe 


Thanks to: Jack Ro Yiss Les Cath Ma Pa KT AC RL KC JC SB KG MH TR 
CB PF Bball Team. Remember: Cop w/ Potential, Moccasin, Summer '97 & 
'98, Stogies in NH, Kel's Sleepovers '97 & '98, Krimebec Pond, Frosh Yr. 
(Best EVER), Throwmaster 2000, 123 Family, WV Trips (YMCA), Turkey 
Clubs, Walmart Trips, Jr. Prom, Back-To-School Dance '00, Boosters, Wash. 
Trip, Kel's Red Cheeks, Rainstorm in Trampoline Tent, 8th Grade Campfires, 
Back 4 in Chem, Green Crayon, Hee a kee, Transvestite Weekend, Sr. Yr. 
Slumbers, Yee ti ti, Cha, Ms. Beaverhaussen, Tailgating, Austin Powers, 
Booty Room, Woo-Ya, Nosh, Sauce & Salt, YPP, Wanky, Juan Bosch, TPing, 
Billy's Mom &Cra/y Film Student. Forget: Phil's Towing, Finalmente Libre, 
The Minute & "Balls on the Rack", 5th Grade Hair, Nasty Punch Bowl at 

Jason Youngclaus 

Thanks to: Family, Pat, Donny, Mike V., Rob, Matt, Ryan, Mike, Mike, Dave, 
Jay, Jay, Brian, Dave, Aaron, Jordan, Kyle, Justin, Tiberius, Jon, Mr. 
Murphy, Mr. Carr, Sasquatch, Bad Stuff that happened: Apples + throwing 
motion + proshop/signs = no golf at CC of B for a while Good stuff that 
happened: Natures Classroom, Washington D.C. trip, buying sunglasses 
from a large man in N.Y. for $2.50 rather than the asking price of $15, 
smashing tennis rackets, playing pool, winning the division III state golf 
championship. "The movement you need is on your shoulder" "Tomorrow 
Never Knows" 


Jennifer Clement 

Joseph Cotto 

Brianna Daisy 

Michele Lemos 


Soccerl-4 Trackl-4 SoftballC 1-4 Thanks- Mom Dad Billy Remember-Stina 
Erin Julie Maryanna Ann Krista Mike (all of you) Suga Cahill LisaB Johnny 
Robin Sabrina Brush Bino Dan Boys Soccer team Dee Anots Princess AF LR 
RS AH RG RS RP KM anyone I forget I'll miss ya. Soc in the rain All you 
can eat Dinners Sleepovers TP Masco 00 TewksOO perfect season Jr prom Sr 
Prom Cape Cod trips Slydog McCons Lynus Hoby Applebees Dances Spain 
Powder Puff Lock-in Sr party DisneyOO Lincoln Monument D.C. 99 3.00 
AM? Forget DBL Sessions Playdays Jr Yr Mistake MelroseOO N. Readin98 

Joseph Ngo 

Activities 4yrs MCC, B&R// remember mom+dad my family my cousin's 
Missy Diana M.E MG Hudson B Laura MM DR Boudett Scifo suppose to 
have u for 4yrs? and to people I didn't mention, you will be remembered > 
ways of people using my name "97"woods field trips studies obnoxious 
people the Library popcorn double date Parents plane "hotdog"+Ann Future 
planes no lockers 4yrs planning for college// Forgets double blocks rallies 
boring lectures ignoring people gym oral presentation essays MCAS junior 
year SATs Exams// Thanks to mom+dad class mates and teachers to help me 
through K-12 

Melissa Rubino 

Mel, Bino 

All my love Mom and Dad. REMEMBER: tavaresta youll always be my 
favorite Weve been through it all. Maturing is Optional Half day feasts MS 
KS welcome to the jungle New years Supercuts. Shannoner dont look at the 
clock The only answer to this question is...EB Now if I could just find my 
pen... Uncle Mickeys. Spiked hair. Advice hour with BC. TT JC getting lost 
on the ws trip. KM it has nothing to do with love The guys. The girls. TA after 
school salads, the pool, our pagers. Nowaks study CK KN KC RP planning 
my dinner dates in accounting Richie you sexy thing you Driving The Beast 
KM NG TT being ignored in French class SS JUNE 9TH Kim you're my very 
best friend and I love you to death Mink runnin it Jay 143 SHAN-WE 


H 1 - IH 






^^^f M 

'ai Bx 



v • /f^T ? ,^^^| 

H ' ■ 1 




^^^H B^^^^^B i 

\ -*^ A 



: 4" ■ ; : x - : . : '#-^l^^:^«e: : " 


V I 

• ■ ■• 




'" -:'• -■„■■--.■.■ ■-'•■ - v. -'-.-• 



- •:• . ■ ^ 


I'll Stand by you 


'Use wnat talent uou possess: 

me woods would oe vera silent if no 

birds sana except tnose tnat sana oest 

Henry Van Dyke 

indtt de^^lhm h&ile 

-i j v£ 


'M rtfakittVliS C-Utt 

j -~4-^-f~- * 


-Y h 


'h sit 


hvViiVtiiidh Mr&UiVMl jimUfi^ Hhlftj VffiVf 



Best Laugh 

Class Flirt 

Eric Swiezynski & Penny Fetfatsidis 

Josh Howlett & Jenny Michaud 

Class Clowns best personality 

Michael Reardon & Lori Vachon 


Richard Palizzolo & Kelley Craig 



Josh Hiltz & Bethany Mutchler 

Andy Hackett & Caitlyn Bransfield 


Best Hair 

Jim Fennelly & Katelyn Sughrue 

Mike Halas & Tina Tomasi 


Most attractive 

Richard Palizzolo & Meghan Ballou 

Bobby French & Victoria Badolato 

Best Smile 

Tim Riley & Catherine Medeiros 

David Hanley & Michelle Tobin 


Best Hair 

Dan Tousignant & Kristy Snow 

Life of the 

Bill Hafner & Lori Vachon 

Jeff Cannon & Ann Choi 

Most Changed Since 
Freshman Year 

Dan Menezes & Kendal O' Dea 


Most Likely to 

Best All Around 

Michael Comer & Amanda Gustin 

Richard Palizzolo & Julie Swartwout 

Best Friends 

Mike Reardon & Sean McCarthy 

Erica Souza, Kelly Beaudin, Katie Dulong, Victoria 

Badolato, Meghan Ballou, Molly Pidgeon, Marianne 

Vultaggio, Lori Vachon, Tyler Carlson 




Court: Front- Ann Choi, Becky Rufo Middle- Tina Tomasi, Meghan Ballou, Queen- Julie Swartwout, Krista Wolfe, Kelley 
Craig Back- Andy Campbell, Jeff Cannon, Eric Swiezynski , King- Richard Palizzolo, Andy Hackett, Steve Brown, Jim 


UJilminaton North & West Intermediate School 




fill III! 

|'TTT'f|- . 

hinaton. D.C. Trio June 1997 with Carroll Tours & Trauel 



Une wnole art of teacnina is only tne 

art of awaAenina tne natural 
curiosity of youna minds for tne pur- 
pose of satisfying it afterwards. 

- Anatole France 

Iam/a Aft 

I Ia /? m 

tlVAiioK Am 

A&teH'hifa&A ho I A Mdlftj 

iih&C'tivh. sidkiilitj wonA 

/ ' / , / '1' -, r / 

IaT1A /A Id* h i ' T / ' "D /// f /'J /A 

ft ft' ' / 


T&^itL&SS £/*&# 




ii P*/A / 7 ~f~ t> 

liniftj Op-WhiliK: 





Joyce Aldrich 


Christopher Barletta 


Michael Barry 

Resource Room 

Leslie Basmajian 

Social Studies 

Judith Beaudet 

Resource Room 

Joyce Beckwith 


Kathleen Bell 


Barbara Bishop 


Frances Boudreau 


Martha Boudreau 


Teresa Burke 


Karen Carnes 


Karen Cozzoli 


Robert Cripps 

Social Studies 

Gennaro DiSarcina 


Meghan Donahue 


Linda Bavuso 


Virginia Blodgett 


Brian Carr 

Social Studies 

Suzette Durso 

Art/ Photography 





Richard Fardy 


Patrick Gallagher 


Betsy Grecoe 


Scott Ferguson 


Alan Fessenden 

Social Studies 

William Finer 

Technology Education 

Marie Ganno 

Hall Monitor 

Donna Gershon 


James Gillis 

Athletic Director 

Susan Hardimon 

Athletic Office 

Edward Harrison 

Physical Education 

Ellen Houle 


Frances Fiorilla 


Nancy Goldman 

Social Studies 

JoAnn Jacobson 


Matthew Joyce 


Kara Kane 


Timothy Kellogg 


Carol King 


Joseph Kleponis 






Maureen Lynch 


Stephen Lynch 

Social Studies 

Peter Lucia 


Lawrence Maggio 

Social Studies 

William Manchester 


Dawn Martell 


Barbara Mette 


Linda Peters 


Gayle Masse 


Thomas McCartney 

Hall Monitor 

Mary Lou McManus 


Stoddard Melhado 


Michael Nee 

Student Services 

Louise Netten 


Judith Nowak 


Karen Packer 



Michael Pimental 

Physical Education 

Jesse Queior 

Art/ Photography 

Marlene Ross 


Susan Rowe, R.N. 






Norma Rushton, R.N. 


Abigail Russell 

Social Studies 


Mark Staffier 

Social Studies 

John Wood 


Deborah Stozel 

Special Education 

Marie Shack 

Art/ Photography 

Catherine Symonds 


Susan Smith 


Margaret Ann St. Onge 

Family and Consumer 

Cynthia Tsoukalas 


Janet Cassidy Wood 

Physical Education 

Lunch Ladies 

Food Services 



President-Richard Palizzolo ~ VP- Andy Hackett 
Treasurer- Josh Hiltz ~ Secretary- Ann Choi 

President- Jackie Rubino ~ VP- Colleen McMahon 
Treasurer- Lisa Antonangeli ~ Secretary- Julie Cronin 


President- Steve Sperandio ~ VP- Keri Gillespie 
Treasurer- Kristie Crampton ~ 
Secretary- Rachel DiGregorio 

President- Emily Dorrance ~ VP- Lauren Dolan 
Treasurer- Erin Dorrance ~ Secretary- Todd Chen 

jLeuer douot tnat a small group of 

tnougntful, committed citizens 

can cnange tne world, indeed it is tne 

onlu Ining tnat eoernas. 

- Margaret Mead 


L U B S 






Promoting Equality 

And Community 





Ms. Beckwith 


1 n?£ 

V $ *§^ 




i *jB| . W . .1 

*w. ijr ===== c > bb 


Students Against 



Ms. Burke 




Club of 



Ms. Masse 





Clubs of America 

Mrs. F. Boudreau 








Ms. Bell 




Ms. Peters 


Ms. Peters 






R I T We E K 

«EE Mm 

^Mm m\ ^n^sk — — ^W^m\ 

m C'" 

i 1 

» 1 

j»* * T* i ' 



r *n* * / 




Our greatest glory is not in 
neuer falling , out in risino 

eoert/ time we 

r y 


d&i&HUK&d hvld fovdim 

ifri&hSiiij dvi^ihd{& id&, 

AiM'CiiVK Stdkititij fOVHA 

indtt d&i&wUMd heil&v& Individ Mi 

ILvv] I'rlt 


n,/tflC''C6 / / 

footiVAtiV I* di^UiVhdt S&M'iftM (AKijpj V&wdttMty 



oys' Varsity 

T B A L L 

Well... another championship season for Wilmington foot- 
ball. Taking charge of the team were its many seniors. Along 
with winning theCAL title, the Wildcats scored the most points 
in Division 4. Playing their first season under the lights, their 
"Quiet Storm'" defense allowed the least points in the division. 
With an overpowering ground attack, and the ability to air it out. 
the Cats were unstoppable. Wilmington also beat Tewksbury in 
the 66 th annual Thanksgiving game with a score of 21-8. Thanks 
to all the fans and parents for their much appreciated support. 

^^ Lk r t > ^m 
M .1 ' ^L wm ^1 ^^mP 

1 1 1 ri i t I m ' i 


mm P MH 


1 * 1 



Dave Aronofsky. Alfredo Badolato. Justin Cammarata. Andrew Campbell. Joe Cavanaugh. Steve Ciulla. Tom Coates. Johr 
Conley. Joe Cotto. Chris Derian. John DiPasquale. Matt Dorothy. Derek Downs. Tom Duffy. Captain Jim Fennelly. Bobb\ 
French. Rob Garrett. Ryan Gaudet. Nick Gennetti. Matthew Gennetti. Brian Gillespie. George Godding. Ryan Graham. Joel 
Guzinski. Andy Hackett. Steve Haepers. Derek Hanley. Mike Harrison. Mike Herra. Captain Josh Hiltz. Jeff Hodder. Josh 
Howlett. Captain Mark Jepson. Sean McCarthy. Chris McHale. Chris Minghella. Mike Murphy. Phil O" Brien. Andrew Petrillo 
Al Quinton. Joe Ranno. Jason Riley. Jon Roman. Mike Senarian. John Tremblay. David Trueira 


f^ 1 o< 



The 2000 Fall Football Cheerleaders of WHS had many accom- 
plishments. The season was filled with hopes and goals. It was not 
only a team, but also a famil, kept together by five seniorsCaptain 
Victoria Badolato, Captain Meghan Ballou, Keri Terranova, Lauren 
Gauthier and, Tyler Carlson. Head coach, Nancy Sullivan, and 
assistant coach Kathy Ruggiero, were figures that would never be 
forgotten. Working hard, they always found a way to keep the team 
in good spirits. The season was a success, with the team placing in 
second at the CAL competition and third place at the Regionals. 
The girls were proud to know they shared the title of CAL champs 
with North Reading. Kristen Fraser received the Coach's Award 
and Meghan Ballou received the MVP Award. Many thanks to 
Steve Krampton and Susan Hardimon for their support. 

=^^£ =^fe vfNai ^4^ ^4^ 
wfijg **W. imwfc m^r |gr 

^s ^/ v^ WSF97m =>^^--r -t^k^S- 

^— - ^^^ ^^ ^^P ^^P 

Victoria Badolato, Megan Ballou, Tara Binkoski, Tyler Carlson, Kristie Crampton, Lyndsey 
Dacko, Andrea DiPasquale, Alicia Forester, Kristin Fraser, Lauren Gauthier, Jessica Jackson, 
Shannon Loring, Tara Insalaco, Nicole Minghella, Brynna Moroney, Jenna Ruggiero, Stacey 
Soroka, Katie Sullivan, Kerri Terranova, Jackie Welch 


\Ex£ ldHockey 

The Wilmington Field Hockey team had a winning season in 
2000-2001. The seniors. Captain Kim Gillespie. Captain. 
Katelyn Sughrue. Caitlyn Bransfield. Bethany Mutchler. Julie 
Swartwout. and Felicia Newhouse. ended their last season in 
memorable fashion. For the first time ever, the Field Hockey 
team played under the lights at WHS. Some of the most exciting 
games of the season were played under the lights. These 
including a tying goal off a corner with no time left; as well as 
a tie to league powerhouse Lynnfield which earned the team a 
tournament berth for the first time in three years. The Wildcats 
lost in the first round of the tournament against Rockport. 
Senior Co- Captains. Kim Gillespie and Katelyn Sughrue, 
represented the Wildcats at the CAL All- Star Game. Sughrue 
played a stellar game at defense while Gillespie scored the tying 
goal and assisted the game winner in the 2-1 win. 



Lisa Antonangeli. Caitlyn Bransfield. Ann Choi. Leah DeMaggio. Kim Gillespie. Bethany Mutchler. Janessa Mutchler. Felicia 
Newhouse. Stefany Quinton. Jackie Rubino. Katelyn Sughrue. Katie Sullivan. Mariesa Surianello. Julie Swartwout. Kim 
Thomas. Sheri Thresher. Ann Warford. Stephanie Winn 

' Varsity 

The fall sports scene was unquestionably highlighted by the 
golf team' s perfect season. Led by David Velardo's remarkable 
16-0-0 match play record, the team easily recaptured the Cape 
Ann League Title with an undefeated record of 1 6-0- 1 . At Far 
Corners Country Club, the Wildcats easily won the Division III 
State Championship by a substantial margin of thirteen strokes. 
Brian Velardo's 75 led the way for Jason Youngclaus (79), Kyle 
Burns (79), and Aaron Ungvarsky (82). 

Kyle Burns, Doug Horan, Matt MacEachern, Mike Montalto, Kevin Neville, Justin Strem, Aaron Ungvarsky, Jordan 
Ungvarsky, Brian Velardo, David Velardo, Jack Webb, Jason Younclaus 


oys' Varsity^~~x 




The Boys Varsity Soccer season commenced with an unex- 
pected three straight losses, but the team battled its way back to 
a .500 record of 3 and 3. From there, the club dropped another 
3 consecutive games, and again was forced to struggle back to 
an even record of 6 wins and 6 losses. The team concluded the 
season with a record of 12 and 8, emerging victorious in 9 of its 
last 10 games. Although this achievement can be attributed to 
the players' toughness and refusal to give up on themselves, a 
great amount of credit must be given to the coaching staff: head 
coach Steve Scanlon assisted by JV coach Chip Bruce. The club 
was very closely knit, which was demonstrated by the enormous 
amount of unselfish play on the field. In the end, through 
perseverance, toughness, and hard work, the Boys Varsity 
Soccer Team experienced a great season. It was a success in the 
mind of each player. 


Dan Alosco. Jon Bamberg, Chris Calway, Sean Cannon, Captain Jeff Cannon, Cliff Carvahlo, Jared Constantino. Willy 
Fiumara, Matt Goldblatt, David Graves, Jason Gustin, Captain Michael Halas, Adam Jensen, Michael Kelley. Franz Martiz, 
Captain Tim Riley, Rob Schell. John Tobin 



The girl's soccer team ended the season with a record of 10-7- 
2. The team was led by captains Kristen Pelletier and Cristina 
DeSimone, along with seniors Michele Lemos, Becky Rufo, 
Jenny Michaud, Lisa Dineen, Kendal O' Dea, and Jen McGowan. 
The team defeated Masconomet for the first time in school 
history. A loss in the state tournament to Central Catholic 
ended the season. The team had a great season and should be 
proud of their success. 

■*%*, * 

Stacy Comer, Diane Dellascio, Christina DeSimone, Lisa Dineen, Emily Dorrance,Alison Flynn, Michele Lemos, Jennifer 
Leone, Jen McGowan, Jenny Michaud, Kendal O' Dea, Kristen Pelletier, Lauren Rappoli, Becky Rufo, Michaela Rufo, Rachele 
See, Danielle Spry, Jackie Spry, Ashley Steenbruggen, Mary Sullivan 


irls' Varsity 


The 2000 volleyball season came to an end with a record of 
4-16. This season brought a new varsity coach- Mark Staffier. 
The team was led by captains Kristen Sauve and LyndseyBorsetti. 
The team would like to thank Coach Staffier for a great season. 
They are looking forward to next year and becoming a dominant 
force in the Cape Ann League. 

. x. { .m 

I* <u > 


1 ;»#■ 


¥ ^^T ^Bk. 



Pi^^HI 1 

Erica Barrett, Lyndsey Borsetti. Colleen Cahill. Katherine Catanzano. Julie Cronin. Lauren Crowley. Lisa Hurley. Man Grace 
nglese. Kerri Movnihan. Jill Murrav. Carissa Newhouse. Kristin Sauve. Nicole Silva 


— — «. 


Basketball Cheering^ 

The 2001 Basketball cheerleaders achieved many successes. 
They stand as the 2001 CAL and North Regional champions. The 
team was led by seniors Katie Dulong, Victoria Badolato, Meghan 
Ballou, Keri Terranova, Kara Weeden, Lauren Gauthier, and Brianna 
Daisy. The teams All Star award was given to Victoria Badolato. 
Deb Smith, a nationally recognized cheerleading coach, helped 
them throughout the season. Her help is greatly appreciated along 
with the help from Steve Krampton and Susan Hardimon. Good luck 
to the upcoming teams and congrats to both the basketball team 
and the cheerleaders. 

Victoria Badolato, Meghan Ballou, Tara Binkowski, Kristie Crampton, Brianna Daisy, Andrea DiPasquale, Katie 
Dulong, Tricia Fennelly, Lauren Gauthier, Tara Insalaco, Jessica Jackson, Shannon Loring, Nicole Minghella, Jenna 
Ruggiero, Stacy Soroka, Keri Terranova, Kara Weeden 


oys' Varsi 


The boys basketball team opened the year to a great start against 
Amesbury. The Cats played tough teams such as Hamilton- 
Wenham, who was undefeated for the first half of the year. 
Wilmington also played Tewksbury and Andover, losing both games 
to these tough Merrimack Valley teams. At the end of the regular 
season, Wilmington had a record of 13-7. They won their first 
round tournament game over the defending Division III state champs 
Newburyport. However, Wilmington lost its second round game to 
Lynn Tech, who went on to become Division III State Runner- Ups. 
The Cats will be losing Captains Josh Howlett, Tim Riley, Eric 
Swiezynski, and senior Steve Brown. 






Dave Aronofsky, Steve Brown, Warren Cornier, Chris Derian, John Ferrari, Mike Herra, Josh 
Howlett, Mike Jordan, Dan Manezes, Valence Nwachukwu, Craig Osgood, Tim Riley, Eric 
Swiezynski, Pat Taylor 




The girls basketball team had a rebuilding season this year. 
We welcomed our new head coach, Bob Gillis, as well as senior 
captains Lori Vachon, Krista Wolfe, Caitlyn Bransfield, and 
Colleen Cahill. We were not just teammates but more impor- 
tantly, we were friends. Good luck and best wishes to the 
upcoming teams. Thanks for all the great memories! 

Lisa Antonangeli, Lyndsey Borsetti, Caitlyn Bransfield, Colleen Cahill, Julie Cronin, Jen Gillis, Kristen Pizzotti, Jackie 
Rubino, Kristen Sauve, Danielle Spry, Sheri Thresher, Lori Vachon, Krista Wolfe 


oys' Varsity"~"x 


We were a young team. We struggled the first half or the 
season but eventually jelled as a team and won 4 of our last 5 



1» ^^^^B 


25 J 

7P"ii t M 

■ f ,4 



1 1 

Greg Buck. Captain Scott Buck, Jay Ciulla, Nick Eaton. Shayne Gaffney. Andrew Garabedian. Dan 
Hurley, Greg Irving, Joe Moffatt, Mike Parisi. Mike Reardon. Tim Robillard, Pat Taylor, Dan 
Vassallo, Jordan Weiner 




This year, the Girl' s Cross Country team was led by sophomore 
captains Meghan Fudge and Michelle Brush. The team was 
coached by Mr. Bradley and Ms. Kane. Good luck to the 
upcoming teams. 

Jackie Brown, Michelle Brush, Brittany Diorio, Alison Fisher, Meghan Fudge, Sarah Hodge, Jen 
Jensen, Athena Karalekas, Lisa Martiniello, Jenna Patterson 


iOYS' Varsi 

<llyo c 


The Cats had one of their best seasons in the history of the 
program. The team ended the season with a final record of 17-5-1. The 
Wildcats won the CAL title for the fifth time in six years. For the first 
time in WHS history, the team also claimed the #1 seed in the north 
section of the Division 2 state tournament. The Cats lost to Dan vers 
in the Semi- Finals of the tournament. Scott Buck and Geoff Ferreria 
were named All-Conference, while Mike W "hitney and Dan Liberty 
w ere named All- Stars of the CAL. Scott Buck and Mike Whitney also 
participated in the first ever high school skills competition. The team 
would like to thank everyone for all their support. 


Scott Buck. Greg Buck. Kyle Burns. Mike Comer. John Conley. Dave Demango. Geoff Ferreira. 
David Hanley. Brent Hollow ay. Dan Liberty, Jason Loring. Joe Luciano. Brian Marinello. Mike 
Montalto. Matt Porter. Jason Riley. Paul Sferrazza. Anthony Tomasi. Brian Velardo. David 
Velardo. Jack Webb. Mike Whitney 


Boys' Varsity/ 


The Wrestling Team had many dreams coming into the 2000- 
2001 season. Their 1st dream came true when they captured the 
Team Championship at the Georgetown Holiday Tournament. The 
team's 2nd dream came true when they took 2nd place at the 
Sectionals. This was the best finish ever for the WHS Wrestling 
Team. The team made a great run for the CAL Championship; 
finishing 2nd with a team record of 7- 1 during the dual meet 
season. In February, Wilmington crowned its 3rd State Champion, 
Senior Marc Sollazzo (CAL Outstanding Wrestler Award). The 
team placed 6th out of 48 teams at the States. Also placing in the 
States were Derek Hanley- 3rd, Captain Pete Reitchel- 5th (Unsung 
Hero Award), and Chris Minghella 5th. The team finished the 
season with a 12-7-1 dual meet record. The team was proud when 
their coach, Mike Pimental was honored as Coach of the Year at 
both the CAL and Sectional Tournaments for his dedication and 
commitment to the team and the sport. 

Mike Aronofsky, Dan Callinan, Bill Cavanaugh, Joe Cavanaugh, Joe Cotto, Jason Cranford, John DiPasquale, Dereck 
Downs, Jim Fennelly, Julio Fiumara, Matt Gennetti, Luke Gennetti, Nick Gibson, Patrick Graham, Derek Hanley, Shelley 
Hardimon, Tara Hardimon, Mike Hiltz, Chris Kittredge, Erin McFeeters, John McMahan, Chris Minghella, Joe Moffatt. 
Mike Murphy, Sang Ngo, Martino Nyguen, David Nyguen, Phil O' Brien, Steve O' Dea, David Paris, Peter Reitchel, Marc 
Sollazzo, Justin Strem, Dennis Trulli, Roman Walsh, Jordan Weiner 


Ioys' Varsi 


Dan Alosco, Steve Berry, Matt Boland, Joe Caira, Chris Calway, Jay Ciulla, Buck Collings, Jared 
Constantino, Andrew Coyne, Mike Cullen, Nick Eaton, Eric Farrell, Willy Fiumara, Shayne 
Gaffney, Andrew Giamberadino, Sean Godding, Matt Goldblatt, Jason Gustin, Andy Hackett, 
Mike Halas, Josh Hiltz, Greg Irving, Adam Jensen, Mark Jepson, Sam Kusa, John Lee, Steve 
Natoli, Kevin Neville, Tim Robillard, Brian Schell, Dan Vassallo 




The Girls' TrackTeam had its best season in many years. The 
team was led by seniors Kim Gillespie, Becky Rufo, Michele 
Lemos, and Katelyn Sughrue. The girls achieved many of its 
goals, both individually and as a team. The team finished the 
regular season in 4th place with a "winning" record of 6-4. Also, 
the girls finished 4th at the league meet. One of the most exciting 
and surprising team performances came at the State Relays, 
where they finished 3rd in a competitive field of 25 teams. 
Individual achievements include ten state qualifiers, two all- 
state qualifiers (Kim Gillespie and Becky Rufo), one league 
MVP (Becky Rufo), and two Sun All-Stars (Kim Gillespie and 
Ms. Kane). 

Janelle Bertolino, Michelle Brush, Katherine Chin, Heather Dorothy, Emily Dorrance, Erin Dorrance, Allison Fisher, Kim 
Gillespie, Stephanie Goodland, Sarah Hodge, Lisa Hurley, Jenna Jordan, Athena Karalekas, Michele Lemos, Gabriela 
Maglione, Liane Mahoney, Lauren Mallon, Melissa Margues, Lisa Martinello, Amanda Mauriello, Tracy Moffatt, Denise 
Morel, Annette Moscufo, Carissa Newhouse, Christina Ng, Maryanna Phillips, Stefany Quinton, Jackie Robarge, Michaela 
Rufo, Rebecca Rufo, Heather See, Sarah Silvierio, Katelyn Sughrue, Maryann Sullivan, Ashley Sullivan, Ashley Veator, 
Alexis Wade, Tina Walking, Stephanie Winn, Jodi Zeppi, Sarah Zimmerman 


irls' Varsity 

N A S T I C S 

In 2000-2001, the WHS Gymnastics team had its most successful 
season in four years, including wins over both Lowell andMethuen. 
At the MVC League Meet, the team placed fourth in its division 
and eighth overall. The team was led by its eight seniors, co- 
captains Kristen Pelletier and Michelle Tobin, Kerry Martin, 
Kaleena Scammen, Jen McGowan, Marlena Spurr, Christie Hodge, 
and Kendal O'Dea. The seniors would like to thanks coaches 
Michelle Gillis and Lisa Petrizzi. We could not have accom- 
plished all that we did without Michelle and Lisa's hard work, 
dedication, love, and support. Thanks for sticking with us for four 
years and for always being there for us -we'll miss you! ! ! Also, 
thanks to Phil for all of his help this past year. 

1 i 


^^^^^^ _ij > *^5 

If |Kt f 


Jessica Beek, Amy Gozlef, Christie Hodge, Liz Lamson, Kerry Martin, Jen McGowen, Janessa Mutchler. Caitlin Nee 
Kendal O' Dea, Kristen Pelletier, Kaleena Scamman, Marlena Spurr. Jillian Stira, Michelle Tobin. Heather Travis 


""Wildcat Athletics 

i 0^0 0-200 1 

Do nol go wnere Inepaln mag lead, 

go ins lead wnere Inere is no pain 

and leaoe a Irail. 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson 


M fa 

SutkLliiy tot 

Uj/lj C'LjAs/ 

1 , 

/A I \f~hf/1> 




Nicholas Allen 
David Aronof sky 

Amanda Barrasso 

Ashley Biggins 

Lauren Bolognese 

Lyndsey Borseti 

Kerry Boyle 

Lauren Breslin 

Darren Brown 

Kyle Burns 

Daniel Callinan 

Jillian Cavanaugh 

Stephen Ciulla 

Danielle Cleary 

Matthew Collins 

John Conley 

Jared Constantino 

Warren Cormier 

Brandon Courtois 

Jason Cranford 

Julie Cronin 

Christopher Cunningham 

Lyndsey Dacko 

Jillian Deblois 

Diane Dellascio 

Christy ne Demango 

Christopher Derian 

Charles Didomenico 

Carol Disarra 

Heather Dorothy 

Timothy Elliott 

Meghan Ferguson 

John Ferrari 

Geoffrey Ferreira 


Christopher Flynn 
Alicia Forester 
Meaghan Gallant 
Ryan Gaudet 
Jeslyn Gauthier 
Nicholas Gennetti 

George Godding 
Patrick Graham 
Ryan Graham 
Mary-Kate Griffin 
Steven Haepers 

Justin Harrison 
Sarah Hayes 
Kyle Hendricks 
Michael Herra 
Margo Hery 
Crystal Higgins 

Jeffrey Hodder 
Timothy Hogg 
Brent Holloway 
Sarah Hubbard 
Lisa Hurley 
Christopher Isberg 

Jessica Jackson 
Jacqueline Janeiro 
Adam Jensen 
James Jordan 
Peter Karapatsas 
Jennifer Kendall 

Mark Kilgore 
Mark Krasnyansky 
Daniel Liberty 
Joseph Luciano 
Katelynne Lyons 
Joseph Macs weeney 

Michael Maleszyk 
Ann Marie Marden 
Cynthia Marden 
Kathleen Marshall 
Brian Martiniello 
Brian Maxwell 


Corey Mccann 

Daniel McCarthy 

Kelly Mcgrath 

Chri stopher Mchaie 


John Mcmahan 

Colleen Mcmahon 

Jennifer Merola 

Denise Merry 

Ariana Mills 

Sherrie Mills 

Christopher Minghella 

Sean Moroney 

Kerri Moynihan 

Catherine Murphy 

Michael Murphy 

William Murphy 

Jill Murray 

Stephen Natoli 

Kathleen Neville 


Sang Ngo 

Amanda Nocella 

Valence Nwachukw u 

Stephen O'dea 

Lauren Olson 

Sean Oskar 

Jenny Pane 

Vishal Patel 

Andrew Petri llo 

Megan Pickett 

Ryan Pilcher 

Jennifer Pizzano 

Kristin Pizzotti 

Matthew Porter 

Stephanie Quinton 

Sarah Rappa 

Jason Riley 

Jonathan Robarge 

Heather Roberts 

Krista Roberts 

Timothy Robillard 


Jonathan Roman 
Anthony Roux 
Jacqueline Rubi no 
Christopher Ruggiero 
Jenna Ruggiero 
Marie Sampson 

Christopher Santos 
Carolyn Sarich 
Kristin Sauve' 
Robert Schell 
Michael Senarian 
David Shukis 

Nicole Silva 
Stacey Soroka 
Chris Stairs 
Justin Strem 
Christopher Stygles 
Katherine Sullivan 

Jenni Suprenant 
Mariesa Surianello 
Kimberly Thibault 
Katelyn Thomas 
Kimberly Thomas 
Sheri Thresher 

Sheila Tohmc 
Anthony Tomasi 
Kelly Torpey 
Jonathan Tremblay 
Aaron Ungvarsky 
Shana Wagner 

Kathleen Walsh 
Ann Warford 
Jacob Watroba 
John Webb 
Judith Weiner 
Jacqueline Welch 



Sarah Adams 

Marion Ames 

Alfredo Badolato 

Jonathan Baker 

Jason Balinski 

Erica Barrett 

John Bavota 

Jessica Beek 

Keith Bernardo 

Steven Berry 

Taryn Bertolino 

Tara Binkoski 

Jami Blackburn 

Matthew Boland 

Justin Boutin 

Michael Bozzella 

Cherokee Bramantecohe 

Jacqueline Brown 

Michelle Brush 

Gregory Buck 

Christina Buldini 

Paul Busa 

Nicholas Butler 

Jason Cafua 

Brendan Callinan 

Cory Calway 

Jordan Cammarata 

Megan Campbell 

Jessica Cannata 

Erin Carney 

Meaghan Carter 

Joseph Cavanaugh 


Stacy Comer 

Danielle Cormier 

Ian Corrigan 

Elizabeth Coughlin 

Cynthia Craig 


Corrie Crossley 

Morgan Crossley 

Lauren Crowley 



Leah Demaggio 
Dennis Dicenso 
Rachel Digregorio 
Brittany Diorio 
Andrea Dipasquale 

Nicholas Doane 
Joseph Donovan 
Matthew Dorothy 
Danielle Doucette 
Nicole Doucette 

Dereck Downs 
Thomas Doyle 
Thomas Duffy 
Kristen Duggan 
Samantha Dunnett 
Nicholas Eaton 

Joanne Emerick 
Sara Enos 
Daniel Esdale 
Jennifer Estremera 
Patricia Fennelly 
Konstnatine Fetfatsidis 

Adriana Fisher 
Allison Fisher 
Shannon Fitzgerald 
Julio Fiumara 
Tristan Fleming 
Holly Flynn 

Kristen Fraser 
Keith Frongillo 
Meghan Fudge 
Luke Gennetti 
Matthew Gennetti 
Andrew Giamberardini 

Nicholas Gibson 
Brian Gillespie 
Keri Gillespie 
Shannon Gilligan 
Mathew Goldblatt 
Stephanie Goodland 


Amanda Graziano 

Megan Grenier 

Malissa Grilo 

Jason Gustin 

Joel Guzinski 

Katie Haepers 

Katie Halas 

Derek Hanley 

Shelley Hardimon 

Tara Hardimon 

Ariannah Harrington 

Michael Harrison 

Courtney Hassey 

Robert Hayes 

Marianne Hery 

Michael Hiltz 

Mark Hodder 

Danielle Hodgson 

Douglas Horan 
Trenton Hoy t 
Thomas Hudson 
Steven Hunter 
Tara Insalaco 
Brittany Irwin 

Jennifer Jensen 

Jenna Jordan 

Michael Jordan 

Kristin Kanter 

Athena Karalekas 

Deirdre Kelley 

Kalinah Khan 

Christopher Kittredge 

Elizabeth Lamson 

Joseph Lane 

Matthew Lecesse 

Jennifer Lee 

John Lee 

Jennifer Leone 

Shannon Loring 

Thomas Lucci 

Douglas Lyons 

Robert Maciver 





Patrick Maloney 
Valerie Mangano 
John Maravelis 
Jacqueline Martin 
Amanda Mauriello 
Faith Mcconnell 

Catherine Michaud 
Nicole Minghella 
Tracy Moffatt 
Christine Morello 
Jill Moro 

Gary Mounsey 
Caitlin Nee 
Kristen Nelson 
Christina Ng 
Martino Nguyen 

Melissa Nichols 
Jaclyn Nikodemos 
John Nix 
Phillip O'brien 
Peter Olivieri 
James O'neil 

Brian O'rourke 
Craig Osgood 
Sean Osgood 
Sophia Papadopoulos 
Chad Paquin 
Ryann Parsons 

Bhavini Patel 
Christina Patel 
Steven Pellerin 
David Perkins 
Sarath Phan 
Caroline Powers 

Cherish Proctor 
Forum Raval 
Daniel Reardon 
Patrick Reardon 
Robert Wade 
Tasha Roberts 


Jennifer Rogers 

Lindsay Rosa 

Steven Rose 

Michaela Rufo 

Christopher Ruggiero 

Danielle Russo 

Shanna Sartori 

Allea Scifo 

Heather See 

Paul Sferrazza 

Christine Shukis 

William Sinopoli 

Jared Smith 

Daniel Snow 

Stephen Sperandio 

Danielle Spry 

DeborahS teen 

Mary Anne Steen 

Alexander Stevenson 

Juliann Stokes 

Laura Storey 

Danielle Sullivan 

Kathleen Sullivan 

Mary Sullivan 

Jill Swartout 

Anthony Sylvia 

Patrick Taylor 

Ryan Tildsley 

John Tobin 

Lauren Todd 

Heather Travis 

Dennis Trulli 

Jordan Ungvarsky 

Jennifer Vail 

Daniel Vassallo 

Ashley Veator 

David Velardo 


Roman Walsh 

Jordan Wei ner 

Ashley Young Elizabeth Zammuto 

Jodi Zeppi 

Jillian Abell 
Christopher Allen 
Michael Aronofsky 
Louis Auciello 
Amy Bailot 
Jenna Balinski 

Andrew Bamberg 
Jen Banghart 
Amanda Barron 
Amanda Bell 
Michelle Bellavia 
Sarah Bellefontaine 

Andrew Berian 
Janelle Bertolino 
Marissa Bortone 
Scott Brady 
Matthew Brander 
Meredith Bransfield 

Kate Bresnahan 
Kara Bruce 
Kristin Burns 
Joseph Caira 
Jessica Carlino 
Casey Carlson 

Staci Carlson 
Michael Cavallaro 
Edward Celli 
Daniel Chalmers 
Bozhi Chen 
Kristen Cherubino 

Katherine Chin 
Lauren Christerson 
Jennifer Ciaramella 
James Ciulla 
Timothy Coates 
Jordan Cohen 

Sean Collier 
Buck Collings 
Joseph Costello 
Michael Cotto 
Christa Covino 
Matthew Cox 


Michael Cullen 
Lauren Cushing 

Gregg D'angeli 

Allison Decaro 
Thomas Deechan 

Sran Dekhtyar 
Daniel Del Rossi 
David Demango 

Dawn Derosa 

Daniel Dilworth 

Gina Divito 

Lauren Dolan 
Emily Dorrance 
Erin Dorrance 
Joseph Downs 
Jennifer Earls 
Joseph Esposito 

Melissa Estremera 

Jennifer Fahey 

Shannon Fahey 

William Fiumara 

Allison Flynn 

Kirs ten Frizol 

Stefanie Gable 

Shayne Gaffney 

Joe Gaudette 

Alan Gentile 

Maddisen Getchell 

Inessa Gevorkvan 

Cherise Gibbons 

Kerry Gillis 

Michael Gore 

Amy Guzelf 

Jared Hackert 

Christopher Hall 

Megan Hand 

Robert Harrington 

Due Hoang 

Sarah Hodge 

Daniel Hurley 

Marie Hurrell 


Michael Hurst 
Steven lorio 
Corey Iosue 
Gregory Irving 
Keith Irving 
Katianne Jackson 

James Janeiro 
David Jeannette 
Kaitlyn Jordan 
Kevin Kelley 
Brandon Kelly 
Talia Khan 

Laura Knoettner 
Kelly Komenchuk 
Samuel Kusa 
Amanda Lagomarsino 
Nicole Lancione 
Ryan Landry 

Matthew Langone 
Jordan Lawler 
Derek Liberty 
James Little 
Charles Lojek 
Kenneth Luongo 

Matthew Maceachern 
Patrick Macneil 
Michael Macpherson 
Liane Mahoney 
Lauren Mallon 

Katie Marasco 
Melissa Marques 
Amanda Martiniello 
Lisa Martiniello 
Michelle Mastropietro 
Bryon Matthews 

Adam Mccauley 
Chri stopher Mcgrath 
Brad Mcisaac 
Jared Miller 
Travis Mills 
Zachary Mitzan 


Joseph Moff att 

Derek Montalto 



Annette Moscufo 

Colin Murphy 

Andrea Murray 

Kevin Neville 

Christopher Ng 

David Nguyen 

Lauren Nikodemos 


Jill Olson 

Stephanie Pacheco 

David Paris 

Andrew Parshley 

Jenna Patterson 

Sheila Patterson 

Crystal Perry 
Jonelle Perry 
Stephanie Pettigrew 
Mark Pickett 
Rachel Pierce 
Kevin Pineau 

Danielle Pitman 

Kevin Pizzotti 

Alexia Porter 

Chri stopher Porter 

Jeanne Randall 

Gina Ranno 

Lauren Rappoli 

Kathryn Riley 

Jaqueline Robarge 

Dennis Robillard 

Paul Rocco 

Brianna Roderick 

Christina Roux 

Anthony Ruggeiro 

Cacey Savini 

Vincent Savoia 

Eric Scamman 

Brian Schell 


Patrick Schofield 
Dana Secher 
Rachele See 
Daniel Shibilia 
Michelle Shipley 
Joseph Silva 

Sarah Silverio 
Michael Skinner 
Charlene Smith 
Michael Smith 
Maria Sorrentino 
Timothy Spracklin 

Jacqueline Spry 
Jonathan Stark 
Ashley Steenbruggen 
Kurt Steenbruggen 
Eric Steeves 
Jillian Stira 

Kimberly Strazzere 
Danielle Stygles 
Ashley Sullivan 
Kellianne Sweeney 
Matthew Terlaga 
Kevin Tobin 

Douglas Tranghese 
Daniel Travis 
Derek Trueira 

Justin Viveiros 
Tina Walkling 
Kelly Watters 

Teresa Zeppi 
Tiffany Zolt 
Leonardo Zullo 




Editors- In- Chief 

Kelley Craig 


Richard Palezolo 

The 2002 Hourglass Staff would like to thank: 

Mr. John Wood- For his on-going support and commitment 

Caitlyn Bransfield-Vor her help with photograhpy 
John Neister- for his help with all aspects of this yearbook 

A Special Thanks To: 

Jennifer Freeman from Hilton Photography- For her hard work and 

dedication to Wilmington High School 


Congratulations Class of "2001 


Best of Luck in the Future 

Edward C. Whitney & Sons 

congratulations worm!! 


Jay Barrett 

Congratulations ! 
We are very proud of you! 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, and Erica 

Jeff Cannon 


Congratulations on all 

you've accomplished. 

You are a joy in our 


With so much pride 
and all our love, 

Mom and Lesley 

Michael Montalto 


You have grown up to be a 
fine young man. Remem- 
ber, follow your dreams. 

We are so proud of all you 
have done. 

Love & Kisses 

Mom, Dad, Derek, Alex and 


Michael Halas 


We are so proud of you. 

Always follow your 



Mom, Dad, Katie and Brandie 

. ^ 5 1 


Josh Hiltz 


You have made us proud 

through the years. 
The proudest on 10/31/00. 


Mom, Dad, Eric & Mike 

John DiPasquale 

Your boundless energy 

and enthusiasm have 

carried you. Stay focused 

and always try to improve. 

We love you and are very 

proud of you. 


Mom and Dad 

Kelly McLaughlin 


We are very proud of you 
and love you very much. 


Mom, Dad, and David 

Michelle Tobin 

Thanks for the memories! 
We had so much fun. You 
are special to us. Keep up 

the great work, we'll 
always be there for you! 

All our love, 
Mom and Dad 


Tel. (978) 657-8282 
Fox (978) 657-5357 


Manufacturing Co. Inc. 

C.N.C. Machining 







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Wilmington: 585 Main Street 01887 
(978) 658-4772 



490 Main Street 
Wilmington, MA 01887 

(978) 657-7581 



Commercial, Industrial, Residential 

Master Electrician 

3 Bancroft St. 
Wilmington, MA 01887 

as the lives 
and dreams 
of students and 
proceed together. 
To the Wilmington 
High School class 
of 2001, we extend 
our best wishes for 
success in the future. 

Aleppo Shriners 




Bobby French 

James Fennelly 


Congratulations on all your 

accomplishments. You set goals 

for yourself and met every one! 

You've got what it takes, 

"Go for it." 
We are so proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Kerri, Brittani, Nana 


We know with your 

intelligence, strength, and 

honesty you will do well 

in the future, no matter 

what path you choose. You 

have made us incredibly proud. We 

love you! 


Mom, Dad, and Tricia 




160 Lowell Street 
Wilmington, MA 01887 

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Real Estate 

Frank J. West,GKI 

Notary- Public 

Phone: C978I fe.W~«19 

Tax: I978.I 658-«73.5 

Page: (97S> 121-0934 



314 M*in Str«l r Suite 107 

Wilmington, MA 01SS7 

Wefas&e: vrww.WestRE-owm 
Gradual* WHS Class, of 1980 


Kelly Leet 

Good times, bad times 
Thanks for all the times 

Live long and prosper 



to the 

Class of 2001 

Vat Dynt^ 1 

217 Lowell Street (rte 129) 
Wilmington, MA 01887 


Specialized in Take-Out Service 


Cheryl Kelly 

Marc Sollazzo 


You have come a long way since your 

pre-school days. 

We are so proud of you. 

Always remember how special you are. 

Follow your dreams. 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad and Mikey 

Caitlyn Bransfield 


We're very proud of you. 

Keep smiling 


Mum, Dad, Meredith and Scott 


Enjoy today, and always 

remember dreams really do 

come true! 

Mom and Dad 

William Cavanaugh 


Congratulations and best of 

luck in the Navy. We are very 

proud of you! 


Mom, Terry, Kelly, Jill, Joey 

and Kevin 




People you know. Experience you trust 


Arlington, Belmont, Burlington, Maiden, Medford, 
North Reading, Tewk3bury, Waltham, Wilmington. 


, Dynamic Faylsafe* Liquid Detection Systems 
Innovative Oil & Chemical Delivery Systems 

Scully Signal Company 

70 Industrial Way, 

Wilmington, MA 

01887-3479 U.S.A. 

Tel: (617)692-8600 

Fax (61 7) 692-8620 

One Stop Insurance 

Complete coverage for your car, 
Home or business - All from one 
source, all at one stop. 
It's that simple 

Extended calling hours 
8:00 am until 8:00pm 1-800-445-4884 

Hilb, Rogal & Hamilton Insurance 

Agency of Massachusetts, Inc. 

Caddell & Byers 

402 Main St • Wilmington, MA 01887 


Insuring the Way 
Lowell - Wilmington 



91. 9s, 



2). 2). S. 

500 Main Street 

Wilmington, MA 01887 

Tel. 978-658-2569 

831 Main Street 

Winchester, MA 01890 

Tel. 781-721-7733 

Q^iloa ^Anoonuan^ J). JJC. £). 

500 Main Street 

Wilmington, MA 01887 

Tel. 978-658-2569 

831 Main Street 

Winchester, MA 01890 

Tel. 781-721-7733 


Richard Palizzolo 

Christina DeSimone 

Richie, You've 


something special, 

And it's only just the 


You have shown you 

have persistence, 

Lots of spirit and lots of heart. 

You have shown what you are made of, 

And you know what you can do... 

Within you there is all you need 

To make your dreams come true. 

Congratulations and Love, 
Mom, Dad and Stacey 

Kerry Martin 

Congratulations! You have grown 
into a beautiful, talented, and 

intelligent young woman. We are 
so proud of all that you have 

already accomplished. Wherever 

your heart leads you we wish you 
happiness and success. 

We Love You, 
Dad, Mom & Brian 



on all of your 


We are so proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, Jen arid Teresa 

Colleen Cahill 

Dear Colleen: 

We feel so blessed 
having you for a 
daughter. You have 
been the center of 
our lives since the 
day you were born. 

You have given us so much joy and 
pride over the years. We know that 
your future will continue to be filled 
with much deserved happiness and 
success. Just remember to follow your 

Mom and Dad 


Wilmington &nigi)t* of Columbus 

Council 4982 

27 School Street 
Wilmington, MA 01887 

Function Hall Rental 

Available For All Special Occasions including: 

• Weddings • Reunions • Retirement Parties 

• Showers • Graduations • Birthdays 

• Athletic Events • Award Ceremonies • Outdoor Barbecues 


Available tor both * Fu ^ Kitchen Service Indear ©mtdoor 

Peyt toie & Ev ening # Full Service Liquor License tocnweei 

™** # Video Service 

Photography Service 

* Full Sound Service 

# Ample Parking 

For information call 658-9435 or visit our website at HTTP:// c4892/Homepage/HTML 

Congratulations to the Class of 2001 

W.S. Cavanaugh & Son, Inc. 

Funeral Home 
374 Main Street • Wilmington, MA 01887 

Family Owned Since 1926 

Totally Handicap Accessible Facility 

Pre- Arrangement Counseling & Pre-Financing Available 

At Need Financing Available 

William F. Cavanaugh, Jr., Owner 
Cell Phone (978) 502-2695 • Fax (978) 658-3437 • Office (978) 658-4476 


Robert Garrett 


Congratulations on all of your accomplish- 
ments. You have worked hard and made me 
very proud. I know you'll continue to do 
well in college and beyond. 
Be proud, happy, prosperous and kind. 

Jason Stark 


You have brought joy and 

happiness to our lives and 

we are so proud of your 

accomplishments . 

We love you! 
Mom, Dad and Jon 

Andrew Hackett 


Congratulations on all of 

your accomplishments. 

We are so proud of you. 

May all your dreams come 


We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Matt and Mike 

Victoria Badolato 

You have 
grown into a 
young woman. 

We are so 

proud of you. 

Hope your 

school days 

were filled 

with great memories and fun. 

Now go after your dreams. 

Congratulations ! 

Love you, 

Mom, Alfredo, & Pudgy 

Sean Cannon 


Start each day as a new 

adventure and enjoy the 

journey. We love you 

so much! 

Mom, Dad & David 

Erin Roache 


Our favorite 

We love you to 

Mom, Dad & Kristen 


V^ NEW < 



Manufacturers of Septic Tanks 

■ D-Boxes ■ Catch Basins 

■ Dry Wells ■ Bulkheads 

■ Median Barriers ■ Concrete Steps 

WILMINGTON, MASS (978) 658-2645 
AMESBURY, MASS (978) 388-1509 
NOTTINGHAM, NH (603) 942-5668 


Melissa Paris 

Michael Murphy 

Always stand 
tall, you have 
made us very 
proud. May 
all of your 
hopes and 
dreams come 

You are our shining star. 

Love always, 
Mom and Dad 

m » 



Against all 
odds you 
never gave 

You are a true champion. 
Keep following your dreams. 

We love y on! 

Dad, Mom, Kristen, Danny, Sean & Brendan 

John Jamerson 

Tempus Fugit! It feels like it was only 
yesterday you were a child beginning 
your first day of school. Today you are 
a young man graduating high school. 
Tomorrow you begin your life as an 

Over the years you have given us 
many proud moments. We hope your 
future holds an abundance of love, joy, 
happiness, good health and success. 


Mom and Dad 


Pediatrics, Inc. 


Winchester Hospital Family Medical Center 
500 Salem Street, Route 62 • Wilmington. MA 01887 

Sarah Andrew, M.D. 

Carolyn Sedor, M.D. 

Sandy Stephens, M.D. 

Daniel M. Carson, M.D. 

Normand A. Tanguay, M.D. 



Best Wishes 

to the 

Class of 2001 

Diamond Crystal Brands, Inc., 

Lois G. Connolly 

Corporate Director Human Resources 

Phone: 1-800-225-0592 

Direct: 1-978-933-4224 

Fax: 1-978-658-6825 

10 Burlington Avenue 

Wilmington, MA 01887-3997 


658-2835 PHONE 658-2818 

• Machinery & Equipment Hauling 

• Damage Free Towing 
> Radio Dispatched • 24 HourService 

• Competitive Rates • DPUCertified 


Was 1 58 


Christine Carrozza 

Kelley Craig 


Congratulations on all of your accomplish- 
ments. May your future be filled with all the 
good things in life- success, love, laughter, 
and happiness. 
We love you! 
Mom, Dad, and Susan 
P.S. Are we there yet? 

Tara Scola 

You will always be our 

little princess. Stay the 

great person that you 

are! May all your 

dreams come true! 


Love always, 

Dad, Mom, and Michael 

Dean Carrozza 


If you follow your dreams, 
you will reach your desti- 
nation. We're so proud to 
have a son with so much 
courage and heart. 
You're truly sensational. 
Dad and Mom 


Congratulations on your graduation. We're 
proud of what you've accomplished. You 
consistently exceed our expectations. 
We'll always be there for you. 


Mom, Dad, and Cindy 

Laurie Kennison 


Congratulations ! 
You've filled our hearts 
with love, joy, and pride 
every day of your life. We 
wish you happiness and 
success in the future. 

Mom, Richie, Mimi and 

Jason Hassey 



We are so proud of you 

And wish you the best of luck 

with continued success and happiness. 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad and Courtney 


— • 1 

Best Wiskes 
from Your Friends at 




Tyler Carlson 

Follow your heart 

and chase all your 


We love you. 


Mom, Dad, Mikie, Casey, Darcy, 
J/''^ and Shane 

Robin Kanter 


Congratulations! We are so 

proud of you and all you 

have accomplished. You are 

amazing. Work as hard as 

you have so far and the 

possibilities are endless. 


Mom, Dad, Melissa, and Kristin 

Certified Public Accountant 

1 1 Middlesex Avenue 
Suites One & Two 
P. O. Box 176 
Wilmington, MA 01887 

Office: 978-658-5034 



"fheotilnq CctupUU /\tccttnllnQ A ^7-lnnncUtl 
/4?oLstfi( ^tfoUcs fat ^BdflHCJS A Dn^lolittaU 

Raffi and Swanson Inc. 


Over 40 years in Wilmington 



TEL: 978-988-0880 

FAX: 978-658-3366 


Good Luck 
Class of 2001 



to the class of 


Pacific Packaging Products Inc. 

Complete Packaging for Industry 

24 Industrial Way P.O. Box 697 

Wilmington, MA 01887-0897 

Tel: 978-857-9100 

Fax: 978-858-4933 


lass 6K2001 

Simards Super Roast Beef 

279 Main St. 
Wilmington, MA 01 887 



Best Wishes From 
Your Friends At The 
Clipper Barber Shop 

Wilmington Plaza 



Best Wishes 

To The Class of 2001! 


880 Main Street 

(Corner of Eames St. & Main St.) 

Wilmington, MA 01887 

(978) 658-7429 


• Tune-Ups • Budget Program 

• Installations • Service Contracts 

• 24 Hour Customer Emergency • Computerized 
Burner & Oil Service Automatic Deliveries 

Mass. License #23030 

Northeast Foot Specialists 

Podiatric Medicine & Surgery of the Feet 

'Board Certified in Foot Surgery by the 
American College of Foot b Ankle Surgeons 

Peter J. Bregman, dpm, facfas* 

Medical Care, Laser Treatment, Corrective 
& Reconstructive Surgery for Adults and Children 

11 Middlesex Ave, Suite 5 ■ Wilmington, MA 01887-2746 

e-mail: ■ FAX (978) 658-2919 

TEL: (978) 658-9774 

Congratulations "Class of 2001" 
Aluminum & Glass Concepts, Inc. 

24 Hour Emergency Service 

(978] 658-3591 

(978] 657-5819 Fax 

P.O. Box 279 210 Andover Street #25 

Wilmington, MA 01887 


Aleppo Temple 

Church Street 
Wilmington, MA 01887 

Congratulations Class of 2001 

Congratulations to the recipients of High School diploma 

Best wishes in your Future endeavors 

TEL. (978) 657-7121 FAX. (978) 658-5967 

Vaidya Consultants, Inc. 







Permanent Hair Removal 
Complimentary Consultation 
Pre-Sterilized Disposable Probes 

Andover Electrology 

Susan Ellis Paquin, R.E. 
78 Main Street 
Andover, MA 01810 

Day and Evening 


(978) 475-6655 








Joseph P. Casey 
General Manager 

P.O. BOX 428 



Congratulations David!! 
We 're so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Derek, & Alyssa 

Clipper Barber 

Wilmington Plz 

240 Main Street 

Wilmington, MA 01 887 





>» 2000-2001 

NEWS I > > > 






NEWS >» 


r* F/L ' r-» 

8 18. ,'P 

sans rtf - F "-! -» 
plombyb I 

super S.|33 

,„,».«..£ GR 
^ C3 

D Gas prices soar across Europe. Heavy taxation policies in France and 
England cause massive protests and transportation blockades. Both 
governments eventually promise relief. 


Q The Millennium Bridge, a 
footbridge across the River Thames 
connecting London's St. Paul 
Cathedral with the Tate Modern Art 
Gallery, opens in June. It is the first 
bridge to be built over the Thames 
in 100 years. 

D Former KGB agent Vladimir Putin 
is sworn into office as Russia's new 
president in May 2000, succeeding 
long-time leader Boris Yeltsin. 
Despite fears of an authoritarian 
style, Putin's public approval ratings 
remain high. 

A Floods in Southeast Asia are 
caused by days of pounding rain. 
Millions are forced to leave their 
homes and more than a thousand 
people die in the region's worst 
flooding in decades. 

A President Clinton travels to 
Southeast Asia in November to help 
mend relations between the United 
States and Vietnam. He is the first 
U.S. president to visit Vietnam since 
the end of the war in 1975. 

A A cable car carrying skiers 
and snowboarders in Austria 
catches fire inside a tunnel, 
killing more than 150 people 
on board. It is the worst Alpine 
disaster in the country's history. 



H Australian 
street artists 
called "Strange 
Fruit" perform 
feats around 
the world. The 
performers float 
above the audience 
on 15-foot 
fiberglass poles. 

. .■ 

A Yugoslav President Slobodan 
Milosevic is ousted from office in 
October, ending 13 years of violent 
rule. Vojislav Kostunica becomes 
Yugoslavia's first democratically 
elected president. 

President Clinton makes a last- 
ditch effort to broker a Middle East 
peace deal before his term ends 
in January 2001 by drafting a plan for 
leaders of both Israel and Palestine 
to review. Israeli Prime Minister 
Ehud Barak and Palestinian Yasser 
Arafat agree to review Clinton's 
proposal, but no deal is signed 
before month's end. 

A Singapore Airlines jumbo jet 
crashes during takeoff in Taiwan, 
killing 81 of the 179 people on board. 
In a blinding rainstorm the pilot uses 
the wrong runway and collides with 
construction equipment. 

D Canada mourns the death of former 
Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who 
served the country for nearly 16 years. 
Trudeau, who was 80, is remembered 
for his flamboyant style and his 
commitment to keeping Canada a 
single nation. 

» 2000-2001 


Q In August, the Russian nuclear submarine 
Kursk sinks to the bottom of the Barents Sea 
after an unexplained explosion. All 118 crew 
members are killed. 



D Two hundred North and South 
Koreans separated from family 
members since the 1950-1953 
Korean war reunite in August. The 
four-day visits are a goodwill gesture 
by both countries' leaders, who met 
for the first time in June. 

AIDS reaches epidemic proportions 
in southern Africa. Leaders and 
citizens throughout the world 
conduct a massive educational 
campaign on World AIDS Day 
December 1 to teach people about 
the disease that is killing 6,000 
sub-Saharan Africans each day. 

Uganda is struck by an occurrence 
of the deadly Ebola virus that is 
linked to more than 100 deaths. 
The outbreak is traced to a Gulu 
woman who died in September 
and whose body infected other 
people during the ritual cleansing 
of the dead. 

A in January 2001, a 7.9 magnitude 
earthquake devastates Gujarat in 
western India. The huge quake 
causes an estimated $5.5 billion 
in damages and kills more than 
20,000 people. 

A in August, Somalia elects its first 
president in nine years. President 
Abdiqasim Salad Hassan promises 
to bring peace and economic 
recovery to the African nation. 


A Former Coca-Cola executive 
Vicente Fox, of the National 
Action Party, is elected president 
of Mexico in July, ending the 
Institutional Revolutionary Party's 
71-year reign. 

r . 7 "v 


A More than 150 world leaders meet 
at the U.N. Millennium Summit in 
September to discuss war, poverty, 
disease and other global problems. 
The meeting is the largest gathering 
of world leaders in history. 

Q The worst wave of Middle Eastern violence in years erupts between 
Israelis and Palestinians, leaving more than 350 dead. A visit by Israeli 
opposition leader Ariel Sharon to a Jerusalem holy site on September 28 
is claimed to have sparked the fighting. 

Q In July, an Air France Concorde supersonic jet catches fire and crashes 
outside Paris, killing 113 people. The crash is blamed on metal debris which 
punctured the tires and damaged the fuel tanks. 



Nfcsoufian. Mctee :=. :::■ - = Wide World Photos 

^ The U.S. Senate passes the 
Permanent Normal Trade Relations 
bill in September to open up trade 
between the United States and China. 
The bill is expected to increase U.S. 
I exports by S1 3 billion annually. 

| D in the worst forest fire season in 50 years, more than 20,000 firefighters 
| battle blazes in the western United States. More than 80 major wildfires 
burn across 13 states, forcing hundreds of people to leave their homes. 


Q Firestone initiates the largest tire 
recall in history after dozen; 
rollover accidents appear to be 
caused by faulty treads. At least 148 
deaths in the United States are linked 
to the defective tires, although other 
problems with sport utility vehicles 
also are under investigation. 

■ -* I S 



A Summer air travelers wait out 
some of the worst flight delays on 
record. Bad weather and heavy air 
traffic cause delays that reach a 
peak in June, when only 66% of 
the flights arrive on time. 

A Illegal downloading and missing 
computer tapes threaten the security 
of the Los Alamos nuclear weapons 
lab in New Mexico. Several 
workers at the lab are penalized 
for mishandling nuclear secrets. 

A The Women's Museum: An 
Institute for the Future opens in 
September in Dallas. The museum 
profiles 3,000 remarkable 
American women and features 
more than 20 interactive exhibits. 

A Many brands of taco shells and 
com chips are pulled from store 
shelves and restaurants after a 
consumer group detects traces 
of genetically modified com not 
approved for human consumption. 



E3 Convicted of 
monopoly practices 
in the software 
ndustry, Microsoft 
Corporation is 
ordered by a federal 
district judge in June 
to break into two 
separate companies. 
Company chairman 
Bill Gates files for 
an appeal. 

A wave of Internet startup 
companies, once the darlings 
of the online economy, file for 
bankruptcy after falling short 
of stockholders' earnings 
expectations. The NASDAQ stock 
exchange, where most dot-coms 
are traded, loses 39% of its value 
for the year. 

Millions of Californians go for hours 
without power in January 2001 as 
utility companies cut off electrical 
supply due to low reserves. The 
crisis, blamed on aging generating 
plants, deregulation, soaring 
wholesale prices and debt-ridden 
utilities, spurs other states to 
begin devising prevention plans. 

Q The Oklahoma City National 
Memorial is unveiled in April 2000. 
The memorial is built to honor the 168 
people who died in the 1995 bombing 
of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. 

» 2000-2001 


Amy Sancetta/AP/Wide World Photos 

Q On December 4, 2000, the U.S. presidency remains in 
limbo as both Florida and New Mexico officials recount 
ballots to determine who will win their state's electoral 
votes. New Mexico goes to Gore. Ultimately, Bush wins 
Florida which gives him a narrow victory. 



Q In the closest presidential election 
in more than 100 years, Republican 
George W. Bush of Texas beats 
Democrat Al Gore from Tennessee. 
The race isn't decided until 36 days 
after the popular election, when 
Florida's hotly contested \\|H' 
25 electoral votes are awarded to Bush 

On election night, several TV 
networks prematurely declare Al Gore 
the winner in Florida, only later to 
reverse themselves, twice. The 
fiasco confirms many Americans' 
distrust of polling and early "calling" 
of elections. 

In one of his first duties as President- 
elect, George W. Bush nominates 
Colin Powell to be Secretary of State. 
The four-star Army General becomes 
the first African-American in history 
to serve in this role. 

H In October, the USS Cole is bombed while refueling in Yemen. A number of 
terrorist groups are suspected of the blast that kills 17 sailors and injures 39. 




t Walkie-talkies make 
a comeback as an 
economical alternative 
to cell phones. The new 
generation talkies come 
in wild styles and have 
-s a range of two or 
more miles. 

D In August, a mile-wide patch of open water is spotted at the North Pole, 
dramatizing concerns about global warming. 

Q New photos of fiery streams of gas 
that can reach 300,000 miles high may 
explain why the sun's atmosphere is 
hotter than its surface. 

r...... >,. 

A In July, Stephen King shakes up 
the publishing world by releasing 
one of the first online books, The 
Plant. More than 150,000 copies 
are downloaded the first week at 
$1 per chapter. 

A in a Guatemalan jungle, 
archeologists uncover remains of an 
ancient Mayan palace. Bigger than 
two football fields, the palace is one 
of the largest ever discovered. 

A Internet appliances that provide 
surfing and e-mailing capabilities 
make their way to homes and schools. 
The devices offer less expensive 
Internet access to consumers without 
home computers. 

A in 2000, more than 200 animal 
species join the Iberian Lynx on the 
World Conservation Union's List of 
Threatened Species. Their addition 
brings the world total to 11,046 plants 
and animals having threatened status. 


E Personal Digital 
Assistants (PDAs) 
capable of calendar 
scheduling, note taking, 
e-mailing. phoning and 
Web browsing go 
mainstream in 2000. 
Competition among 
manufacturers heats 
up with Microsoft, 
BlackBerry, Palm and 
other brands vying 
for shares of the teen 
and business markets. 

Paleontologists identify a new 
species of dinosaur from fossils 
found in northern Italy. The 
26-foot- long, meat-eating 
Saltriosaur is one of the world's 
oldest dinosaurs, dating back 200 
million years. 

Scientists are forced to rethink the 
traditional definitions of a star and 
planet when 18 massive planet-like 
bodies that don't revolve around 
a sun are discovered in the Sigma 
Orionis cluster. 

Q Final touches are made to the 
International Space Station for its 
first residents. American astronaut 
Bill Shepherd and two Russian 
cosmonauts live on the space station 
for four months starting in November. 

» 2000-2001 



Q Wireless devices that send 
real-time personal messages 
between users become the latest 
communication craze. The "instant 
messages" can be typed, written or 
spoken, depending on the brand, 
and devices cost less than $100. 

D In 2000, both Honda and Toyota launch gas-electric 
hybrid cars. Operated by a battery-powered electric motor 
and a gas-run engine, the hybrids get up to 70 miles per 
gallon on the highway and release minimal emissions. 



New Internet domain names are 
created to lessen the load on the 
old .com standard. The new names, 
slated for use in mid-2001, include 
.info for general use, .biz for 
businesses, .name for individuals 
and .pro for professionals. 

Scientists complete a rough "map" 
of the genetic code that makes 
a person human. The map will aid 
in the detection and prevention of 
cancer and other illnesses. 

<7 4 

A PlanetPortal unveils the 
WebRemote, a remote built for use 
with the Internet. Users can surf their 
favorite sites at the touch of a button 
instead of keying addresses or 
scrolling a list of bookmarked pages. 

A Scientists discover an ancient 
standing lizard fossil in a German 
quarry, suggesting that dinosaurs 
may not have been the first 
creatures to walk upright. 

A The Hubble Space Telescope 
shows never-before-seen details 
of a "cosmic butterfly," material 
ejected by a star in the later 
stages of its life. 


A Computer scientists at Brandeis 
University make a robot that can 
design and build other robots with 
minimal help from humans. 

Stephen J. Boitano/AP/Wide World Photos 

Q Apple Computer unveils its new G4 Cube computer in July. The 8-inch 
crystalline cube is commended for its small size, high speed, low noise 
level, touch-sensitive power activation and padless optical mouse. 

Q Amtrak introduces the nation's first high-speed train in 
November. The "Acela Express" travels up to 150 miles per 
hour and runs between Washington, D.C., New York and Boston 
with other routes planned for coming years. 





Q New prepaid credit cards and 
online credit lines are the latest 
high-tech means for parents to 
control their teens' spending. 
Depending on the account, parents 
determine the spending limit or 
the online stores where the money 
can be spent and receive monthly 
statements of purchases made. 

DA new Web site,, lets users design their own 
sneakers. Starting from scratch or selecting a prefab model, users 
can pick everything from the colors and styling to the fabric and 
personalized logo at a cost of $80 to $95 a pair. 

Q MH-18, billed as the first national 
lifestyle magazine for guys 13 to 
18, hits newsstands in August. The 
Men's Health offshoot covers sports, 
fitness, school, relationships and 
issues teenage boys face growing up. 





•V 1 



\ c 


<vv e 

M 6 



v Techno pants, as functional as last 
year's cargoes but with cleaner lines and 
nylon fabric, are popular with teens. They 
come in a variety of colors and feature 
zippered legs and 
pockets, toggles and 
k , nylon drawstrings. 


A American Heritage, among other 
publishers, releases new dictionaries, 
capturing the language of our 
computer-savvy culture. "Dot-com," 
"netiquette" and "cybersurfing" are 
among the new entries. 

A Pleather, a synthetic fabric 
that looks like leather, comes 
in an array of colors and prints 
and is popularized by celebrities 
like singer Christina Aguilera. 

A Laser eye surgery becomes an 
increasingly accepted alternative to 
eyeglasses and contact lenses as 
the technology continues to improve. 



B The popularity of Apple 
Computer's translucent 
berry-colored iMac sparks 
a wave of similarly colored 
cell phones, CD players, 
cameras, irons and other 
household appliances. 

For the first time, females 
outnumber males in Internet use 
in the United States, representing 
50.4% of the online population 
in 2000. Teenage girls are the 
fastest growing user segment. 

Designer faceplates become a 
popular way to personalize 
cell phones. The decorative 
attachments come in a variety of 
designs and colors to match the 
user's mood or outfit. 

>t, ME & 

Q Wordstretch bracelets become 
a trendy accessory in Hollywood 
and around the nation. The 
multi-colored elastic bands come 
inscribed with "Call me," "Money is 
overrated," "Snap out of it" and 
other simple messages designed 
to spark conversation. 





David Young-Wolff/PtiotoEdit 

Q Message T-shirts become fashion statements 
among teen girls. "Foxy Lady," "Princess" and "Monkey 
Around" are just a few of the tongue-in-cheek logos 
that appear on the popular shirts. 



Q High-tech, fold-up metal versions 
of the old scooter are one of the year's 
hottest modes of transportation but 
also a leading cause of injury. 

By the end of 2000, an estimated 
75% of U.S. universities offer 
courses online and more than 5.8 
million students have logged on. 

With the 2000 unemployment rate 
at a low of 4%, college students 
working as summer interns 
command wages up to $20 an 
hour, along with compensation 
packages, from high-tech and 
Internet companies. 



<» d- j 







A Companies like Estee Lauder, 
Origins, Hermes and Blistex begin 
to market products in portable 
single-use packets. Products include 
nail polish remover, scented wipes, 
hair conditioners and moisturizers. 

A Stick-on crystals and gems 
become popular fashion accessories 
for teen girls, accenting the face, 
neck and shoulders. 

A Mail-order clothing pioneer 
Lands' End introduces "scan wear." 
The technology captures customers' 
body measurements, and allows 
users to virtually "try on" clothing 
when ordering via the Internet. 

A "Personal TVs" by TiVo and 
ReplayTV allow users to control 
live TV by pausing or rewinding 
and to record their favorite shows 
without having to set a VCR timer 
or purchase videotapes. 

D Chrysler rolls out its 1930s retro car, the PT Cruiser, in spring 2000. 
The five-door "personal transportation" wagon is a hot seller, beating the 
popular Volkswagen New Beetle by two to one in the first month. It also 
wins Motor Trend magazine's 2001 Car of the Year. 

Q Teens involved in anti-smoking organizations such as The Truth and 
Target Market strike back at Big Tobacco for marketing to youth, by 
launching their own in-your-face advertising campaigns targeting cigarette 
makers. The print and broadcast ads are sponsored by funds won from 
tobacco suit settlements. 

via r 







NEWS >» 

Q A new computer video game called 
"The Sims," which simulates the life of 
a suburban family, develops a fanatical 
following with teens. Players create the 
characters and guide them through 
building a house, furnishing it, finding 
a career and running a family in their 
pursuit of happiness. 

D The Millennium Force, the world's tallest and fastest roller 
coaster, opens in May 2000 at the Cedar Point amusement park 
in Sandusky, Ohio. The ride has a 300-foot drop and travels up 
to 92 miles per hour. 

Maxis/Electronic Arts 

D Jim Carrey stirs up trouble in the 
town of Whoville in an adaptation of 
the Dr. Seuss classic, How the Grinch 
Stole Christmas. The Grinch, which 
opens in November, is the highest 
grossing film of 2000. 

B Gamers camp outside 
electronics stores to 
secure the long-awaited 
Sony PlayStation 2, which 
goes on sale in October 
in limited quantities. The 
new version allows users 
to listen to CDs and watch 
DVD movies in addition to 
playing games. 

Q Tom Cruise reprises his role as 
Ethan Hunt in the action sequel 
Mission: Impossible 2. The May 
release is summer's biggest box-office 
draw and 2000's second-highest 
grossing film, earning more than 
$215 million. 

» 2000-2001 


D Popular television series prompt the introduction 
of board game versions. "Survivor" and "Who Wants 
To Be a Millionaire" lead the list of new releases. 



H NBC's White House drama "The 
West Wing," starring Martin Sheen, 
Allison Janney and Richard Schiff, 
sets a record for receiving the most 
Emmys in a single season with nine 
wins, including Outstanding Drama Series. 

In November, illusionist David 
Blaine is encased in ice for 62 
hours in New York's Times Square, 
assisted only with air and 
water tubes and a catheter. Blaine, 
who was seeking notoriety over 
national TV, survives the stunt but 
requires hospitalization. 

Russell Crowe becomes a 
household name with the release 
of Gladiator. The epic film wins 
a Golden Globe Award for Best 
Drama as well as an acting nod 
for Crowe. 


A NBC's "Will & Grace" is one of A Scary Movie, the Wayans brothers' 

television's 10 most watched shows 
in 2000. Actors Sean Hayes and 
Megan Mullally win Emmys for their 
roles as Jack and Karen. 

spoof on horror movies, is among 
the year's 10 highest grossing films. 
The July release earns more than 
$157 million and is voted the Teen 
Choice Awards Movie of the Summer. 

A Fox's "Dark Angel" is voted 
Favorite New Television Dramatic 
Series at the 2001 People's Choice 
Awards. The series, set in the year 
2019, explores the life of a genetically 
enhanced heroine named Max. 

A in July, Wolverine, Cyclops, 
Storm and other super-powerful 
comic book characters are brought 
to life in X-Nlen. The movie grosses 
over $157 million, one of the year's 
10 biggest box-office draws. 

Q Charlie's Angels, based on the popular '70s TV series, is one of the top 
20 box-office draws in 2000. The movie, starring director Drew Barrymore, 
Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, earns $40 million its opening week in 
November and grosses more than $123 million during its run. 

CBS Photo Archive 

D The year's hottest TV show is CBS's 
"Survivor," in which 16 contestants 
compete for a million dollars by surviving 
on a tropical island for 39 days. More than 
51 million viewers tune in for the final episode. 
Based on its success, CBS launches a second 
"Survivor" series in January 2001 set in the 
Australian Outback. 


Q A new board game called "Hip- 
Hop Hall of Fame" capitalizes on 
the popularity of the music genre. 
Players make their way around 
an album-like board by answering 
questions about Hip-Hop performers, 
songs, culture and history. 

El In response to the growing interest in Latin music, CBS airs the 
"1st Annual Latin Grammy Awards" in September. The show is the first 
primetime network Spanish language telecast on American TV and draws 
7.5 million viewers. 

-~~Q Hip-Hop remains one of the year's 
dominant sounds, with acts such as 
/// DMX, Jay-Z and Ludacris all making 
/^S* s • Billboard's Top 40 with new songs 
c-_ and selling more than a million 
copies of their latest CDs. 

» 2000-2001 


Q Opening week sales records are shattered in 2000 with CI AC II 
benchmarks set for the number of albums sold. Britney » HI On 
Spears' Oops...l Did it Again, Eminem's The Marshall Mathers 
LP, Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored 
Water and Backstreet Boys' Black & Blue all break the 
million-unit mark. 

The Beatles begin 2001 atop the 
Billboard album chart with the 
album 1. The CD sells more 
than 5 million copies over the 
holiday season. 

Sisqo, a member of the R&B 
band Dm Hill, goes solo in 2000. 
The singer tops the singles chart 
with "Incomplete" and "Thong 
Song" and takes home awards 
from Billboard and the American 
Music Association. 

Q Baha Men's hit song "Who Let the Dogs Out" reaches anthem status 
at sports stadiums across the country. The song also wins a Grammy 
nomination for Best Dance Recording. 



D American Marion Jones, 24, becomes the first woman to 
win five track and field medals in a single Olympic Games 
at the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney. Jones wins the 100- 
and 2 iter sprints and the 4x400 relay, and finishes 
third ii both the 4x100 relay and long jump. 

! The New York Y< ■ Btefeat the New York 
SMets four games tc i in the first "Subway 
^Series" since 1956, the Yankees' third 
z straight World S is win and their 26th overall. 

Q Tiger Woods, 24, wins three of goil 
four major tournaments to become the 
youngest player to win a career grand 
slam. Woods also breaks the earninj 
record for a single year with winnings 
of more than $9 million. 


O The Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA 
championship, the franchise's first in 12 years. 
The Lakers beat the Indiana Pacers in game six of 
| the finals. Center Shaquille O'Neal is named MVP. 



□ In June, the New Jersey 
Devils win their second Stanley 
Cup in six seasons by defeating 
defending champion Dallas Stars 
four games to two in the finals. 
Scott Stevens wins the Conn 
Smythe Trophy for postseason MVP. 

The racing world is stunned when 
NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr., 
a seven-time Winston Cup champion, 
is killed on the last lap of the 
Daytona 500 in February 2001 . 
NASCAR does not retire numbers, 
but car owner Richard Childress 
tsaid he will never again race 
Earnhardt's black No. 3 car. 

Xtreme Football debuts in February 
2001. The game combines 
conventional football rules with 
some of the mayhem of professional 
wrestling. Eight teams play in the 
league's first season. 

evork Djansezjan/AP/Wide \ 

V-X t 


A Laura Wilkinson overcomes 
three broken toes to win the 
women's 10-meter platform diving 
competition. Wilkinson is the first 
American woman to earn the gold 
in this Olympic event since 1964. 

A in a huge upset, American 
Greco-Roman wrestler Rulon 
Gardner defeats Russian legend 
Alexander Karelin for the gold in 
the super heavyweight class. The 
loss is Karelin's first in 13 years. 

A American swimmer Misty Hyman 
beats out heavily favored Susie 
O'Neill of Australia to win the 200- 
meter butterfly. Hyman's winning 
time of 2:05.88 is an Olympic record. 

A American runner Michael Johnson 
makes history by winning the 400- 
meter run for an unprecedented 
second time in a row at the Olympics. 
Alvin Harrison, also from the United 
States, wins the silver medal. 

O The Baltimore Ravens beat the New York Giants 34-7 in Super Bowl 
XXXV for their first NFL title. Ray Lewis of Baltimore's highly touted defense 
is named MVP of the game. 

Q Cathy Freeman carries the Olympic torch at the opening ceremonies 
of the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney. Freeman goes on to win the 400- 
meter dash, becoming the first Aboriginal Australian to earn an individual 
Olympic gold medal. 


NEWS >» 

Q Paula Prince of Port Richey, 
Florida, wins the sixth annual Ugly 
Couch Contest, sponsored by a 
slipcover manufacturer, with her 
vintage 70s entry. Prince and two 
other contest finalists appear on 
ABC's "Live! With Regis" in October. 

G3 Comedian Dennis Miller debuts as co-announcer on ABC's 
"Monday Night Football." Miller's offbeat humor gets a mixed 
reaction from fans, and the series earns some of the lowest 
ratings in its 31 -year history. -888-surefit 

D Fred Rogers, host of the children's 
PBS show "Mister Rogers' 
Neighborhood," announces he will tie 
his tennis shoes for the last time, 
when his final new episode airs in 
August 2001 . Rogers will continue to 
work on Web sites, books and special 
museum projects. 

. V 

A To observe society and learn 
about himself, New Jersey native 
Brett Banfe, 18, takes a one-year 
vow of silence. He communicates 
by e-mail, facial expressions and 
business cards. 

A Runner Maria Runyan, who is 
legally blind, becomes the first U.S. 
Paralympian to compete in the 
Olympics. Runyan places 8th in the 
1,500-meter run at the 2000 Summer 
Games in Sydney, Australia. 

A England celebrates the 100th 
birthday of the Queen Mum, mother 
of Queen Elizabeth, in August. The 
beloved Mum becomes the oldest 
living royal in the history of the 
British Monarchy. 

A in October, Slovenian climber 
Davo Karnicar becomes the first 
person to ski down Mount Everest. 
Karnicar's two-mile descent down 
the world's highest mountain 
takes five hours. 

H In honor of the late 
cartoonist Charles M. 
Schulz,101 fiberglass 
Snoopy statues — each in 
a theme wardrobe — are 
displayed in Schulz's hometown 
of St. Paul. Several are 
auctioned off in October 
to raise money for 
aspiring cartoonists. 


Video gamer Josh Griffith, 17, 
starts a business filling in for 
other gamers involved in an 
online roleplaying game called 
"Asheron's Call." Players are 
required to put in hours of 
game time to keep their online 
characters powerful. Busy 
executives pay Griffith up to 
$40 an hour to play for them. 

After a record 3,545 wins and 
$81 million in earnings during 
her 19-year career, jockey Julie 
Krone becomes the first woman 
inducted into the National Racing 
Hall of Fame. 

D Controversial Indiana University 
basketball coach Bob Knight is fired in 
September after allegedly violating a 
University-imposed code of conduct. 
During his 29 years at Indiana, Knight 
was often criticized for temper 
outbursts. His dismissal provokes 
student protest demonstrations. 

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